Open letter #3  to  David Miscavige

From Yuliya Mashkovtseva NKA Yuliya V. Keaton
Aka “russiangirl”
Nka “thefiredragon”

                                                 Dear DM!

I wrote you 2 letters and I will keep writing and posting them on the web until I  get my goldenrod.

I know, I probably already SP declared by now but since I have no goldenrod proving it, the Scientologists I communicate with say I am a good person and I’m in good standing.

I will be honest with you. My goal is to ruin your reputation the same way you messed up the reputation of LRH. Ooops .. Actualy,not the same way. I’m not like you.

 You did it by telling lies; I ‘ll do it by telling the truth. That will be a part of my liability formula.

I’m tired of keepping everything inside. This letter will be longer than two others.

I’m not antagonist to Scientology. I just don’t like the way you run LRH’s church. That’s all.

And I have personal reasons for not liking you. In my earlier letter#2

I mentioned a teen guy who looked like you. I did yesterday with my auditor “In your last life tell me something you could confront” and “In your last life tell me something you rather not confront” process and now I’m  95% sure, that dude were you.(Does anybody has a pic of DM as a teen so I could be 100% sure?)

 I’m not mad at LRH for that (more likely he did not know what you were up to and  even if he knew, he probably thought it was just a body). But I’m mad at you, because what you did,calls a murder. I understand that I can’t legally sue you for that, but I will post it everywhere anyway.

…..Is that how you got your post?

Anyway, I don’t want you to think that all my opinion about you is case-

related. Nope! I did some investigation about you (not by searching on the

web but  by talking to people who worked for you) and I came to decision

that you’re not qualified to run LRH’s church.

( I’m not saying LRH was perfect. He has made some mistakes and one of his mistakes was the fact that he  trusted you).

I really don’t like your RPF policy. I personally knew some people in Sea Org who were sent on RPF for stupid-stupid reasons.

I disagree with the way you declared so many people as SPs. If somebody would count all the people who were SP declared by you, it would probably make a great number.May be even greater than number of people who are in Sea Org right now.

 I also don’t like your disconnection policy. That’s the way to control people.I’ve personally known people who would like to come out and tell a few things about you but they are afraid that you’ll make their families to disconnect with them.BTW,I recently joined a group of people who are against of disconnection policy on Face Book.

I hate your abortion policy because even though I never was forced to have an abortion, I had some friends who were.

And what did you do with  LRH’s policies that says that nobody should never hold someone against their will and blackmail policy which forgives anyone being blackmailed for their sins, and punishes the blackmailer?

 Sometimes I wonder, if you get replaced, and a new leader will change all

your stupid policies and re-invite all ex-Sea Org members, how many people

will go back? May be I will.

DM, I’m not sure if you’re real SP or all that out-ethics stuff you’re doing is just a cry for help.

You want to be removed. You want somebody to stop you! I know a few people who believe that process R2-45 is the only thing that will work on you. (I know, it sounds like SP saying but I will respect those people privacy)I even used to think that myself, but at thistime I think, you deserved another chance in this body.

 Everybody knows, you screwed up.(I’m not sure if you realize that yourself or you’re somewhere on scale “it has nothing to do with me” )

Some public still trusts you and that’s why I’m posting my letter for everybody to be able to see.

I personally know several people who would be more qualified that you to run the Church.


BTW, I did waited for RTC to show up at my door that day (see my previous letter).Nobody did, just as I thought. I moved and right now I’m staying elsewhere. It this time I can provide you with my PO box number because I don’t want to create any troubles where I’m staying at; but as soon as I will get a place of my own, I’ll send you my new address.

RTC still can use my old mail address to mail me my goldenrod ( I have all mail being transferred to my new address) or you can e-mail me a copy



I just sent a KR on myself for dramatizing my case all over the Internet. I don’t think it was out-ethics; but I think it was out-tech though.(I put it in “out-tech” section)

I hope, it was worth it. I don’t care about case invalidation and I hope my story will make a


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