John is the first person to start and finish Solo NOTS entirely in the Freezone!
Very Well Done to Ken Urquart, Pierre, and especially John. This is something we can all be proud of.
It shows what can be accomplished with persistence and competent terminals to work with.


TECH outside COS:

Thanks to Ken Urquhart!

On the 19th of February, 2010 I attested to OTVII. When Pierre asked if I would like to attest, I felt the burden of millions of years of enslavement finally lift from my shoulders. I am very excited to be me and only me. More than any other, I feel this level was a huge accomplishment for me because I have had OT abilities turning on. I am fascinated by the possibilities. I also feel a great satisfaction in that the level provided me an opportunity to help so many others.

I first became aware of Scientology in 1964. When I first read the DMSMH, it was a wakeup call. There was a way out. I was in college at the time but after I saw John McMasters (the first Clear) in Washington, DC at a seminar, I knew that I had to get involved. I dropped out of college and went to DC for processing and training. A couple years later I was in LA and became Clear 2866. Then I took a long break and got on with my life.

I retired from my job in 2001 and I reevaluated my position in Scientology. I had about $150,000. in my savings. I could either leave that money for my kids to spend when I died or I could spend it on myself in Scientology. Even though I had made no attempt to get additional training or processing for 37 years, I chose the latter.

I went to Flag. The training and processing I received were great. But when I tried to get on the OT courses, I came up head to wall on my first block. Interestingly, it was not my case that was in question but that of my wife. She resented any changes the Church wanted her to make and I finally realized that I was not going to change her and concluded “why should I?” However, I was stuck. I sat in my hotel room for 3 weeks waiting for approval to continue but it became obvious I was not going to get it. That’s when I blew Flag.

I resolved to just purchase all the tapes and other materials I could get my hands on and spend the rest of my life studying Scientology. While purchasing books one of the sellers gave me a call, Tom Smith. In chatting with him I learned of the Freezone where processing and training could be had outside the Church.

I was able to get a rebate on my unused monies in the CofS and then Ken Urquhart took me to OTV. It seemed that my wife was not a factor after all. Later I received the L’s from Pierre and did the OTVI course and then Pierre C/S’ed me through OTVII. It is interesting to note that I was able to take that refund which I had saved only to reach OTIII in the CofS and use it to pay for OTII through OTVII with the L’s thrown in as well.

It is now my intention to go to OT XV with Pierre. I look forward to what I know will be an exciting and very rewarding journey. My thanks to Ken Urquhart, and a very special thanks to Pierre Ethier. It is dedicated people like these two that keep Scientology working and there for the rest of us. It is comforting to know that there are Scientologists who still practice Standard Tech.

Signed: John R. Beckner Date: 21 Feb 2010

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2 Comments to “Solo NOTS Completion In The Freezone”

  1. Rey Robles says:

    Excuse me, but I have been completing people on solo NOTs for 20 years, I have way over 100 completions, I am sure other auditors in the FZ do also. Unless you are talking about Golden area tech. & not LRH, David Mayo, NOTs 1978. Nots have been in the FZ for over 30 years, there have been many completions. I completed it in 1992. Many of us auditors have been auditing in the FZ for over 30 years, way before Pierre, Tray or Ken showed up. These auditors are using Golden Area tech.They not-is other auditors, they have the attitude that the rest of us are all squirrels. They have the same elite attitude as the C of S. The frist solo nots completion in the FZ. Give me a break! They are still playing the same game as the church.


  2. Trey Lotz says:

    There have been many people that had gotten some NOTS or Solo NOTS in the Church that have completed Solo NOTS in the Freezone under various C/Ss. John was the first one that we were aware of that had done the whole NOTS band cycle from beginning to end in the Freezone.

    Frank Ranzi informed me that he had also done that and that there were also others. So I am happy to correct the statement that John was the first to do it. The main point however was that he did do it, he persisted on his Bridge, he completed the cycle,and he got the wins available.

    My purpose in posting this success story was to encourage people to continue to pursue their own Bridge, whoever they decide to do it with.


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