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Special thanks goes to Tommy Davis for leaving the Mark VIII Ultra E-Meter designs laying around. It’s only natural he would make mistakes. ~ FreeSpirit

Hello to all Independent Scientologists.

Maybe you’ve heard rumors of a new e-meter. Here is the story.

During the evolution to create the Mark Super VII Quantum, the idea began to create a new E-meter using digital technology. In 2000 a project was launched to get this going.


Some of the goals for this new design included,

1) Make it cost 1/10 of the current Quantum Mark Super VII to produce.

2) Vastly upgrade/improve the existing design which is somewhat heavy and clunky with its snap-on shield.

3) Give it at least ten times the precision of the current E-Meter as far as the reads and F/Ns are concerned.

4) Set the retail price under $1,000.

5) Make it possible to update its software via the Internet like an iPod so sending in the meter every two years for a new “Silver Certificate” are unnecessary.


6) Include a set of high-tech ultra-light cans with an open top so the preclear’s hands do not sweat while in session (responsible for creating false TA).

7) Would include a newly re-designed Remote Tone Arm.

8) Would include newly re-designed light-weight spacers for solo auditing.

9) Make it so that the meter could also digitally record and play back reads.

10) Ergonomics of the meter case were redesigned and upgraded to make it more comfortable to use with smoother and less distracting (to the pc) operation.

To push this project through to completion, Miscavige brought in CST executives who had proven themselves among the most capable of all Sea Org members for tasks that required highly technical electronic or manufacturing science or engineering.

This was in fact the same crew members who had created the,

  • Church’s new clamshell CD’s binders (not that CDs are even needed, since there is no reason except profit that the world can’t download LRH tech like iTunes),
  • Preservation archive of the LRH Tech (including acid-free archival paper and ink made of hyper-durable linen and flax fibers tested to last ten thousand years; all written materials re-produced as stainless steel metal plates encased in titanium cases, sealed in nitrogen, encased in flame resistant covers, buried in underground vaults; plus phonographic discs made of pure nickel, of LRH’s recorded lectures which can play back using a solar-powered amplifier; plus much more)
  • Design of the CD player and amplifier,
  • All the new gadgetry that DM wanted for Super Power delivery (not that any of this was actually needed, since LRH basically created the Super Power Rundown in 1978 — long before any of his gadgets even existed! DM needed and still does need an excuse as to why, since 1978, Super Power has not been released).


That crew included,
Russ Bellin – CO CST
Tom Vorm – D/CO Prod CST
Tom Willis – Dir R&D CST
Michele Wheelis – O/O CST
Bert Trussell – Int Project 3rd CST
Reiko Abo Morrison – private pro designer

After nearly two years of very hard work, research and very little sleep (2002), this CST team developed the final product called the “New Mark VIII Ultra E-Meter.”  Getting there required hundreds of prototypes, designed, produced, and tested by auditors at the Int base.

Notwithstanding the fact that nearly everyone receiving auditing at the Int base were receiving DM’s personal executive C/Sing (grossly out tech per LRH), the tests using the E-meters themselves were deemed a resounding success. HGC auditors at the Int base promptly refused to use any other meter. (2002)

It is also of interest that during those two years several “flaps” came to light at the Int base. 1) The Silver Certificate requirements were completely unnecessary, but were a primary income source to Gold… a cash cow. So have been allowed to continue. 2) The Quantum was grossly overpriced. But again, at $4,000 the money was too good to pass up.

The performance of this new E-meter was so advanced that DM decided to give a prototype to his “best friend forever” Tom Cruise so Tom could use it for his solo auditing. (2002)

mark-viii-emeter-11The guts of every Mark Super VII Quantum E-meter in use by Flag auditors were secretly swapped out for the electronics of the Mark VIIIs. Ever since, Flag auditors have been using Mark VIIIs in the Mark VII shell.

The final product was finalized and produced… not at Golden Era Productions but in Japan to cut production cost and improve profitability (2004).
Over 20,000 of the New Mark VIII Ultra E-Meters were manufactured (all with silver color) and shipped to the United States where they have been sitting in Bridge Publications warehouse since 2004.

Six years after the final production of those New Mark VIII Ultra E-Meters, they still sit on the shelf.

And what happened to those top-notch SO members after DM got what he wanted? He crushed their creativity and integrity and send them all into the SP hall. None of them survived on their post and all have been suppressed in the extreme.

mark-viii-emeter-13Throughout 2003, DM extolled the primary virtue of his “grand marketing plan” to re-release all the books and materials as the Golden Age of Knowledge, including the “Basics,” “Congresses” and “ACC lectures”… culminating in the release of the new Mark VIII. The primary virtue was how to maximize profits and how to milk each release for all it was worth.

Miscavige has not released his great new Mark VIII meter but instead has continued selling the Quantum for roughly $4000 each (way over priced) for the same reason he hasn’t released Super Power since 1978, or even completed his empty Super Power cathedral (even though he broke ground in 1998 — twelve years ago). Most importantly, he hasn’t released the actual OT Levels (yet he launched the Freewinds in 1986 expressly for that purpose). Obviously there is a pattern here.


It seems that DM is going for the money with the current Mark Super VII E-Meter sold to public for over $4000. If he was not he would have released the Ultra Mark VIII a long time ago.

Written by FreeSpirit

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One Comment to “Mark VIII Ultra E-Meter REVEALED”

  1. bigrobnz says:

    Looks rather uggly to me, Ithink the MkV was the best looking of them all. As for holding back the tech, what did you expect?, DM has cut a deal with the US govt., hold back scn. in return for tax exemption.

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