Starting with just one person, it can be found, that with auditing improvement can occur, with out trying to over come unwanted conditions, but rather thru understanding how the condition came to be. Or, by ising the condition, which is another way of saying fully acknowledge the condition ( its isness), which is requisite to causing it to vanish ( as-isness). Closely related as a method for handling unwanted conditions is thru the use of admiration, whose absence, alone, causes unwanted conditions to persist.

On examination of peoples cases, you will find that much, perhaps all of what folks want to get rid of, or change, are there in large part because the person has indulged, in each instance, in not-isness, ( trying to force something to cease to exist,) just the opposite of , isness( granting of beingness ) and admiration.

Now we get to the World . I would sponsor the the idea that Ariiane and others would get more result in their efforts to postulate or pray or hope for a better World by a mass effort, across the face of our Globe, to project admiration, acknowledgment, granting of beingness, etc etc to the World and its peoples, for being exactly the way it is, in all repects, including all that is considered wrong, or evil, bad, destructive , harmful, awful, etc, etc, etc.

Even including but not limited to the poor Church of Scientology and its mad Dictator.

This approach avoids describing anything in terms of Un-Wanted! That is called not ising an existing conditions and leads to worsening and persistence.

So Don’t start out with a list of what’s wrong with your World, instead start out with the vow to admire your world just as it is and continue to do so because A, it will be good for you, and that chronic condition of protest, and B, it will give the world, your world, a chance to change. Even the C of $.

This is a much better approach to your own life than self auditing, since it has no liability connected with it. Just give it a try with any thing or anyone about you that you find to fall in the unwanted, or wish it would go away or worse category, and start admiring , or acking or granting beingness and you’ll see change. Change in yourself and the other.

Love and best wishes,

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One Comment to ““A short essay on how to fix things” by Phil Spickler”

  1. admin says:

    Dear Phil,

    Thank you for the letter! It come surprisingly at the very right moment of my journey through the lower conditions. Your advise to redirect attention onto “understanding of how the condition came to be” rather then trying to overcome it and jump out of it somehow was very helpful. It’s like going to the beginning of the incident without which it will not be fully duplicated and erased. It’s like finding an MU that is sitting right BEFORE the confusion started. In applying Ethics the datum is the same valuable and effective – go to the beginning and look at what was just before the crush that brought about a sick solution from the reactive rather then analytical mind. Thank you! :)
    I have published your essay here on my blog so others can read and benefit from it too.

    Love, Tatiana.

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