Past and Future – by David Mayo

It is the time to look at what have accomplished in the Independent field and at the Advanced Ability Center over the last few years and to take a look at what lies in store for us in the future.

As you remember, 1983 was a significant year: the year when it became possible to get auditing and training outside of the C of S. It was a year of great courage on the part of many. We stood up and asserted our right to practice our religious philosophy in the manner that we felt was the most ethical and beneficial. With the help of many others, I began delivering auditing and training at the Advanced Ability Center. I had several purposes in mind. One purpose was to make high quality tech available and affordable at a safe location. That purpose was achieved very early. As soon as we opened up the doors, the Advanced Ability Center became very busy with people from all over the world.

My second purpose was to continue in any way I could to the creation of large numbers of Independent Centers. And indeed, 1983 and 1984 were periods of great expansion. Independent Centers and Advanced Ability Centers came into operation all over the world. To name just a few, there are AACs in Switzerland, Palo Alto, Italy, South Africa, Australia, Florida, Michigan and Arizona. There are also many independent auditors and centers in other locations. There are no longer only a few places where one can receive auditing and training, but many, often conventionally close to home.

But there is much more that can be done and needs to be done. The C of S is trying to maintain that part of the tech is a religious trade secret belonging to them alone. We must disprove this claim in court. This is an issue that affects all of us. If we do not successfully meet this challenge, our ability to freely apply our philosophy will be severely hampered. As you know, the C of S won a preliminary injunction in November of 1985, which has prevented the Advanced Ability Center from delivering AAV – VII. This has hurt the AAC financially and the AAC is having to cut down it’s overhead by reducing the number of its staff and by getting less expensive premises.

In the midst of this bad news, however, there is some good news. Just last week the injunction was put before an Appeals Court and the resolution of this matter in the direction of religious freedom looks very promising indeed. You can be sure that all your support and the support of the legal defense fund is been put to good use for our future philosophic freedom. If we continue to press for our religious and philosophic rights and continue to support our cause vigorously through legal defense fund contributions, and in other ways, we will surely win the freedom to use the materials of our religious philosophy.

I think that the tech needs the further refinement. At the lower levels it needs to be written in language that can be readily understood, to facilitate dissemination. At the upper levels, more research and development is needed before new levels can be released. In order for the tech to win the widespread acceptance it deserves, it needs to be subjected to rigorous scientific testing. Despite the C of S PR line, the issue of whether or not OT powers can be stably produced is as yet unproven.  Also it appears that there may be some technical bag as yet undiscovered and unresolved that has resulted in the severe conflicts of recent years. Overall, the subject of scientology became progressively more and more materialistic and less and less spiritually oriented. This needs to be reversed.

I have decided to take responsibility for the tech and to become more accessible to all independent centers and auditors. It is now time for me to devote myself fully to the hat which I am best qualified to wear: that of technical consultation and research. This is my own purpose line, and in truth, I have gotten far too involved in running a center and the legal battles. In fact it is long past time for me to get on with it, as many of you have pointed out to me and rightfully so! I feel very excited about the future. Soon, I plan to devote my time to the research and piloting of tech. I intend to put out a technical newsletter, to spend time with all the AACs and other independent centers in helping train more auditors, and to open up my lines to more technical consultation than has been possible up to now. Work along these lines is, it seems to me, the most valuable contribution I can make to the work we are all engaged in.

It looks as though 1986 will be another significant year in the evolution of our philosophy. With your continued support via the legal defense fund, it can become known as the year when we won a definitive victory in safeguarding our freedom to use our religious materials. Even dearer to our hearts, I think, is that 1986 will become known as the year when our attention went back onto the philosophy itself: onto use further development.

David Mayo.

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  • Comments (3)
    • Eileen Larson
    • July 18th, 2012

    Don’t know if ur still there… but it was right after “they” came after you that I blew… never to return. I wish you and yours the best… free of the suppression.

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    • Sofía Krysny
    • June 26th, 2013

    Hi, is there any AACs currently in operation? Where do you audit?

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    • Sofía Krysny
    • June 26th, 2013

    Where do you have a group? I will like to join you.

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