Jesse Prince – “The following are specific instances I have either been a party to or observed…”

Written by Jesse Prince in 1998:

“In 1985, when I was Deputy Inspector General for External Affairs for the Religious Technology Center (RTC), I hired Earle Cooley to represent RTC in a RICO (Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations) lawsuit against David Mayo’s Advance Ability Center (AAC), a Scientology splinter group, as lead counsel. This decision was not made by the board of directors of RTC. This decision was made by a trustee of RTC who is also the managing agent of the entire Scientology empire, David Miscavige. At the time I was on the board of directors of RTC.

“The key piece of evidence provided in the RTC RICO case for a preliminary injunction against the aforementioned Scientology splinter group (AAC, David Mayo) was a newly authored rendition of one of Scientology’s most sacred (only to them) scriptures, NOTs.

“David Mayo was principle in the authorship of the NOT’s materials as practiced in Scientology today, but surrendered his rights to authorship, or more correctly stated, his co-authorship with LRH. After Mayo was expelled from Scientology he authored another version of NOTs for his own movement, and market share of dissident Scientologists from which he found success, much to the dismay of Scientology. Believe it or not, the point of David’s rights to authorship never gained recognition in the RICO case because Mayo’s lawyers never argued the point. I wonder if Mayo had a lawyer hired by Scientology to represent him? Every NOTs issue bore the initials DM, which stands for David Mayo, not David Miscavige.

“So deep was the deception in this case, that in his own defense Mayo never questioned how Scientology ever obtained a copy of his newly authored NOTs issues being used against him in a court of law. The fact of the matter is that RTC paid and hired an informant to steal these materials from under
Mayo’s nose.

“During September 1982, through spring of 1987, I attended biweekly meetings at Author Services, Inc. (ASI), which at the time was located in the 6700 block of Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles, CA.

From late 1982 until the spring of 1983 I held an executive position in the Religious Technology Center (RTC) titled Inspector General Cramming Officer. During the spring of 1983 I was promoted to Inspector General External and Treasurer on the board of directors of the Religious Technology Center. There were two other board members; Vicki Aznaran, Inspector General and President, and Warren Mc Shane, executive over legal matters concerning RTC, was a member. David Micavage, Norman Starkey and Lyman Spurlock were the trustees of RTC. It was during this time that I learned the true nature of Scientology management and how it ran its affairs.

The meetings I attended at ASI were always called and run by David Miscavige. It was here that I learned that David Miscavige was a managing agent of the various Scientology corporations, including but not limited to ASI, RTC and Church of Scientology International (CSI). Each senior executive of RTC, CSI and ASI met once or twice a week to give a report concerning each of the above corporations. This in fact was the inner circle of Scientology’s elite and as a result of my position I was involved in and received communications concerning Scientology’s most secret operations.

During my time as an executive and senior executive in RTC, David Miscavige was the decision maker concerning all legal suits filed by any of Scientology’s corporations. Miscavige had complete authority concerning all litigation within Scientology, and he made the final decisions as to how each case would be litigated as well as which lawyers would be used in each and every case. Miscavige had two Scientology staff, Marty Rathbun and Lyman Spurlock, who assisted in Scientology litigation matters, but Miscavige always made the final decisions. CSI majorly operated on orders from LRH, which were called advices to avoid legal problems for himself and Scientology, since he supposedly had not managed any of the corporations of Scientology since 1966, when he had officially resigned as Executive Director.

“From 1982 through 1986, LRH would use a dictaphone to dictate his orders to the various Scientology corporations. The tapes from the dictation would be delivered by LRH’s top aides Pat or Annie Broeker to the Scientology location at Gilman Hot Springs. At this location a special unit, headed by a staff member named Susie Bennick, would transcribe the tapes and issue hard copy dispatches to various executives and staff of ASI, RTC, CSI, CST and CSC. Often, these dispatches had certain time deadlines for compliance as mandated by LRH. I’ve seen as many as 150 orders dictated by LRH in one run. Often the staff who had orders issued to them were not allowed to sleep until they complied to the LRH order issued to them. David Miscavige oversaw the transcribing operation and enforced compliance to LRH orders by staff in all Scientology corporations.

