Ralph Hilton – “I must admit I was somewhat amazed…”

Ralph HiltonRalph Hilton’s testimonial:

“I do remember a time when I was on the RPF back at Flag in 1978. My PC was having problems and David must have spent ages going through her folders. He wrote me a one page long cramming order which must have taken him at least a half hour to compose covering the most important references which I, as a hardly trained neophyte had missed.

I must admit I was somewhat amazed that the top tech terminal in Scientology would take that much time to help a humble RPFer. He also wrote a very exact C/S that perfectly handled the situation.”

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  • Comments (3)
  1. If everybody who David Mayo helped stepped forward with a testimonial, the situation now would be much different for those seeking a spiritual advancement.
    Thank you, Ralph!

    Tatiana Baklanova.

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  2. It is my fervent wish that David Mayo will soon once again be free to communicate with us all.

    I left the Co$ for good on 26 October, 1984. In December of 1984 I took a Train (Amtrak) trip down to Santa Barbara to get services (mainly Auditing) at David’s AAC (Advanced Ability Center). I was happy to have David do the C/Sing. David Dunlap was my main Auditor (and superb) though Julie Mayo gave me a couple of 10 minutes sessions and then back to David Dunlap. After 7 commands I had to most incredible phenomena occur ever. I finally got the kind of Auditing I just KNEW existed.

    The guys and gals that were at the AAC as staff were outstanding. They ebbed and flowed and it was fantastic.

    When I was readying to get to the Train for my return trip — I was astounded as they returned all unused funds. Well, let me tell you — that was the capper. I used some of the returned funds to live it up on the return trip. I ate fantastic meals in the dining car,etc.

    It would be nice to have the insanity handled so David could be free to do what he can do without suppression.

    DAVID MAYO (along with David Dunlap, Julie Mayo and the other staff including the course Sup. Virginia Dougherty (unfortunately no longer with us) made a profound difference in my life and I also observed made a profound difference in the lives of some of my Pcs and those I FSMed for.

    Ray Krenik (Member Free Zone USA/World Wide)
    ED FZ Elma (Washington State USA)


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    • Kenneth Urquhart
    • July 18th, 2012

    David was and always will be part of the very foundation of the practice of Scientology and Dianetics.

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