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I am frequently asked whether we practice “Standard Tech”. Unfortunately, the term “Standard Tech” has been so abused that in order to give a comprehensive answer, I feel it is necessary to clarify a distinction between “Standard Tech” and “Technical Standards”.

For many years there has been a great deal of talk about “Standard Tech”. Yet term in actual use today is more frequently used to mean “what the orgs are doing” or “the latest change”. There is nothing standard about that. Often these changes are heralded as the “latest breakthrough from LRH” only to be later cancelled as “an alter-is by another”. Sometimes these cancellations are changed, then re-issued, sometimes not.

Most are familiar with this having occurred in recent times regarding the changes in the grade chart, the HRD, NOTs and Solo NOTs. But this has been going on for years.

For example, Expanded Dianetics was released as an LRH breakthrough at the time, only to be cancelled years later as “alter-ised by another”.

Power processing was taken out of use and orgs and Scientologists were told that LRH would be replacing Power with his latest breakthrough, “Super Power”. (In this instance, Super Power was never released.)

Each of these changes was done in the name of “Standard Tech”, but the result has been constantly changing tech.

Here at the AAC we are devoted to keeping our technical standards high, to safeguarding the purity of the tech and ensuring that it is applied for the benefit of the pc.

We have completed 12 people on Advanced Ability VII (which the Church of Scientology refers to as Solo NOTs), while the Church is just now announcing their first completion. Why is this?

This devotion to the purity of the tech and a personal refusal to compromise was one of the main reasons for my departure from the Sea Org and the Church of Scientology. As this part of the story has not been told before and as there have been many false and maligning reasons put forward by certain persons in the Church of Scientology/RTC, I feel it is important to clarify some important issues.

First, let us review some very basic technical rules:

  • One very important fundamental is that Man is basically good.
  • Other very important fundamental rules are: that the tech must be applied in the direction of raising the self determinism of the pc, it must be applied for the benefit of the pc, and that it must be done with ARC. When auditing is applied on the above basis, the being’s basic goodness and rightness are validated, he is helped to become more himself, and gainsinevitably result.

To do otherwise results in invalidation of the being, his basic goodness and his self deter-min-ism That is a dramatization of other earlier practices which did not have Man’s best interests at heart such as mind control, implanting etc., – efforts to change the being through the use of force.

As I had devoted some 23 years of my life to the tech, it was with considerable horror, repugnance and disgust that I saw instances of “black dianetics and scientology” within the Church.

One of these was called the “Severe Reality Adjustment” or “SRA”. It consisted of first heavily invalidating the staff member (especially invalidating his good intentions and constructive products), then forcefully giving him/her a “wrong item”, “wrong indication” or “wrong why” (an implant), then persuading the person that he/she should be more co-operative with the current party line. I saw an an increasing number of these “SRA”s being done on staff and later on the public, too. Far from being something that an isolated erring executive had done in an irrational moment, “SRA”s became more and more frequently used.

I protested to various RTC executives concerning the “SRA” abuses. These included Steve Marlowe, then ED of RTC, Vicki Aznaran, Inspector General of RTC, David Miscavage, etc. My protests only resulted in my being forcibly dragged out of bed and given “SRA” by those same persons! The confidentiality of my pc folders was violated and used for purposes of invalidation and ridicule on this, and on numerous other occasions.

Fortunately, my knowledge of the technical laws involved enabled me to withstand and remain exterior to these “SRA”s. The many other staff and public who have been subjected to them, may not have been as fortunate.

As a C/S and SNR C/S, I frequently repaired cases that had been messed up by “SRA”s; the usual tool being an L4B and an LIC, though sometimes the “SRA” incident was so severe that it was necessary to run the incident out dianetically. (This is the repair that I recommend to other auditors and C/Ses who encounter cases who have had “SRA”s.)

The notorious “Mission Holder Conference” of October 1982 in San Francisco was an attempted mass “SRA”.

Prior to the practice of “SRA”s becoming widespread, there had been a non-standard checksheet and drills issued, called the “Ethics Specialist” course. Students on this course were trained and drilled into evaluating, invalidating and “why finding” during “Ethics Interviews”. I later cancelled this checksheet and course when I discovered this, brought to my attention by cases messed up by these actions.

I wrote HCOB 30 Oct. 81 “C/SING FOR THE PC”, in an effort to prevent such actions from recurring and to get auditors and C/Ses who had been influenced by such out tech back onto the original purpose for auditing: the benefitting of the pc.

A new piece of “tech” that came into use over the last two years in the Church is called “Roll Back”. “Roll Back” is a method of attempting to change a person’s ideas or opinions where these disagree with those of the current management of the Church. Such a person is said to be “disaffected”. An unacceptable idea that the person has expressed (e.g. “the prices are too high”), is taken up on a meter and an effort is made to trace this idea back to someone else who expressed it to that person. The idea being to convince the person that it was not his/her own idea but that he/she was “influenced” by someone else. “Roll Back” is an attempt to change a person’s opinion for the benefit of the organization and as such, violates one of the basics of Tech.

