An e-meter is an electronic device that measures a human’s resistance to a small electric current. The device is particularly used by Scientologists in a process called auditing.

An e-meter is a specific type of a more general device called a Wheatstone Bridge. In the 1950’s several early associates of L. Ron Hubbard modified the Wheatstone Bridge into a smaller device run on batteries.

The patent for the e-meter has long since expired and entered into public domain. If you would like to build such a device, whether or not you are involved in Scientology, here’s how you can find e-meter specifications.


  1. Step 1
    First, view the description and drawings of the original E-Meter patent file. You can do this by looking up patent number 3290589 at the US Patents and Trademark Office. You can also view the file using Google Patents.
  2. Step 2
    Visit Free Zone websites for e-meter designs. The Free Zone is a world wide collective of people who practice dianetics outside of the Church of Scientology. Free Zone practitioners of dianetics also use e-meters for auditing.
  3. Step 3
    You can make a device very similar to an e-meter. Modify a Wheatstone bridge to have extra interference that causes the gauges to jump around a lot. E-Meters used by Scientology auditors are actually designed so that there is extra movement for auditors to interpret. You can achieve this either by undamping, or amplifying the needle’s movement.
  4. Step 4
    Keep in mind that if you make an e-meter at home, you will not be able to sell it with the name “E-Meter,” as this is owned by the Church of Scientology.

By Petra Pellervo

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2 Comments to “How to Find Schematics to Build Your Own E-Meter”

  1. Allen Wright says:

    Your writer says:

    “Modify a Wheatstone bridge to have extra interference that causes the gauges to jump around a lot.”

    This is complete BS and shows she has no idea of the workings of the e-meter.

    The CoS Mk5, 6 and “higher” numbers” have a specially made needle movement with a 40% overshoot to any impulse. This gives the needle it’s characteristics, not anything to do with the Wheatstone bridge part of the circuit.

    Using a normal meter movement as used in electronic instruments will look very different, as they have effectively zero overshoot.

    In 1982 I was at Gold for a couple of days and met the guy who had done the R&D on the Mk6, and he said LRH had decided that an overshoot of 7% gave far clearer reads, yet still would show F/Ns. This was intened for the Mk6, but at the last minute LRH changed hos mind, on the basis that everyone would need to be retrained for the new meter.

    I left the CoS end ’82 and soon started making meters using this 7%, and found no one needed retraining – pro auditors were lent the meter and asked to comment. They said: “The reads are very clear” but never had any problem.

    Most Free Zone meters today have this 7% (or even less) overshoot.

    Regards, Allen

  2. admin says:

    Dear Allen!

    Thank you for your comment! I suggest you write and publish here not a comment, but an article to inform freezoners about your products and services, how e-meter can be purchased and how to get hold of you.

    Also, the note about your new article will be sent to website subscribers, which also helps to promote your product.

    Warm regards,
    Tatiana Baklanova.

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