London, England

(compiled from an issue prepared by the Centre for Personal Enhancement, 15 Birdwood Road, Melville, Western Australia)


The credibility of the RTC across the world depends upon a number of beliefs being held. If these beliefs are not held, that credibility would disintegrate. Foremost among such beliefs are the following:


That the RTC represents Source

The RTC say that they are on-Source. However, if you read the transcript of the US Mission Holders’ Conference, San Francisco, 17th Oct 1982, SO ED 2104 INT, 7th Nov 1982 (and we strongly recommend that you do), you will find that LRH is barely mentioned. They place themselves as the source of an entirely new corporate structure:

“…Prior to the end of 1981, a few of us got together and took a look at the corporate structure of the Church with the view in mind of making it more defensible and more regular and to make an overall improvement.” – WARRANT OFFICER LYMAN SPURLOCK (page 4).

They proceeded to totally invalidate the structure established earlier by LRH:

“look like there’s a whole bunch of corporations dealing with each other and this whole spaghetti that somebody, someone comes in and takes a look at this and they go, “what the hell is this?” They couldn’t understand it.”
“Just to show you how crazy it was,…”
“Kind of a schizophrenic line-up.”
“so, in late 1981 we took a look at this and said, this can’t go on; it’s not very defensible, it doesn’t make sense.”
“…it was kind of loosey-goosey.”– WARRANT OFFICER LYMAN SPURLOCK (pages 4 – 6)

In fact, far from being on-Source, the RTC has attempted to invalidate Source, i.e. LRH.


That Ron has been fooled over a long period

According to the RTC scenario, Ron has been fooled for a period of many years by an alleged “bird dog” (ref: SO ED 2344 INT). This person is David Mayo who, during the 1970s, was selected by Ron to wear various Tech hats including those of auditor under LRH as – C/S, C/S under LRH, Senior C/S Flag, C/S for LRS’s auditing, auditor to LRH, Senior C/S International and assistant to LRH on technical research. This was a time of technical excellence and of great expansion for Scientology.

We believe that you will share our view that LRH possesses, amongst his many other abilities, an unparalleled perception, at a theta level, of other beings, and it is a total invalidation, indeed inconceivable and insulting, to depict LRH as being fooled for such a long time.

Does the alleged picture match up to your perception of Ron?

You be the judge.


That everything which is now issued over the name of LRH is actually written by him

The RTC claims ownership of the “Trademarks of Scientology” (SO ED 2104 INT). The trademarks include the name “L. Ron Hubbard”, the signature “L. Ron Hubbard”, and the initials “LRH”. Does this mean that they can use Ron’s name as they like? They are certainly exercising their power over the other trademarks to its fullest extent.

It has commonly occurred in the past that others have issued material in Ron’s name in his absence and without his knowledge. When he has returned on lines, such issues have been cancelled. What fate do you think will befall the current issues on David Mayo?

How do we identify a genuine issue?

We can only follow the advice of Ron himself and “Judge a person by his products”.

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