Scientology Legal Procedures

During my tenure as an executive and senior executive in RTC, I was taught how to aggressively go about destroying an enemy or critic of Scientology. Enemies and critics of Scientology are considered to be suppressive persons or groups. In Scientology the suppressive element is basically dealt with in the same way: investigation, black operations, black propaganda and frivolous litigation. Scientology believes anyone labeled a suppressive is “fair game” and can be cheated, tricked, lied to and even physically harmed in order to “save” Scientology as mandated in policy by L Ron Hubbard. The following are specific instances I have either been a party to or observed being done to persons labeled “suppressive.”

David Mayo

David Mayo was once one of the top senior executives in Scientology. He worked directly with LRH on technical policies, he was LRH’s auditor, and even authored the “Ned for OTs” series when it was first issued. By the time I arrived in September 1982 at the secret management base located in Hemet, CA, David Mayo had fallen from grace. Upon my promotion to this secret location, the first duty I had was to security check (interrogate) Mayo endlessly. LRH had the idea that Mayo had been bought off by Scientology mission holders and was either a dupe or a plant. At this time Scientology was once again getting rid of its criminals. The executives of all management organizations had been removed and brought to Hemet to receive severe Scientology justice and ethics. Mayo was part of a group of 11 management executives being given a comm eve that went on for 3 months. Nearly all 11were eventually labeled suppressive persons and left Scientology.

Once David Mayo was off staff he decided to start his own church, the Advanced Ability Center (AAC), that was an alternative to Scientology and used many of the same techniques used by LRH. At this point David became the target for “fair game.” DM became infuriated and ordered Mayo’s new group to be destroyed using all means possible.

Bob Mithoff, brother of Senior C/S Int Ray Mithoff, was placed by RTC in David Mayo’s new church as a plant to obtain financial and critical legal information to forward a planned attack on his group. Week after week Bob Mithoff provided financial information to RTC concerning Mayo’s new group. The fact of the matter is Mayo had drawn a good amount of people who were ex-Scientologists to his new church and was making $20,000 to $30,000 gross income every week. This was better than most Scientology Class 4 organizations. Mithoff stole a copy of the AAC’s mailing list and provided it to RTC. Within four months of its inception, AAC had a standard newsletter it mailed to its adherents.

With the stolen mailing list RTC operative Gary Klinger designed a similar newsletter that contained disparaging information concerning AAC to the same mailing list. This list was used by RTC to contact members of the AAC for the purpose of harassment and intimidation.

Mithoff also stole a copy of the NOTs materials that David Mayo had rewritten, and he provided it to RTC. At one point before her “suicide” Flo Barnett, David Miscavige’s mother-in-law, became a member of the AAC. More black operatives were sent into the AAC by RTC. Black operations included renting the office above Mayo’s AAC to electronically bug him. At one point private investigator Gene Ingram was hired to pose as an investigative reporter and Mayo was duped into believing he was participating in a TV program to promote his new group. Through Mithoff, it was learned that David Mayo planned to travel abroad to Europe. Through investigator Gene Igram, it was arranged to have Mayo stopped at customs as a suspected drug dealer, which did happen, and he was detained for hours based on false information by European customs officials. Gene Ingram received his instructions on these matters from Gary Klinger, an executive in RTC.

Ingram’s fee was paid by CSI through the office of John Peterson, who was retained as in-house counsel by CSC. As a note, John Peterson was not fully aware of why his office paid private investigator expenses to Bob Mithoff.

Prior to Mayo writing his own version of the NOTs materials it was learned through Mithoff that several other ex-Scientologists had copied and were planning to use Scientology HCO P/Ls and HCOBs. A former mission holder, Sarge Gerbode, had an ongoing project to copy via computer all HCOPLs and HCOBs and sell them to Mayo or trade them for Scientology OT materials. Through Mithoff we learned that Mayo and Gerbode had come to an agreement and Mayo’s new group was in fact more computerized than most Scientology facilities.

As part of the weekly ASI meetings, Vicki and I were confronted by David Miscavige concerning what we planned to do to put an end to Mayo and the AAC. The first option we suggested was to bring a copyright suit against the AAC. David Miscavige called in LRH Personal Secretary Pat Brice to get a briefing on the status of current church copyright filings. He was sorely disappointed when he found out that no one in the entirety of Scientology was responsible for copyright filings since the Guardian’s Office had been reorganized by him. He decided at that time to give Pat a project to file for copyright protection ofall Scientology bulletins and policies. This is the reason most Scientology copyright filings have a date starting in 1983 forward. The best option for the church to sue Mayo was through trade secrets and trademarks. Then-RTC lawyer Joe Yanny recommended a RICO complaint be drawn up, as evidence existed that David Mayo had formed agreements with other Scientology dissidents to exchange Scientology materials to strengthen the alternative movement which David Mayo was the leader of.

