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The Program

Day One: Among other vitamins I took B3 (Niacin) – 100 mg. Almost immediately felt a light burning sensation around my nose and forehead. In five minutes, having changed into my exercise clothing, started jogging but quickly ran out of breath and changed pace to fast walking. The heart rate came down to 110 and stayed in that range till the end of my exercise period. The total time of walking was 30 minutes. The light sensation of burning on my face stopped about 10 minutes into the exercise period. I started sweating profusely during the exercise period. Then—sauna. The temperature was set at 70°С (158°F). The first 15 minutes at the sauna went fast as I was talking to my wife, my Program partner. Then 7 minutes of cool-down and a cold shower and back to the sauna where I immediately felt that I was so tired that I wanted to lay down. The sense of exhaustion did not leave me for the duration of the entire session. I spent a total of 3 hours in the sauna.

Several Subsequent Days were very similar to the first day although the niacin dosage was increasing and the intake of other vitamins was increasing accordingly.

Day Five: After about three hours I was no longer interested in sitting in the sauna and continuing with the program as I did not see any results or changes in my body. I was bored. I even thought I was wasting my time. I reported this to the Supervisor (a specialist who leads you through the program).

Day Six: Niacin was increased to 1200mg with other vitamins following the lead. And here it all started! I barely gulped down my handful of vitamins when I felt strong burning on my face and neck and noticed that my extremities turned red as if scolded. To be honest I got a bit scared. In the evening, already at home, noticed that my arms from elbow down were still red. They were also itching.

Day Seven: In the morning I discovered that my arms in addition to being red, also now had hives, kind of like burn marks. Despite these manifestations the Supervisor ordered to maintain the same dosage of niacin—1200mg. In the evening, after session I discovered that redness and rash had reached above elbow and above the knees. The previously affected areas, as I was terrified to observe, turned purple-brown and looked more like crust than skin. Interestingly enough, my wife, whose niacin reached 2000 mg or almost double mine, had no such manifestations. What was going on with me? Could it be the consequences of that wonderful drink that I used to have, the BF glue extract, or some other delight that would be, for a less trained person, simply poison? I do not know, I am not a medical doctor and there was nothing written on my hives. Naturally, all this beauty caused me considerable consternation, even panic. And surviving the sauna was not easy, as usual. Imagine, here I am sitting quietly and then suddenly, always suddenly, I feel intense pain in the area where my leg was broken 17 years ago. Two-three minutes and the pain, again suddenly, moves to a completely different part of the body. Add the feeling of being depressed and slight dizziness… Naturally, I wanted to drop the program like a hot potato and run to safety, cursing the creator of the program all along the way. That is how approximately I conveyed my experience to the Supervisor that evening in my Daily Report.

Day Eight: In the morning as usually received instructions from the Supervisor. Niacin was reduced to 500 mg.

Several more days: No noticeable reactions except for slight tingling in the face around my nose. Strangely enough, my sauna stints became easier with only slight metallic taste in my mouth. By the end of the session even started talking to other people in the sauna. After the first hour experienced slight dizziness, sleepiness and feeling of depression.

Day Thirteen: Niacin was increased to 1200 mg again. Skin on my arms and legs had fully cleared up without a trace, i.e. no scars or discoloration. Quite to the contrary, my wife pointed out that my skin became more supple and pliant. I believed her. I always listen to my wife!

Day Fourteen: The circumstances urgently demanded our presence at our summer cabin located in Northern California. We left home in the morning for our 6-hour drive. However, the process of purification is not to be interrupted for any reason! That is why we started looking for a sauna immediately upon our arrival there for our evening session. We found a suitable sauna at the Tennis Club of the local small but very cozy town of Ashland. The difference between this new sauna and our sauna in San Jose was astounding.

(Our sauna in San Jose gym was always full of people. Some were sweating in their sweat suits and snickers adding their own unique scent to the stench of perfumes and face creams that some ladies indulged in quite heavily right then and there; the air was humid because of the towels drying by the heater; rivulets of water were snaking across the floor as somebody was dozing himself with water from his bottle; somebody else was increasing the temperature by spraying thermostat with cold water. But all that paled in comparison with the janitors who’d open the door wide and cursing under their breath would clean the windows, excessively spraying them with the appropriate cleaners, creating completely unbearable stench and forcing us out of the sauna for unplanned breaks.)

Here in Ashland they had separate small saunas for men and for women—just 3-4 people capacity each, immaculately clean. And we felt warm immediately at that place upon entrance, simply from the warmth of the employees smiles.

