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A year ago today I had just completed the eval that resulted in this ( website. A year later, we’ve come a long way.

The truth is coming out and a pattern of heavy deceit has emerged. It is no exaggeration to say that David Miscavige has been lying to us from the start with nearly unimaginable malice… a malice that freely lied to LRH for the last five years of his life, that took out Mary Sue Hubbard and made her an outcast, that destroyed the lives of so many Scientologists and now the repute of Scientology as a whole. The more we learn, the more the treason roils before us like a mushroom cloud.

So today, on the anniversary of LRH’s birthday, it is surely fitting to learn more about LRH’s final years. I received this document from a friend just tonight and read it for the first time. I believe it was written some time ago. I don’t know how old it is. But it’s from the auditor who saved LRH’s life in 1978 and it is certainly time his story was told.



By David Mayo

AS YOU PROBABLY ARE aware, I used to hold the post of Senior C/S Flag. That was until the end of 1978. Let me start this narrative article from that point.

In September of 1978. I was sitting in my office one day C/Sing some folders and a messenger came into the office with a telex which was one of these very secret “your eyes only” telexes. So I grabbed some clothes, raced off to the airport at Tampa and caught a plane to Los Angeles. I arrived in Los Angeles at night. As I’m sure you all know, the Sea Org places a great significance on what they call security. There was to be one security-cleared person meeting me at the airport and nobody else was supposed to know he was coming to meet me. It was very confidential and I had to go with him. I was still quite mystified as to why I was being called to California. We took off down the highway and headed off toward Palm Springs.

A security breach!

After we got started down the freeway he said, “Look, no offense or anything, but you have to wear these dark glasses”. I said, “Why? It’s night time”. He has a pair of sunglasses they’d sprayed aluminum paint on the inside of so that you couldn’t see through them and he wanted me to put these on so I wouldn’t see where we were going as it was so secret that even I shouldn’t know. It was about one o’clock in the morning by this time and I’d been flying for many hours and could do with some sleep. I put the glasses on and dozed off. We eventually came to the exit we were going to take near Palm Springs and the driver almost overshot it. He hit the brakes suddenly and I was jostled and the glasses flew off just as the sign came up on the freeway that said “Indio Exit”. I picked up the glasses and put them back on. The guy who was driving said “Oh God! I hope you didn’t see that sign”. I said, “Well, you’d get into trouble if I did,wouldn’t you?” “Yeah”. He said. I responded, “Then I didn’t see anything about Indio”. And he said, “Oh, great”.

Hubbard ill

Finally we arrived at the headquarters of CMO Int, La Quinta at about four o’clock in the morning. I was taken into the house where LRH was living and was told that LRH had become quite ill and they were concerned whether he was going to live or not and that was why I had been brought there. I had some of his folders given to me, I studied them and got ready to give him a session. It had been some time since I had seen LRH. When I went into his bedroom I must admit I got quite a shock, because the last time I’d seen him he’d been full of energy and active and it was a surprise to see him lying on his back in the bed and in the physical condition he was in.

I had some folders and the main thing that I could see from the folders was that he’d been having quite a lot of auditing on NED and that there were various strange indications. His TA had been getting higher and higher and the needle had been getting tighter. Various somatics had been turning on and the more somatics that turned on, the more they’d try and run these somatics out with NED and then more somatics would turn on, and so on.

Hubbard’s condition and handling it

He wasn’t able to speak. He was lying there almost in a coma although he had his eyes open. When I went into the room and said hello to him his eyes flickered and he gave a little smile. I put the cans in his hands. From the folder I’d ascertained certain things that were probably the cause of the bypassed charge and I’d written up a little C/S. The first thing I did was ask these questions to locate the bypassed charge. His TA was up around five or five and a quarter and the needle was almost stuck. I had to have the sensitivity cranked up to get any reads and when I checked through my list of possible sources of bypassed charge and got something that read, I indicated it and the TA came down about a quarter of a division, and we got a very, very small F/N, at which point I ended the first assist.

