10/25/09 Grade 0
I picked up a point where I had made a decision as a young child and that decision, which made sense at the time, really affected the way I have been handling life–be careful, don’t get close, keep quiet, don’t say anything that will get you in trouble, etc – gone. Somewhat scary as I hide behind those things at times. What we did with the grade zero processes cleaned up a lot of areas I had my attention on–brought my affinity up, forgave myself really widened the FN. Thanks. SS

10/26/09 Grade 1
Peace and calm–when you are playing the “human” game you are supposed to be “worried,” “concerned,” “struggling,” and generally efforting your way through life. Half of the gains are giving yourself permission to not play the game and then the other half is being able to spot the spots and realize where the counter effort is coming from. Most of the counter-intention comes from within. Once that’s handled–others’ counter intention has nothing to stick to. SS

10/28/09 Grade 4
Years ago I did a service-facsimile* handling and always wondered whether or not there was something else. Sure enough, way down–hidden away in a little tiny space–there it was. Not a big mean one but a tiny one that was effecting life. Sometimes I would have reactions in situations that I really didn’t understand and now it makes sense and I don’t need to have those reactions anymore. Thanks. SS
(*Service-facsimile: a picture that makes oneself right and others wrong.)

10/28/09 Auditing Program
Les and Anita–Thanks. Thanks for making it a safe space where I could finally finish off something that I started years ago and wondered if I would ever be able to finish. Now I am finally ready to get on with the next thing.

Steve South
from the Dallas area,
permission to publish.

Les and Anita Warren
Life Improvement Center
(509) 233-8219

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