Some recent success stories from the Midwest Tech Center in the USA!
Frank Davis Class8 Snr CS
ARC Straightwire is a great exercise for my file-clerk. He’s “doing perfect” right now. I have very good recall instantly after auditors command and I have my ARC grooving to all 8 Dynamics. And I can’t wait to move on up the Bridge. Thank you very much my auditor Frank Davis for the Standard Tech and thanks to LRH for having it.
Svetlana 11-27-09

I thought you might like to publish this!

For the past week or so Ken Urquhart has been staying close to us and giving my wife her first auditing, c/s’d by Frank Davis. It has been a wonderful experience for me, watching her get what whe wanted handled, and ending completely blown out. I knew that Ken was good – I wouldn’t have asked him otherwise – but I have to say he (and Frank) met or exceeded all my – and her – expectations in every way.

Ken is also a delightful guest. He is the easiest person to have in your house, as well as being full of fascinating stories.

If you are considering getting some fix-up, or your next step on the bridge, Ken would be a wonderful choice. I cannot recommend him highly enough. And Frank is clearly a wonderful C/S. The combination is ideal.
Roland Aldridge

Hi Frank,
Also, just wanted to mention that on that last day of auditing (the day after you talked with Jeff and I), our session went unbelievably well. I got more gains on that day than any other day. All in all, the trip was life changing. I’m still kind of getting used to having so much garbage gone; it is just strange having so much more space. Sometimes, I’ll be talking and then I’ll sort
of be surprised because there was nothing in the way, nothing screwing with my comm. I’ve also noticed that other people’s banks can put stuff out there to screw up communications and I can sometimes spot this. Before, I was taking pretty much everything any person was putting on the line like this and then
saying it was mine which just added to the problem. Now, when I am able to spot it, it gives me a lot of control that I just didn’t have before. There has just been so many changes. I got home and it seemed like I had been gone for years even though it was only a week. It felt like I was seeing everybody and everything for the first time – it was all so fresh, peaceful and aesthetically rich and still is. Very cool trip this time. Can’t wait to finish the level.
JL Dec 14, 2009

Oh yeah and one more thing. When I got back from my trip, I found that my roommate had just sort of turned things around in his life and said his whole perspective on life had changed. I asked when this occurred and it seems that it coincides with me getting auditing. Maybe this is just a coincidence but I do wonder what happens to another person if you are compulsively putting crap on their lines without realizing it and then all of sudden just stop. Is this kind of phenomena possible on such a low level as grade 0?

Later the same day from JL

Grade One is a very nice action. a grade Zero release can sometimes go whole track on these grade one processes and get really good wins. I did! I have had NED, Drug Rundown, Grade Zero and Method One.
My biggest win so far is on grade one. Thank you Jeff, Frank and Ron!
HR Dec 21, 2009

I am sure that this has opened the door to a WAAAAY better life for me! I have a greater understanding of what the Tech can do for myself and others. I feel lighter and more able. thanks to my auditor and friend Frank Davis

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