Re: Scientologists Fear Open Discussion

Just prior to the Scn spamming, the dirty tricks and criminality that has been done by Miscavige / RTC / Church of Scientology after David Miscavige / RTC took over the Guardian’s Office in 1981 were starting to get exposed.

This is a very important area as it affects their tax exempt status and reports that they have made to government agencies such as IRS and Interpol. Miscavige / RTC / CofS have taken the position, and Miscavige has declared, that all the criminality was stopped when Miscavige took over the Guardian’s Office and that he kicked out the people that were involved. But in fact that wasn’t done. Instead, many of the Guardian’s Office personnel who were involved in the criminality were retained and the old Guardian’s Office patterns continued under RTC control.

Examples of Guardian’s Office personnel retained: Gary Klingler and Kurt Weiland, both formerly members of the Guardian’s Office, were retained by RTC and did dirty tricks and missions to disrupt the AAC and to target the Mayos, personally. Kendrick Moxon, one of the unindicted conspirators, was retained as a lawyer by RTC and Church of Scientology(tm) in many lawsuits after Miscavige took over RTC and the Guardian’s Office. Brian Rubineck, formerly of the Guardian’s Office, was used to infiltrate and spy on the IRM and us from 1986 to late 1980’s — well after Miscavige / RTC took over the Guardian’s Office. (This had been admitted by RTC / Church of Scientology in that they have used Rubineck’s testimony.)

Also admitted by RTC / Church of Scientology: Robert Mithoff, brother of Ray Mithoff, and Sammie (Cynthia) Mithoff (wife of Robert Mithoff), were retained by Church of Scientology / RTC and its lawyers (in particular John Peterson) to infiltrate and spy on the AAC and David and Julia Mayo between the years 1983-1987. The Mithoffs were paid several thousand dollars per month to do this. Robert Mithoff’s code name was “TH”, for “Trojan Horse”.

During the course of this “infiltration”, the Mithoffs misrepresented that they had left the Church of Scientology and were no longer connected with it in any way when they were hired by the Church of the New Civilization / AAC. During the course of their employment and work at the AAC, the Mithoffs stole much proprietary information from the AAC, including: the AAV materials, financial information, names and telephone numbers of parishioners, confidential case notes, personal letters, mailing lists and provided this information to RTC / Church of Scientology and their lawyers. The mailing list was used by RTC / Church of Scientology to send out bulk mailings of hate mail, which was defamatory of AAC staff.

After David Miscavige / RTC took over the old Guardian’s Office, the Guardian’s Office policy concerning retaining professional intelligence agents was continued. Ron Kimball, ex-DEA, was hired around 1984 to do covert ops on former ASI and Church of Scientology staff member, Homer Schomer, whom RTC believed (falsely) to be in association with the CNC and Cooley asserted that in court.

In 1994 a private detective calling himself “John Bertrant” of Boca Raton, Florida called up Mayos’ friends, supporters and clients and spread rumors that Mayo had been jailed and other defamatory information. “John Bertrant” told one client of the Mayos that Bertrant had done contract work for the CIA.

We have other information concerning dirty tricks since Guardian’s Office take over by Miscavige / RTC in 1981.

David & Julie Mayo

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