On Men And Gods – by David Mayo

LRH has long been known as an extraordinary, remarkable man. And rightfully so. His insights and, indeed, his genius have correctly been lauded and respected.

At a certain point this simple acknowledgement of genius became something else. There evolved a period of deification, wherein LRH, a very remarkable man, became, somehow, a god. This very unfortunate change in consideration concerning LRH was, in many ways, doomed.

As LRH pointed out so aptly, no man is a god; nor is he perfect.

When a later period of discovery arose, there was talk of imperfections in the man. The man who was spoken of as a god. For many, the resulting disillusionment was terrifying and profound.

Some then chose to insist that he was perfect, was without flaw, was yet a god. Others chose to dedicate themselves to his destruction. Of course, neither of these extreme positions serves LRH, or any of us, well.

LRH once remarked that the tech is a culmination of some 10,000 years of thinking man. We at the AAC are eminently thankful for LRH’s unparalleled contribution to this technology, and will always be so. And we shall continue to serve LRH, and the image of LRH, and the technology itself best by just continuing with a steadfast, standard application of the technology.

Finally, I believe that this is at once our most important role and our most significant responsibility.


Source: The journal of AAC vol 1 No 6, October/November 1984

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  • Comments (1)
    • Argos
    • May 14th, 2014

                   What do we know?
                                                Here is Ron Hubbard case, a man, a God, both….
                            If what you are going to read seems to you over the top, it is probably because
    it is, this is going to be either a fiction, food for thoughts, or the truth, you decide…
               Ron’s reincarnation is from the FUTURE, it is not a single Soul we are dealing with, but a
    clustered Soul, made of a large number of Souls clustered together in a huge atomic blast…
    THat Super Soul, made of a clustering of clustering, in stages, because we are dealing with the wipe out
    of human race here, that Super soul got the ability, or the reward, to be back in time, due to the time
    short circuit that time unit of awareness[thetans] are through when clustered in a nuclear blast…
    It is the same for Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the result was two clustered Souls, back in time with a
    mission, NAMELY BUDDHA AND JESUS, the mission is at mankind level, to warn against inner violence
    and to focus instead on man Spiritual nature and goodness…
        So is Ron, with a ‘mission’ at mankind level, as a gift he came along with a special ability:
    well, Ron did not understand he was from the future until 1978, when Mayo and him start to realize
    there is big flows in OTIII material, dealing with clustering of Souls, of course, this is Ron’s case, and
    atomic bombs, but there is no Xenu, or volcanos, and this did not happened 75 millions years ago!
    Why Ron has got the ability to undo karma? Because when you have a clustering of Souls, you have a
    mix-up of individual karmas, which cannot anymore be addressed individually, so, you get to deal with
    that ‘collectively’ so Ron was given that collective karmas package , and, along the ability to solve it,
    what I am stating here is that the ‘tech’ DOES NOT WORK BY ITSELF but works best if Ron’s ability
    is involved in the process via affinity and admiration, some of you can recall how they get EXTERIOR
    in a more than magical way, with incredible perceptions, this only possible if a soul is, at least
    temporary, unloaded of its karma, or the burden of past actions…
      Ron’s case is also involved in undoing karma at collective level, the Super Soul from the future
    has been incarnated in two bodies at once, violating the first rule of incarnation, the other person
    involved knows that better than Ron himself, they did interact with each other, and still do at a upper
    level, at one point the other guy asked Ron if he knew who he was, and what they have to achieve
    together, Ron answer was that he does know who he was and that they have to CLEAR THAT PLANET
    together, by the way Ron is not yet reincarnated, as long as the other one is alive, and the next stepp
    will be to be handling a group from an exterior view point, as a Spirit of some kind… so, as a resume
    atomic war, wipe out of mankind, clustering of souls, time loops, undoing the principle of karma
    or as is ing the mental structure of this universe, in order to release Static ability to reach and withdraw
    is what it is all about, a great, great, wonder full game, were EVERYONE win in the end!!!

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