David Mayo’s talk re final years with L. Ron Hubbard

David Mayo was the man Hubbard entrusted to carry on LRH’s spiritual technology legacy. Mayo in this informal talk to ex official Scientologists in Santa Barbara, weekly graduation awards. Scientology, David Mayo. Circa late 1984.

Thanks to Chuck Beatty, ex Scientology (Sea Org) staffer 1975-2003 providing this lecture to the website.

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  • Comments (3)
    • Paul Smith
    • December 24th, 2012

    To whom it concerns,

    I met David Mayo at the AAC Santa Barbara. Julie was my auditor. She talked to about becoming a nutritionist for the AAC. David Mayo did not feel that he needed a nutritionist. I suspect Shawna mentioned me to Julie. I stayed with Tom and Shawna in Monteceito. It was very nice as was the AAC.

    I thought the above might jog some memories. I am looking for quality tech trained persons willing to Audit in the Riverside or Los Angeles area. I would like to know if anyone knows Magoo? I would be looking for a place to stay for a period of time. and I thought she would be familiar with persons out there.


    Paul Smith

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      • AnonIndie
      • January 19th, 2014

      Hi Paul,
      Contact Ingrid Smith.  http://www.oasisforpersonalfreedom.com/?page_id=2

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      • Guy
      • February 21st, 2015

      Hi Paul:
      Do not know if you will ever get this as I see your last response was back in 2012. First let me say that I read your comment dated December 24th, 2012 10:03pm. It must have been a privilege meeting David Mayo. He is one of my favorites who helps me stay on course in life. Anything Mayo I read and listen too. He just seems to be the person who is as close to source as possible. Simply put, I trust him as I think many do. New chapter: I do not know if you are still in Scientology, a Scientologist or still looking for auditors. With that said please let me say that if you are in comm with or looking to be in comm with Ingrid (Magoo) for Scientology reasons please give it some thought. She is out to destroy the tech. This very well hurts others who are new to Scientology or who want to find out about it. Yes there are others like her but she comes across on her videos like she really enjoys the destructiveness of it. If you have seen any of her videos she actually goes over the OT levels in a condemning manner. This can be damaging for others who may what to do the OT levels someday. She is nattering and it has to be based on mis-withholds, overts (on her dynamics) and huge mis-understoods. At least Mark Rathbun looks as if he knows that he is making a mistake in what he is doing. He does show some remorse mixed with some arrogance. Anyone would have his arrogance if they had his experience in the sea org and under DM. Anyway my last words are please look before you leap if you really want to help keep the tech standard. The tech works when delivered standard-ly and mixed with lots of ARC. 
      Hope you are well and hope to hear from you.
      Guy Vogel (if you are still around you can reach me at: guywmvogel2002@yahoo.com.)      

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