I stay with my truth that a war – any war – can not be won by defeating the enemy. That is not a victory in a whole sense of it.

Justis is not a handling, it is a temporary coping with a situation in an absence of Ethics.

In view that “the war” is fought not between “good” and “bad” individuals, but on a bigger picture it is a Theta – enTheta confrontation, from this view point the only true victory will be dis-enturbulating enTheta and converting it back into Theta.

Do you really think it can be done by criticizing, evaluating or making somebody wrong? Even if they are wrong, or especially when they are wrong?

What does LRH say about handling the low-toned people? The lower they are, the higher the auditor should be. Thus you do not handle anger with anger, or 1.1 with anger etc. This way we all lose and the whole ship may sink.

We should stop fighting, no matter who first started that fight, because we will not win through the fight – non of us will win.

We can only win for real with LOVE.

The position on the tone scale is determined by proportion of theta – entheta. So if we want to handle DM for good all we need to do is to move him up tone. He is one of us, us all living on this planet. We are the group. And we can raise a group tone level.

If DM doesn’t go in session, we can use other tools described in the Book One – Dianetics. What else do we have  in our tools(!) (not weapons!) arsenal besides auditing? Ethics in, Training, Non re-stimulative (THETA) environment, and LOVE.

I wonder, what would happen if we all find something in DM that we can honestly respect, truly like, admire or love. What if we all send him our affinity? How is it going to change him, us and the whole world?

We also know, that enTheta will dis-enturbulate in the presence of greater amount of Theta. And this is also a tool that we can use. We can create a theta bank – that unlike a bank of engrams, it will contain THETA.
We can do it on the Internet placing there Theta messages, collecting them in one place or on the different, but linked together websites. I should say we can reflect it, represent it on the Internet, but it’s actual existence will be in the THETA universe. We do not really need to confront the bodies in order to improve the conditions of thetans. We do not need to break apart and empty the churches in order to fix them and to fill in again. The reformation can and should be done with a very light touch. The heavier the mess – the lighter the touch.

Lets create a group that is bounded together by common purpose to improve conditions in own and lives of others using scientology and by SHARING THETA! We have to make us all REAL to each other by creating and collecting video-interviews introducing ourselves as Scientologists and showing the true Scientology products. We have to stay in COMMUNICATION by posting and acknowledging Scientology wins and successes, by coming to the conventions. But let’s keep our websites and comm-lines clear from enTheta. By doing this we will raise the AFFINITY so high, that people in the church will come to UNDERSTAND what is been missing in the church. So, if you feel like OUT-FLOWING THETA, welcome to the Success Stories, Wins and Testimonials website! http://freezone-tech.info/success/– comment and post! Lets collect all that pleasure moments!

It all may seem naive, but that is what I believe in and what I support to the best of my abilities.

If you are willing to record and add your video to my collection on http://youtube.com/svetka812 – upload your video to youtube and send me a link. If you like me to register you on the Success website (link above) that enables you to post your wins there – just drop me a line here in comments (You do not need to register in order to comment).

With Love and Hope,
Tatiana Baklanova.

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