My friend Roger Weller asked me to post this success story for him. He wrote a terrific success story after we did the first 5 steps of Super Power. He recently went up to Toronto where Pierre finished the rest of the rundowns on him. He wanted to share his wins with you all.

I just completed the last 5 steps of the original super power.

I did the Study Green Form,
the Original Flag only Student Booster Rundown,
The False Data Loss Rundown, Parts 1 and 2,
The Cause Rundown, which had nothing to do with running around a pole,
The Power of Choice Rundown, and
The Perception Rundown, where you address all 55 perceptics, and which was VERY cool.

My last sucess story mentions the first 5 Rundowns of Super Power that I did with Trey.

To recap, I haven’t had auditing in 20 some years. I was on Solo OTS when I left the Church in the mid 80s.

In August., Pierre did an L 12 expanded program and some more L10. I realized that auditing had helped me so much in my life, and that I had disconnected from a sucessful action.
I had a goal to go up the bridge in ’68, but I was so ARC broken after Ron died, I left and didn’t look back. I wasn’t in comm or reading any Freezone stuff. When I got that 10 hrs of auditing, I woke up and my original purpose kicked in.

I recommend especially for people up the bridge to finish the cycle you started.
You’re missing the whole enchilada. We have auditors and the tech, and it is affordable.
I feel fortunate to have reconnected with Trey and Pierre. I knew them both when i was in the church.

And now iI have finished Super Power. I just got 50 hrs of very powerful no bullshit auditing. It was as good as it gets It was like no time had passed. Pierre said “this is the session” and I was off to inner space.

I thought Super Power would be something I would benefit from, and it changed my life. I I cleaned up postulates all over the place that I had forgotten about. I am in my early 60s, and I felt my life was over. I felt like I had done it all, and now I’ll just play golf and die in a few years. Now I am excited about the future!

I have certainty that I have a long future, no more limitations or weird thinking process. I know that I will continue to flourish and prosper. a little auditing can change your whole outlook.

After Super Power, I wanted to redo Original OT7. It really opened up my intention.
Pierre had some other cool tricks up his sleeve, and ran sme other processes on me that really opened up my universe.In one session, I felt like I erased the time track. At that moment it was gone.

The main reason I’m writing this is to share with you so that you all can get this gift. I meditated in India, studied acuputure in China, did many meditation retreats with famous people, did several out of body programs at the Monroe Institute, and I enjoyed it all.
But none of it compares to 6hrs of proper auditing where you connect to your true self and really see who and where you are.

We may have a ways to go to be really OT like in the PDC tape. But achieving more personel freedom, where your mind is quiet, you are smiling, and things are going right, are just hours away. You dont have to suffer.

Thanks for reading my sucess story.

All the best,

Roger Weller

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