While all of this was going on Mayo and the AAC were successful in getting a Temporary Restraining Order against RTC and CSI because of the constant harassment and plants sent in. The specific incident which resulted in the TRO was in fact when Gary Klinger posed as a Jewish rabbi and went to a barbecue the AAC had one weekend and created havoc at the party. There is no difference between the black operations executed by the “Old GO” and the then new RTC. Because of the very nature of Scientology it will never change. L Ron Hubbard himself issued the marching orders for Scientology to become a criminal organization and people are trained to lie from the moment they walk in the door and take a Scientology course.

“The RICO suit was filed against the AAC and black operations against it by RTC were at an all time high. There was a preliminary injunction hearing in the RICO case. The day before the hearing I was drilled by Earle Cooley and other church lawyers as to what I would say because I was an expert witness in this case. The fact of the matter is that I was drilled all day, all that night and up until the time I arrived in the courtroom as to what I would say as a witness. It’s funny how Sandy Rosen, Scientology’s replacement for Earle Cooley, asked me in my deposition in the FACTNet case in Denver several weeks ago if I had been coached at all by my lawyer before the deposition. He knows he works for criminals and that they are the ones who commit the crimes of which they accuse others.

RTC won its injunction against AAC, and Mayo was effectively shut down at that point.

Following is an excerpt from an article written by Jesse Prince on Jul 18, 2000

Hubbard Alters the OT Levels

A new NOTs course was issued, and a mad panic ensued to train auditors and case supervisors to deliver the new OT levels internationally. I was sent down to Flag to be one of the people that trained the auditors and case supervisors, and this was a very daunting task. David Mayo was the person who introduced NOTs to everyone, and he was traveling back and forth from Int (Gilman Hot Springs) to Flag (Clearwater) every month. He would instruct us to train the students to audit in a certain way, but then when he came back the next month to check on how everyone was doing, it would all change. Every time David came the “tech” changed, so what an auditor learned in March would change by April.

I had a lot of trouble training the NOTs auditors. Some auditors grumbled that Mayo was making up the NOTs tech as he went along. Others were upset because they thought Mayo had a hidden data line to LRH. In Scientology, a “hidden data line” means someone is getting info from LRH that isn’t written in a policy, bulletin or tape. In fact, as I would learn when I was promoted to RTC three years later, Mayo was making it up as he went along because he was the main author of the NOTs tech. It was also true that he had a hidden data line to LRH because Mayo had been auditing LRH on NOTs before anyone else knew anything about it. Mayo’s name was on every bulletin concerning NOTs, and rightly so, because he wrote the bulletins.

Later, in 1982, LRH got the idea that Mayo was sympathetic to the mission holders, who were trying to take over Scientology, or so LRH thought. So LRH ordered that Mayo be taken off post as Senior Case Supervisor International – Senior C/S Int, that is. He ordered him and all the Senior C/S Int staff onto the Running Program, had them all labeled security risks, and finally had them all declared Suppressive. (Mayo opened his own auditing center, known as the Advanced Ability Center, in Santa Barbara after he was booted out by LRH. I was one of the people in charge of sending plants into the AAC to make sure it was totally destroyed, and we succeeded in destroying Mayo and his center.)

RTC brought a RICO suit against Mayo, because he had AAC centers all over the world and Mayo’s centers were making a lot more money than the Scientology orgs were. The RICO charges were based on the idea that Mayo had stolen the NOTs materials. Mayo’s defense was that he had been the primary author of the materials anyway. The suit went on and on, and it was becoming clear that Mayo was going to win the suit. So finally RTC offered Mayo a hefty settlement in return for keeping his mouth closed about being the main author of the NOTs materials. The last I heard of Mayo, he was driving a Ferrari.

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  1. Hi, Jessie.  I particularly enjoyed your statement regarding David Mayo, because it shows so clearly what the ASI office was doing at the time and your part in it.  For you to come out and state the truth of your role then is very commendable.  May you have a long and happy life. 

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