Pat Krenik – “David Mayo”

30th of May 2012

By Pat Krenik,
Founding Scientologist, 1951.

The most important thing I can tell you is that in the 1970’s David Mayo was very highly thought of as he was Senior C/S International. That meant he worked closely with LRH on the tech. Uniformly staff and students during those years respected him because he understood the tech so well. The stats reflected it; tech stats in the 1970’s were higher than the previous decades and to the best of my knowledge higher than any years later. Orgs were booming in the 1970’s.
I met him at the Advance Ability Center in about 1983, in what I call Santa Barbara CA and my husband calls Montesano CA. He was a gentleman, small of stature and he appeared to be in his 40’s. The AAC was a large house and had several staff members. The organization ran smoothly. There was a lot of literature around to do with what had happened to him and other staff members while in the COS.
The AAC was very uptone; relaxed but efficient. Coffee was available.
I’d had some auditing at the ACC but needed to start Solo Nots. I wrote David Mayo to see if he would C/S. That was, of course, before we could scan worksheets over the Internet. David responded asking me a few simple questions, like “did I feel more at cause or more at effect.” Then he wrote my first NOTs c/s.
I was impressed by the light handling, the “in ARCness” that showed through. Just having him c/s a few sessions for me taught me how important it was for a C/S to be gentle. The NOTs c/sing didn’t last long because mailing folders to Florida from Seattle and waiting for their return wasn’t a very conducive way to do NOTs auditing. With confidence restored, I continued the program without needing to mail off my folders to Mayo anymore.
When one studies LRH C/Sed folders one cannot help but notice their simplicity. David trained with Ron and his c/sing reflected what he learned from LRH. I didn’t personally know David well, but one could not help but be aware of a being who quietly, almost invisibly, created tech that met what was needed and wanted by an entire planet. By created tech, I’m thinking of the c/ses he wrote and the handling of auditors that brought about that condition of tech going in. C/Ses aren’t rote, they are based on understanding. His understanding of the tech was supurb and it was reflected first in the orgs for several years, then out to the Free Zone, the Independent field.
I’m sure there may be c/ses who have equaled or even excelled Mayo’s skill. I’m so happy to have had the small connection to David that I had because in duplicating his understanding of life and tech my own skills as a C/S improved on that alone.
No matter how much one learns by studying the books, HCOBs and tapes of LRH, there is nothing like viewing an example of correct application done by another to fill in the gaps (missing mass).

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