Here I was sitting in the sauna enjoying my solitude when a local tennis player entered in, an intellectually looking gentleman, although butt naked. With my agreement, he doused the red-hot stones with special eucalyptus water. Pleasant aroma spread through the sauna, filling my smoker’s lungs. Then I suddenly perceived a strong smell of perfume mingling with the scent of eucalyptus. I politely asked the neighbor what compelling reason made him add perfume into the eucalyptus water. The gentleman smiled derisively and also politely hinted that perfume smell was not caused by the water but was emanating from my body, which I was supposed to wash with soap under shower before entering the sauna. Unbelieving, I stuck my nose into my shoulder, smelled myself and started laughing—yes, indeed, the perfumes were oozing from the pores of my skin and Sir Comrade here had nothing to do with it. I had to explain the program to him and spilled the beans as a secret—we were alone in the sauna—that in the Soviet Army, at the absence of anything good to drink, we used to drink perfume to get high and fly away into the “Alcohol paradise”. And so it usually happens: every secret eventually comes out.

Day Fifteen Returned to San Jose to continue the program. My wife left me far behind in her niacin dosage. I felt better and better to the point that I could run for 10 minutes straight without getting out of breath with the 110 heart rate (and no higher), although first hour in the sauna I still felt sleepy, tired and slightly dizzy.

Several More Days My niacin dosage was increasing daily and reached 3000 mg although the reactions vanished—no rashes, itching or redness. By the end of the session I caught myself talking up a storm with other people in the sauna, smiling and laughing at their jokes. The lingering body pains completely vanished.

Day Twenty One Same niacin dosage of 3000 mg with no reaction.

Two more days No sleepiness and tiredness from the get-go in the sauna to the very end. Felt great and in high spirits.

Day Twenty Four – The Last Day! I was accused of singing in the sauna by my wife, although I was singing only decent songs. I was likewise accused in stomping my feet and raising my legs to the ceiling. As you probably understand, at that point my program was completed, leaving me entirely unharmed despite the hissing of the pessimists who had never personally experienced this program. Quite to the opposite, I felt an incredible inflow of energy, the like of which I have never experienced—as a result of vodka, any psychedelics or anything else.


I have been a cab driver for the last 15 years. It is not a quiet line of work, I would even characterize it as nervous and demanding. In the past I would sometimes completely fly off the handle to the point that I wouldn’t wish anybody I liked to get anywhere near me at those moments. But, honestly, that was in my former life, before I did the program. Even our drivers, who’d seen me through hundreds of thousands of miles of California roads, started saying things like,” Sergey, you’ve changed. You are so white and fluffy!” Well, not quite but in a situation where I’d start fighting in the past, now I just smile and feel no anger or bitterness.

And alcohol? I forgot all about it. Not once since I completed the program have I wanted a drink or felt as if I had a drink—in my sleep or awake.

My sleep completely normalized. I would even sleep more but who is going to let me? Have to work.

Prior to the program my blood pressure was not exactly scaring me but it was alarming: 154/90. Now, just as a principle, I regularly stop by Walgreens for a check. The blood pressure stays right around 120/80.

One additional remarkable change. I am in my mid years, not a spring chicken, I’ve been sufficiently mauled by life. By the end of the working day—and those often last 15-16 hours in my line of work—I was barely able to drag myself out of the cab, I could barely walk from exhaustion, as well as from persistent pain in my left knee and right ankle. Unbelievable but the pain is gone! And, I hope, for a long time.

When I started the program I did not set a specific goal to quit smoking. However, at some point during the program I realized that I did not want to smoke. All by itself, my usual pack a day went down to five cigarettes a day. It is quite possible that I go through the program again at some point with a specific goal to quit smoking completely.

The Afterword

My dear readers!

As you may have noticed, describing my former life, the drunk years, I tried to avoid being overly serious and attempted to convey the horrors of alcoholism in light and even humorous manner. That is not because I smoked pot or had a drink when I wrote my account. That is because as a result of detoxification, my body and my soul are HAPPY! My life is filled with CONFIDENCE and MEANING.

I believe that most of you with similar problems related to drugs, alcohol, smoking and even with a habit of, pardon me, habitual overeating, would be able to kick your habits alone, all by yourself and unassisted with this wonderful Purification Program.

There are two major problems with getting through this program.

1. Finding time to do the program;
2. Finding money to do the program.

My dear friends, think! How many years have we ruined by our habits and afflictions? Is it really impossible to once in our remaining years plan out our life to free up five hours a day to do the program which only takes 2-3 weeks for most people? I do not like to answer questions with more questions but… How do we find time and money to indulge in our binges and then pay the bills that we raked while under influence? You know that a single hospital stay could easily top $10,000? Also, as an example, how much is the drunk driving ticket or getting your stomach pumped at a hospital? It seems to me that it is cheaper and smarter to spend a little bit of money once to get rid of the problem than repeatedly pay for the incredibly ruinous consequences of that problem.

In conclusion, let me remind you that alcohol is deadly. Just here and now, in the Bay Area, I have already lost five great guys, my friends, who failed to find the way out of their dependency.

Please read the feedback regarding this Program from other people in the Testimonials section. These people did the program at different times, in different places all around the world. And I am building sauna on my land because I also want to deliver this program to anyone who wants to clean out toxins from their bodies.

PS: Do you need an advice or help? Any questions?
Call me: 1(408)472-1541
Drop me a line: Contact
Comments are welcome.

Yours, Sergej Terpenev
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