Sometimes the person is asked for overts or evil purposes in an effort to explain away his/her disagreements with management or the organization.

After my removal as SNR C/S INTERNATIONAL, that HCOB (30 Oct. 81 “C/SING FOR THE PC”), was cancelled and the predictable, obligatory derogatory statements were made to the effect that I was “anti-ethics”. I was not “anti-ethics”. I was against the misuse and abuse of Ethics and Technical actions in violation of the basics of the Tech!


With the massive SP declares over the past 2 years, re-introduction of DISCONNECTION, the FAIR GAME LAAW, Denial of The Bridge for Eternity, I thought it would be appropriate to take a look at the subject of SPs and PTS-ness.

Some have expressed the idea that Scientologists generally are in a PTS condition. Certainly it is true that they have had a “can’t have” run on them as regards the tech and the bridge. Many have been reduced to financial ruin through imprudent loans and by over-extending themselves financially.

They have been threatened with “loss of their eternity”, threatened with loss of their friends and family, financial loss, loss of the confidentiality of their pc folders/confidences, loss of their self-determinism, loss of their right to be. There seems to be no limit to the threats imposed upon Church members, during these recent troubled years.

Auditing and training raise self-determinism. When management and the organizations of the Church seek to reduce self determinizm, the explosion which follows is inevitable.

It is unfortunate that, in the viewpoint of today’s Church, auditing is no longer for the benefit of the pc, but is done for the benefit of the organization. Auditors and C/Ses in the orgs are being trained not to audit for the pc but to sec check or “Roll Back” for the “benefit of the 3rd dynamic”.

(Also, note that “the third dynamic” is a generality. How could auditing be done “for the benefit of the third dynamic”?)

This amounts to a PTS condition; the individual being suppressed by the Church.

One of the main techniques developed to handle PTSness is the S & D (Search and Discovery). When correctly used these often gave a spectacular resurgence from PTS-ness. But we do not often hear of S & Ds being  used today. Are they becoming a lost Tech? If so, why?

Technically an S & D is a Listing and Nulling apply. One of the fundamentals of Listing and Nulling is that the right item will BD, FN and produce VGIs on the pc. Conversely, denying the pc his item (the right item) will result in considerable by-passed charge. One of the “rules” introduced into the subject of S & Ds was that it was NOT OK to find, as the item on an S & D, any Scientology organization, any Scientologist in good standing or any of the executives or principals of Scientology. Whether that “rule” had any validity or not at the time when it was first introduced, it is not a technical rule but an administrative or political rule and it certainly is not valid today. Much has changed over the years since the “rule” was introduced in the 60s. It is a false datum and could prevent a pc from getting the right item on an S & D. PCs who have had S & Ds in the past may well have had the right item denied them and auditors and C/Ses are altered to this so that they can repair this situation where it has occurred.

By discarding the above false datum, auditors and C/Ses may well find that newly done S & Ds become just as spectacular again as they were originally and are urged to correctly use S & Ds to handle PTS conditions.

What I have said here is stated in the interests of the purity of the Tech and pc results.



It was not all dianetic auditing which was placed after Grade IV, just NED auditing. A common mistake has been to think that no dianetic auditing could be done before grades, or to think that NED replaced dianetics, which it didn’t! Many people still in the Church have these misunderstoods and it shows in the bulletins.

1) Re Out Int: The confusion mentioned above was entered into the INT HCOBs. Before a pc has been run on NED, he would have INT handled either by dianetic running of Int Rundown or by recall (E of E Int RD).

2) Re R3SC: As the pc has not yet had any NED, the Ser Fac should be run by RsRA if it is still charged after the R3SC brackets, not by NED (as the pc has not yet had any NED).

3) Re Grade Chart: The correct sequence is: dianetic auditing (either Book One or R3RA), then grades, then NED.

You also might be interested to know that here at the AAC, we are also running Ability V and VA (Power), Ability VI (R6EW) and Ability VII (Clearing Course) where it is appropriate and getting very good results. (This is noted here as some confusions and false data were entered during the “dianetic clear” and new grade chart periods. In subsequent articles, other technical points will be taken up.)

I hope this helps. It may require some training/false data stripping and restudy of basics to fully straighten out these subjects. If you can do this yourself, great! If not, please remember that the AAC was created to ensure that the integrity of our technology is maintained. And that simply means that we are here, above all, for you.



Source: The journal of AAC vol 1 No 5

Special thanks to Candy Swanson for providing a copy of AAC  journal.


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