Picture 3To whom it may concern. Success Story.

Today I have attested an achievement of a new state of being – I am CLEAR. :)

And you know, what I like the most about this state? That finally I can evaluate myself out of liability on the first Dynamic where body, mind and spirit were liability to each other – all not knowing their posts, not having good communication within, from there into the state of a new-born spiritual being happily doing (I will rename it accordingly to my perception of it) new-existence steps.

There is a peace at home – within me, as I have a clear understanding, new state of awareness of who I am in regard to my body , mind and spirit. I am not only at cause and in-charge, as a spirit, but in high ARC with my mind and body. That makes me organized into a one happy team, where mind and body know and respect the captain, who in my turn knows who it is, where it is going able to lead the team, and DESERVES to be respected by the other team players – the smaller selves. When I as a spirit make now a postulate regarding my 1 dynamic, it is not getting bogged in doubt of questioning, or argued and fought by my mind or GE soul, or lost in the confusion of not knowing – who is to listen to whom and where, and who suppose to do what. It was not a fun game to play at that lower 1D Ethics condition, believe me. But now the light is on! )))) I would describe my state of awareness as a new viewpoint as a spirit, that is aware of its true nature enough to have a clear view. I see myself (spirit) my team – mind and body and reactive mind (!) (never planned to get read of that not so bright, but honest and courageous creature within me :))), and world around with a clarity that makes it easy to make and execute Ethical decisions. It feels natural, I am back home where things are in places, tools aren’t flying around the room, team is trained and I am ready to operate freely on a first Dynamic and actually already do. ))))

The Dianetics Certainty Special Intensive helped me to connect the dots and to get the overall picture of my state “into focus” so I have a greater certainty on my new state.

There is so much more to say if I wanted to really make it visible to you – my STORY of success. Because it is not a one time jump from “black” to “white” becoming a Clear. It really is a gradual increase of awareness, accordingly to in-life action to deserve the awareness progress. It really is a journey, a lot of things I did and made in and out of session that ether slowed me down or speeded up, distracted or brought back onto the path toward the state achieved. There are so many beings that supported and helped me on my birth into existence as a Clear, starting with a previous human representation of me who got cleared in my last life time – boy, he deserves a lot of credit! I was flying through rehabing lots of cognitions on touch and by inspection, that he worked hard for to gain. I have to thank my parents and teachers, all people I was learning from – good and bad, smart and not so much, high and low tone – they all helped me to get here where I am. Of course my special thanks to Ron Hubbard for providing the Tech, to David Mayo who really wanted to help and did a lot helping me too, Phil Spickler who provided the wisdom that brought joy and smoothness to my ride. I thank all my auditors, starting with a first book 1 auditor Larisa, all auditors I had in the church and out – Misha Priv and Dexter Gelfand (Grage 1), Marty Rathbun (Grade 2 FPRD style), Rey Robles (Grade 3 & 4), Dexter Gelfand (Presence 4), Ronald Allen (Life Repair & DCSI).

To me the most life changing gains and wins where on Objectives, Help part of the Grade 1 and most of all – Grade 2 (!) – after that level I went Clear as the mechanism holding the Bank in place – “motivating” me into holding it there – vanished, I exteriorized from it first and then from the body and got suddenly interested in how it was doing and by what rules it was operating. I started to learn about the food etc… The ARC with body went up. Then I was dancing around the condition I was in not been fully aware, having not enough clarity about the state. Something there were remaining unclear. Presence 4 Identity handling was a huge step forward, as I experienced a split from the GE soul – animal like greedy creature fighting for its own survival by any means (!!!), and me – spirit that wants to live by sense of ethics and not caring too much about survival. Those two splat apart and ARC was immediately created and started to grow between me and GE.

I can not say enough good words about my last auditor – Ronald Allen. He is just AWSOME! His ability of creating a space for you to fill it in with itsa and his understanding is encreadable.

My special thanks to Valery, for being here and holding together the org– making the delivery of Tech possible.

Love you all,
Tatiana Baklanova, Clear.

I sould also mention the Ethics help from Mary Freeman that brought me back on the Bridge from which I felt. And the C/S help of Dan Koon that really made it possible to get started in the field. Thank you all!!!! :))))

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