Then about an hour or two later I did another short assist session, and this time at the end of that session he was talking. Two hours later I did the third session. During that session he got up out of bed and sat in the chair and it lasted for about a quarter of an hour and we got normal F/N at the session end. He was starting to smile and even cracked a little joke. From then on in September ’78 I audited him daily. Usually about two sessions a day, sometimes three sessions a day, for quite some time thereafter.

Because my post was Senior C/S Flag and I had been absent for some time from Flag, people were starting to ask questions as to where I was. The CMO decided to invent a “shore story”. A “shore story” is Sea Org slang for a story that is false. It’s intended to give people something to think about so that they won’t consider the real reason.

Where am I?

Anyway, it wasn’t a very big secret for very long and at that point I still didn’t know where I was located. They’d done all sorts of funny things there at CMO Int. They had taken all the local newspapers away and disconnected the TV in case I’d accidentally see what channels were on, but they left all the telephone books beside the telephones. Then one day I said that a friend of mine’s birthday was coming up and I wanted to be able to go to town and buy a birthday present and mail it off. So somebody said, “Oh sure”. And I got in the car with them and we went into town and bought a birthday present and then at some time later it was decided that it would be okay for me to know where I was.

NED for OTs (NOTs)

Regarding the auditing I was doing on LRH in September ’78, it was out of that auditing that the whole subject of NOTs, or Ned for OTs, was developed. Within a month LRH had fully recovered his health and was active again. That was an extremely pleasing thing, and I felt it was a great honor at the time to have been his auditor and C/S throughout that period. I did the auditing and I also C/Sed the folder between sessions because there wasn’t anybody else to do it.

Most of the techniques I was using at the time, had to be developed between each session. Initially I set out to help him recover his health and that was accomplished. Then from that point on we started to discover that we were making some very astounding gains with this auditing. And then he asked me to make it possible for other people to get trained on these techniques so it could be released, and Scientologists generally would be able to get this same rundown. So in late November and December of 1978 he asked me to write up all of the techniques and processes and all the technical data involved so it could be exported.

Most of my days at that time were spent either auditing him or getting the next C/S ready for the next session, or typing up the materials that had been run thus far. Then I’d go into his office and we’d sit down and he would read over the write-ups, which later became HCOBs. He would read over them and we would discuss them and sometimes he would make additions to them or change the writing style so that it would more closely emulate his. By late December the majority of it was completed. We had a check sheet together and a mission was sent off to Flag to train the first NOTs auditors at Flag. I was still auditing LRH at the time so other people were sent on that mission and then, toward the end of it, I flew out there and helped do the final training on them, and the training of the C/Ses who were going to C/S it.

That was the release of NED for OTs in the end of 1978 and early 1979. Flag, and later the AOs, got a tremendous boom throughout 1979 on NOTs. That went on for some years.

After the release of NOTs at Flag in early ‘79 I continued auditing LRH. There were further developments and refinements as we went along. There is a tremendous amount of the original research data and techniques that have actually never been released. Now and then we occasionally hear of a “new discovery” but from what I’ve heard of them I don’t think they’re that new.

Solo NOTs

I audited LRH up through June 1979, at which point he completed his audited NOTs and went on to what was later called Solo NOTs. One of the things that was necessary to develop in order for him to be able to do Solo was a meter that would pick up the very fine reads that one gets at that level on a pair of solo cans. You see, when I started auditing him on NOTs, there was no such thing as a Mark VI meter. There was only a Mark V. And that was adequate if a person was holding two cans, one in each hand. But when we attempted to see if he could solo audit on a Mark V, reads wouldn’t show up and he would have to hold the cans in two hands and then you’d see a read. We often would test it and it seemed at the time that the whole of NOTs would have to be audited on somebody by an auditor. It seemed like it wouldn’t be possible to solo audit it because of this inability of the Mark V meter to pick up reads with just a solo can.

So he sent some instructions off and some people at Pubs Org at Los Angeles started working on developing a more sensitive meter. Then it became possible for him to go on to Solo and he began what later became Solo NOTs. I C/Sed his folder on Solo NOTs and occasionally when he ran into something I’d be called and would go in there and do a review session.

