Integrity – by David Mayo

One of the biggest problems we have to face in the future is that of disseminating – I tried doing so recently and quickly discovered that there were very heavy obstacles to overcome;  obstacles created by a multitude of unsavory incidents which have tarnished the once-gleaming reputation of scientology.

I was told, when I was a staff member, that the negative stories I had heard were all black PR and that our “enemies” had generated these false reports. The handling whould be to tell someone who had heard such stories that they were false. After I left the sea org I heard other stories from people who had no previous contact with scientology. These were true stories which came from people to whom these incidents happened – incidents which were inconsistent with the basic philosophy of scientology.

There are many reasons why such incidents and situations came about – maybe we came into scientology for the wrong reasons; maybe we came in hoping that somebody else would give us all the answers, would make the decisions, and that we wouldn’t have to evaluate data, and yet would still know that we had the truth. If that were the case, one would have been sitting aside one’s own ability to determine the truth of data and, in so doing , would be giving away responsibility. It wouldn’t matter if the data were true or not – it would still be an act of irresponsibility, an act of assigning cause and responsibility for one’s decisions, purposes, and goals to another person. And it would be assigning how one is going to conduct oneself in life to another person.

It’s also possible that one came into scientology to look for the truth and to evaluate each datum for oneself. Then, after studying and evaluating the data, one may have come to a dilemma when faced with the price of the next intensive, thinking, Well, wait a minute, this doesn’t make sense.” But at such point, if one is told, “That’s the way it is. You either go along with it or you miss out,” what coice does one have? If there were no alternative, one could say that there is no choice but go along with the program.

Unfortunately, when one sacrifices one’s integrity in order to get a service which would raise one’s integrity, integrity is defeated – the service is not delivered. Actually, the existence of such conditions is sufficient to prevent the tech from working at all.

Here’s a classic example – an exaggerated version of this type of situation. On a particular day, the CofS was conducting a large, senior-exec Comm Ev. The executives were told to either toe the line or lose their eternity. Faced with such a choice, which magnifies the problem much more than mere high price of harsh ethics, the decision one should make becomes obvious.

Faced with the coice of agreeing with things that one doesn’t really agree with in order not to lose one’s eternity, it becomes clear that either way one would lose one’s eternity – and that the only way to maintain one’s integrity would be to simply say NO.

What’s actually harder to handle are the little things – the prices were just a little too high, not too much too high; or, that the reason to do this or that was because there were enemies (albeit unseen) who were out to destroy Scientology. But then one could say “Who am I to say, maybe these enemies exist somewhere else on the planet… or off the planet… or maybe on some other time track… or as part of an engram.” Had they been handled as part of someone’s engram, we might be in a very different situation than we are today.

The point is that it’s much easier to make a small compromise of one’s integrity or to accept a small untruth, in order to gain something seemingly much more important. I feel that’s a trap because it’s the small instances of losing one’s integrity that add up to one’s becoming the effect of further  oppression in the future. The solution to this sort of thing is to maintain one’s integrity in the present, day to day, and moment to moment. Now that’s a very high thing to ask for because none of us, myself included, has reached that level yet. But it is possible to increase one’s level of integrity – to spot instances where one has sacrificed integrity and do what is necessary to regain it.

It goes a lot more basic than this too. We’re all familiar with the eight dynamics, and that the 7th and 8th dynamics possibly seem less tangible than the others. The 7th dynamic relates to being and spiritual entities including oneself and others. There are some things which have happened which negate that very idea. For example, when I fell from grace, and when I chose to leave, I ceased to be a person – in print. I was described as a “squirrel”, or as an “alter-of-tech”, or as one with bad motives.  The descriptions failed to regard me as an individual, as a person. I’ve seen this de-personalization happento a large number of other people too – a disregard of the person as an individual and an effort to move him into some abstract identity – usually a negative identity.

Now we could make the same error and say that what is wrong is “the management” – which is also an abstraction. But I don’t feel that is actually what went wrong. I feel anything that went wrong with the management happened late in the sequence of things. I think the cause of it was already present long before.  If such tactics were simply the fault of some people called “the management”, our stating  this might have brought about some betterment of the condition. That certainly did not happen. If we de-personalize the trouble, we’ll make the same error now.

The 7th dynamic as a concept is workable and it gives hope – that is, we need to regard people as beings – not as SP’s or PTS’s or people who bought the enemy line. If you regard people as beings then it’s possible to get into communication with them and find out what happened to cause him to act in a way which is puzzling or with which one is in disagreement. It’s easy to use communication as a solvent.

This brings us to the 8th dynamic. I feel that in the past, we tended toward the belief that we didn’t need to worry about what is the 8th dynamic. At present, it’s been relegated to an area of lower importance.  There are statements about the the 8th dynamic, ranging from the idea that the 8th dynamic is a supreme being, to the possibilities of supreme beings, to infinity, to a much less tangible idea that the 8th dynamic might encompass all that is not contained in the other 7 dynamics. I feel that this selection of possibilities is actually a negation of the idea of the 8th dynamic. This is not any different from formulating what one believes on any of the dynamics. I think that we must formulate our own personal beliefs, and communicate about them with other people, and listen to others communicate about their personal beliefs.

