My position on a.r.s (alt.religion.scientology)

From: David Mayo
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: My position on a.r.s
Date: 12 May 1996 20:55:54 -0400

I did not come to a.r.s to convince anyone of my beliefs nor did I come to a.r.s to proselytize nor to win friends and influence people.

I came to give information.

I have information that I think will be of interest and/or assistance in regard to Scientology(tm) both by those who want to know more about it than is available in promo and by those who may have an interest in it sociologically. I spent about 25 years in Scientology(tm) beginning at around the age of 17 years.

I am not here as an “anti”, a “meatball”, a “dreamball”, a “basher”, a “fluffball” or even as a squirrel, though having been accused of being a squirrel seems, perhaps out of perversity, I have acquired an affinity for that identity.

I am not a Scientologist now and have not been for many years — at the moment there is no precise point when I ceased to be one — if pressed for that point of departure, it seems as fuzzy as my logic.

When I was a scientologist, I worked very hard for it and to study and learn as much as I could of it, especially in regard to its “tech”. Before I was “busted” I was held in regard by many scientologists, including public, staff and executives (with some distinct exceptions) and most of the time, by L. Ron Hubbard.

As for the reprehensible aspects of Scientology(tm), as I became aware of them I tried to change them or figured that one day I might rise high enough in it to change them or get someone else to. Even so, I was sheltered from much of the illegal or clandestine activities until near the end and learned of far more after I left.

I now consider that the conduct of Scientology(tm) and the especially the patterns of conduct of Scientology(tm) make it a dangerous cult.

But I do not think effort directed at the beliefs of Scientology(tm) or at the Church of Scientology(tm) is as correctly targeted or as efficiently targeted as effort directed toward education about Scientology(tm) and effort directed against that conduct which adversely impinges on the freedoms and rights of others. A meme which may be self-correcting.

Having experienced litigation, I would also like to share that experience where it will help, interest or entertain.

Now for the disclaimers, I am not a lawyer and can not and do not wish to give legal advice. I have been under a tremendous (to me anyway) amount of litigation from 1984 through the present. I will at times abstain from comment if I think the subject is one that relates to any lawsuit that I am or may be involved in or on the advice of counsel. This tends to leave my communication far more hampered than I would prefer.

I do not believe in the idea of “religious trade secrets” as I have said before but until that issue has been decided in court with a sufficient degree of finality, I will seek to avoid leaving myself open to more litigation even when I think that litigation would ultimately prove to be without merit.

I do not believe that the trade marks or service marks of Scientology(tm) would stand thorough judicial inspection and I think that there is an obvious incompatibility with the concept of religion and commercialism.

Scientology(tm)’s copyrights or at least some of them have been questioned and should be questioned. I will seek to abide by their registrations in the meantime and I will not partake in copyright infringement.

I do not think that “civil disobedience” is the answer and for that reason I have not participated in nor will I participate in such activities. I also hold a position that will not be universally popular in this group, that acts of copyright infringement have played into Scientology(tm)’s hands more than any imagined benefit from those infringements.

I would prefer to answer questions that I can answer with information rather than my opinion or belief and if asked that way I may be more forthcoming than otherwise.

I cannot and do not read all of a.r.s and I do not and cannot answer all posts or email that I receive. I pgp sign all my posts for obvious reasons.

David Mayo

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