Auditing LRH

Auditing LRH was quite an experience in itself. I don’t know whether I could adequately describe it. It was extremely enlightening. I’m sure those of you who are auditors know how interesting it is to audit any pc on anything, and see the pc go along running something and suddenly have a cognition. With LRH it was a similar sort of thing only about a hundred times more so. And so each day I’d wonder what new cognition or discovery would unfold in the session.

I used to have a tremendous number of cognitions sitting there auditing LRH. He’d be running something and he’d say, “No, it’s not really like that. It must be like this”. And then he’d go. “Oh yes!” And then he’d run a time when something to do with that occurred. And then something else. And then he’d suddenly cognite and then I’d sit there listening to this, and I’d think, “Oh my God! Yeah, that’s right.” I think I got at least as many cognitions from auditing him as I did from sessions on myself.

I C/Sed him on his Solo NOTs and he eventually completed the level and later asked me to write up all the materials related to Solo NOTs and export it. I did this towards the end of 1980. Solo NOTs was then released to the world. I got an enormous amount of experience during that time, not just on the subject of NOTs and Solo NOTs, but also on how one goes about researching new technology and developing it. After LRH completed Solo NOTs he continued on with solo auditing, researching the levels above that and eventually completed up through OT 11.

Plans for the future

It should be mentioned, at this point, that LRH kept me informed regarding his research basically because he wanted me to be able to continue on with that technical hat and assume it fully when he left the body. I received in April 1982 a very significant dispatch from LRH. It was approximately twenty pages long. In it, he described what he anticipated in the future and specifically over the next twenty to twenty five years. He stated that he wanted me to carry on and release the new OT levels at the appropriate time. He actually turned the hat over.

He also told me at the time that he expected to live for a minimum of a few months, perhaps a couple of years at the most, and there were paragraphs in which he told me not to get upset about the idea of his dropping his body and pointed out (and I’m mentioning this because I think it’s relevant and I think most people should know it) that it wasn’t something to be sad about.

David’s hat

He said that he’d accomplished what he’d set out to accomplish in this lifetime, which was basically to map out the bridge. He wanted to go on and be able to start a new game. And he also estimated that he would be gone for some time. He didn’t say doing what. He asked me basically to look after three things concerning the tech. One was overseeing the quality of delivery of tech by other people and to ensure that high quality delivery continued.

A second thing was that I was to look over the actual technical materials from time to time, because they would require updating as society changed. And thirdly, at suitable times in the future, I was requested to release the as-yet-unreleased OT levels. He made an important point. This was that by the time I and others had gotten up through these levels, we would find that it was possible to continue on with the research ourselves, and that he felt that the future was now secure. He didn’t have to be around forever to continue on mapping the route out. He had done enough. And he therefore felt that he’d fulfilled his goals and what he referred to as his obligations to mankind, and could go and do something else. He did say that he would check back in twenty to twenty-five years to ensure it was all going well.

There is another aspect of that dispatch which I don’t think has been mentioned before. Although it didn’t seem very significant at the time, a few months after that I got another dispatch from him. It was more of an administrative dispatch rather than technical. He asked me to start thinking about how I might best organize myself and my staff in order to be able to fulfill the duties he had stated in the earlier dispatch. He said I would have to organize things differently from the way they were. There was a little explanation to the effect that people who were involved in tech and people who were involved in administration often don’t see things the same way and he pointed out that the technical people often are more concerned with the purity of the tech and its application, whereas some of the administrative people have their attention on stats more than the tech and this can cause a variance. 

I believe it was quite understated. It said that it could cause a variance or a difference in viewpoints on how things should be done. And, as I say, some of the full significance of it didn’t dawn on me at the time. But he said that in addition to thinking about how to organize my unit so as to be able to fulfill the purposes and duties that he’d laid out in the earlier dispatch, I should also consider a possibly different corporate and organizational basis in which to operate. I won’t go so far as to say that he predicted or necessarily suggested what was to occur later. But looking back on it now, it may well be that way, that he may have anticipated what was going to happen in the next few years and the rest of ’82 and ’83 up to the present.

Written by David Mayo

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