This negation of the 8th dynamic has at times led some scientologists to believe that they were gods – or gods in the making. As soon as they reached OT, they would be a “god”. And yet none of us have any real proof that there is a supreme being. However, negating that possibility made it possible to set ourselves up in a position of arrogance. Believing that the organization of which we were a part was right, could make no error, and therefore could not be questioned or checked. I feel that this is why many people have become disillusioned with the tech and I feel this arrogance made it possible for sadness and disillusionment to occur over the last few years. If one negates the idea of a supreme being – one is negating the idea that there could be an overall purpose to the scheme of things.

There are other ideas along these lines – the idea that there is such a thing as good, or ultimate truth, rightness as compared to wrongness. I think there is something to believe in called “justice” or “good”, and I do think people will rise to make truth known, whether by facing it themselves or by communicating it to others. I think it’s possible for those things to become ascendant over the tendency toward evil. There is also such a thing called “hope” – and a future. I think it’s up to us to bring it about.

We all have a tendency to expect people to be more enlightened than they actually are because who wants to  listen to someone who has human foibles and weaknesses? People want a leader or a guru – I know I have and often still do. It would be so convenient if we could plug into somebody who could tell us the answer to a problem or situation. But it would also be a lessening of responsibility.

I used to pray to God when I was a kid and ask, “Sould I or should I not?” If there is a God, and if He’s as wise as He’s supposed to be, He would leave that decision to the person asking it.

So the ultimate message is that one has to look at life and make one’s own decisions about all aspects of it. We feel that we have a tremendous amount of freedom in the independent field. In order to safeguard that freedom we must make a consistent practice of evaluating our beliefs and decisions – making sure that they are truly our own, and that our actions align with those beliefs.

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  • Comments (2)
    • Argos
    • May 7th, 2014

                       Very impressive writing by David Mayo, from my perspective, a master-piece!
        This is flying high! From integrity to questioning the nature of the 8th dynamic!
    On integrity, ex-scientologists like to think that it is all because of bad management that Scientology is
    going under like the Titanic, David Mayo tell an other story, the worm was in the apple long before the
    seventies, long Before Miscavidge take over…
                                                                     Ron hubbard has never been a model of integrity…
    far from that, and I am today surprised by so many ex-Scientologist believing that <never Ron would
    allow that or this going on> Like he is a Father like figure, benevolent, humanist, only looking for
    Mankind salvation or equivalent, well, Ron was not at all like that, in the early seventies, he was not
    at all concerned anymore by what was going on in the Orgs, he stopped to answer personally to the mail
    addressed to him, and withdraw from the scene, to only pursue his megalomaniac dream, he was not
    anymore the Ron I knew in the 50s..he was not happy, he was all the time pretending, and drinking!
      What happened is that Ron went trough such a disillusionment, he did believe in the 60s that
    Scientology was going to change mankind history to… get this planet clear! It was a postulate, a
    hundred % postulate, no bargain, because that postulate, to be realized, had to be …global!
      well, absolutes are hard to reach, so instead, he settle for money, that he continued to received until
    he died, at the rate of two millions dollar a week!
              Thanks for the ”holyness” of the man…
        Well, it was a realized postulate, he was OT on money, free of taxes..
    The seven dynamic could be well illustrated by the following ex, that Mayo himself brought to attention:
    when someone got in conflict with an other person, arc break of sort, the action to audit and discharge
    the arc break with one person, operates on the other person[or group] concerned, without dealing
    actually with that person..or group…
        That shows that some connection is operating on the seven dynamic, that proves that we are all
    connected on the seven dynamic, acting or auditing on this dynamic can heal the whole of mankind
    at least, potentially, actually, the 8 dynamic is not a ”BEING’ but a ” DOING” the seven dynamic is what
    that doing is HAVING, as Souls, entities… well, you are the beingness, we are the Spirit of it all, and
    there is no God, but the TRUTH…

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    • Argos
    • May 11th, 2014

    RE–I realize that was a transcript from a video by David Mayo, well, what a good speaker!
              By the way, about the 8th dynamic, the usual denial, in Scientology is caused by the founder’s
     intention, not to invade that level, making Scientology a very seductive [dishonest] proposition, the
    basic dilemma on the 8th dynamic is between personal worship, and impersonal worship, obviously, by
    making the question open to whatever…whoever…Ron ends up to be the one worshiped as God, and
    as an observable result, Scientologists are focusing on doingness, and forget beingness…
       THe question on the 8th dynamic should be what, or who is making possible for one to perceive, and
    generally, experience something, as the truth is there is nothing considerable in nothingness, the fact
    that we experience the illusion of being there now, has to be created, as a denial of the truth, without
    one’s individual awareness, experiencing reality only from a personal individual view point of space and
    time, is the negation that we are all one single creator, able to be in all individuals at once, this ability
     belongs to the 8th Dynamic, it is the ability for the Static to reach and withdraw at will points of view
       this ability is understood from the eastern wisdom as the nature of the Self, the ability to assume a
    particular space time location is what the Self is all about,,,
                                           And it looks like Scientology over look that, and seems  to be way late
    on the actual spiritual awakening of mankind, it is old fashioned, not anymore relevant, in one word,
                      how childish is the whole subject of Scientology, to be put in the same drawer than the
    moon landing, with its American flag!
                              Yet, without that breakthrough, without Ron’s dream to clear that planet, we would not be were we are now!
                                           What a paradox!

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