Juanita Pyle – “HE CARED”

Thankyou for the story Karen. (http://freezone-tech.info/david-mayo/2012/05/david-mayo-a-good-and-honest-man/)

I too had deep respect and admiration for David Mayo.

The thing with David was that he had ‘sight’. He would look at you during your interview or when assessing and he could ‘spot’ what was going on in your space whether you knew what it was or not. You almost felt embarrassed the way he could see your imagery and how any mental masses moved in your space in response to certain subjects. To have someone who can see what you are creating mentally or what your spiritual energy is stuck ‘being’ as they talk to you is unique. Most see things through their own filters and private significances. Few are adept at just looking and seeing what’s there.

There were three PCs that would’ve been considered illegal by old standards at the time I arrived at the opening of the AAC in Santa Barbara;
One young man was dying of leukemia and Maude Castillo was supervising and C/Sing him. One Advanced Level fellow brought his wife for help as she had earlier had professional psychiatric treatment. There was a young airline hostess who had become unable to continue at her work because she’d developed claustrophobia. She thought the problem might’ve come up due to sleeping pills. She could not be comfortable in the lounge of the AAC or around any gatherings of people. She couldn’t drive in traffic. David successfully C/Sed Donna Haber on auditing this young woman. The girl eventually pulled out of it. It took her a little time, but she told me she is soooo much better! And then there wasme….with my own special problems.

I remember when David had flown down to the Miami Org and personally instructed Maria MacCord, the Class IV C/S in charge of the HGC.. This young lady was the most angelic and dedicated tech person I’d met up until then. She was ’interested’ genuinely in every detail in a person’s folder. She had a real passion to learn ‘everything‘. With help from David Mayo she was allowed time off from staff to fly to Flag ,then to the Special Unit. Maria wanted so badly to be like David, a great C/S. He helped work things out for her. She had tears of joy when last I saw her before departing for the airport in Clearwater. She was going out to where new things were being piloted.

The first time I ever spoke with David was when I decided to use the phone number someone had secretly passed to me while at the Manor Hotel. This was early 1983. I had become very ill there after a 13th Int Rundown repair. I had bounced between four different Orgs suffering from phenomena I cannot describe, all the time INT reading. I was desperate, feeling schizophrenic. I called the number given to me when I got back to Florida. To my surprise, calling on a weekend when I was sure the place must already be closed, David answered personally. There was no ‘place’ called The Advanced Ability Center yet. David was operating from the home of a field auditor in Montecito who was letting out his bedrooms to audit in. I told David that I’d just read his goldenrod on the wall of the MAA office in Clearwater, FLB. I said I’d heard so many many many good things about him and I could not comprehend why others were overlooking all the people he had actually helped. Julie Mayo much later confided that he was always extremely touched by any comments defending him.

I was in sorry shape when I was out at the Advanced Ability Center in 1983. I had completed my lower levels and was experiencing what I today might call a ’freewheel’, with no stable viewpoint. I came to the AAC broke after scrounging up what I could for an intensive and a one way plane ticket. I wished I could get all my advanced payments from AOLA but it wasn’t working out. David Mayo sometimes was on lookout making sure that I was in a situation where I could eat…

When I had used up the funds which I had mailed ahead of my arrival Julie Mayo took me on as a PC with David continuing to write C/Ses specifically for my situation..

Just before my departure Christmas was nearing and there were festivities at the new dwelling obtained by staff. ‘Someone’ asked if anyone was willing to drive me out to the party along with them so I would could enjoy the things they planned.. David and Julie did not have to take the time to concern themselves with me or anyone else who was having personal difficulties. I was touched, although sadly I did not go to their party because I had no gifts to exchange. (Silly me) Later, it was delicately inquired of me whether I still had a home to go back to since I’d abandoned my life and had been there for almost 3 months. When I did arrive back home I received cards and letters from Julie Mayo. She was keeping David posted on how I was doing. She read some of my letters to David. It was his custom to follow up on the people coming out there to see him… HE CARED.

Last year in mid April, David became a temporary poster on the Ex Scientologist Message Board. Soon after this I found myself in a very bad situation where the control over my life was taken from my hands It was because of him that I was to have others contacting me from all over the states to give me emotional support and experienced advice.

The degree that human empathy can factor into one’s recovery from traumatic circumstances can never be appreciated TOO MUCH.

Juanita Pyle

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