Thoughts on the Grade Chart and Abilities – by David Mayo

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  • Comments (11)
    • one of those who see
    • July 31st, 2012

    David, where ever you are, this was brilliant.  I am so happy Tatiana and others have posted your articles and videos.  I still hope to meet you.  I came into Scientology in the early 80’s as your persecution began.  I wish I would have known enough then to go to your center in Santa Barbara.  I think it would have been Home for me.  I am looking forward to getting some auditing in the Indie Field.

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    • Karl Rosenkranz
    • August 29th, 2012

    Thank’s Dave, the way you did describe the grade chart is tops. It was a wonderful write up which makes sense, indicated some bypassed charge. Any how I had already an inkling that the way your description went I would have to look at scn and all the auditing I have had. It leaves the door open for continuous wins instead of money drains and losses. So thanks again.
      PS. I am the ex Repair Chief of the Flag Ship Apollo. The body is hitting 76 years so it becomes time for me to get going up the bridge. Could and would you be of some help up the bridge, please. KARL 

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    • Karl Rosenkranz
    • August 29th, 2012

    I love the write up. it was very indicative. karl

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    • Zonker
    • November 5th, 2012

    How about placing a date on these articles? David Mayo ceased considering himself a Scientologist over twenty years ago. He left Scientology in 1983, and it took a several years to recover. Dates are good to have.

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    • I will see if I can find the date on the article. Thank you for suggestion.

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    • Chris Mann
    • March 30th, 2013

    I really enjoyed this.  It really made a lot of sense.  The last thing I did was Grade 2.
    A book would be cool.  Things like this compiled into groups of subjects and maybe some new stuff??
    Just putting it out there.

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    • Michael Priv
    • April 4th, 2013

    Great article. Whenever we talk about Scientology we always seem to have to clean the PR and marketing off the actual subject. LRH and DM had always been thinking about Scientology in PR terms. A good, workable subject doesn’t need all the glitter and bullshit smeared all over it. I agree with Chris that would be awesome to see a book by David Mayo. I’d buy one immediately. Thank you, David.   

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  1. I know for sure that David was writing a book, but it never got published, I don’t know why.

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    • Argos
    • April 19th, 2014

                 Great writing from David Maya!
              Probably date 1983…
                                             The disillusion with Scientology started very early, I mean earlier than
    many thought! IN 1953 Ron integrity was not at the top already, as the founder, this lack of integrity
    back fired all the way to complete auto destruction with David Miscavidge being the incarnation of
    all what went wrong, betrayal, corruption, breach of trust, etc…
                           Basically, what is wrong with Scientology is that you cannot buy salvation,
     this what attracted ALL Scientologists,  that you can, with Scientology, buy your way out!
          what is proposed is to BY PASS the problem of surrender, you don’t need to believe in God,
      you can achieve it all by yourself, for half a million dollars, or, if you don’t have this kind of money,
     you can enroll to be a Rondroid and wait for free sevices, sorry, services for 20 years…
        As a general rule on this planet, and some other world too, if you provide people
                                           or bond Souls[incarnated thetans]
                            the MEAN to avoid surrender, they shall WORSHIP you!
            So Ron did that, he proposed a By pass to surrender for MONEY!
         Yet, the tech works! Just the time you get hooked! Yet OT abilities are a reality, specially if you
    manage to stay away from Scientology!
                            I personally experienced all the spectrum of these abilities on all dynamics, I do know
     they are there, BUT, for these abilities to be stable, you need to give up your own self illusion of being
     in other words surrender to God in person, exactly what Scientologists have in horror! THis is the most
    charged Item for them, and this is why they are Scientologists, of course, you DO have exceptions, if
    you fell offended in any way, consider you are one of those people who sincerely wanted to try
    something good for you and for mankind, but the truth is that all involved in Scientology for too long
    are just a bunch of active -atheists…
                          For David Mayo it is unlikely he published anything related to Scientology, he is still
    under threats, legally, and unofficially, and shall keep a low profile to the end, he cannot even post on
    this thread, that is a sad reality, I myself am high on the black list and post here at my own risks!
            I am aware my thoughts could be triggering very different reactions, anyways, David mayo,
    in the writing above shows a rare honesty as what is really the chart all about, well in kinder garden,
    they used to give images as a reward for being a ”good boy” or ”good girl” in Scientology, you get
    a statutory OT number, a lot of claps, for achieved gains, this to show how childish it is all about,
    David Mayo learned it the hard way, and if I may, don’t give a shit anymore to all what he used to
         believed ! Well, I am not supposed to know that, and I am not supposed to evaluate for him, so
     let’s put it that way, the state of clear is exactly what is desired in this conditioned world, the
    OT release of abilities is exactly what a soul is looking for, to have these ability restored!
    Scientology shows it is possible, it is an incredible message of hope for mankind up to Buddha and
    Jesus message to mankind, the lesson is, you should not, in any way try to by pass the real true
    cause that brought you IN….in the first place, it is a problem of identity, a soul believe it is the ONE
     and refused to submit to any other truth, well, what happens to that soul tell …otherwise….

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    • TruthSeeker
    • April 9th, 2015

    It’s now 2015 and I just found this article, so bolshoe spacibo Tatiana if you are still administering this site, and thank you David, wherever you may be, for your enlightenment and your integrity!  
    I had seen several of David’s videos which were a revelation, but now reading this article and others, I appreciate even more what a great mind he has, and what a loss to the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology he represents. One can only imagine in an alternate timetrack for the organization, where we would be now with him at the helm, instead of having the subject invalidated and ridiculed thanks to the works of a true suppressive and his pts robots.  
    David’s take on the grade chart(s) really addressed some bpc I didn’t even know I had, and he made several correct indications which were amazing.  Didn’t Ron initially ask for people to lend a hand in building a better Bridge?  Isn’t it better to find out what works and what doesn’t in a free marketplace of ideas?  Ron clearly went off the rails somewhere, either for case reasons, physical ailments or both, or perhaps because of some false or fixed ideas he had as a being. I think possibly it was because he was surrounded by yes-men and yes-women who were frightened of displeasing or contradicting him, and he did not have any peers around him to bounce his ideas off of, or to question him, as we all need to be questioned at times in order to keep our sanity, sense of proportion and humility.
    I think he did experience some vicious attacks early on, but like Nixon, he let it get to him and took a very paranoid view of the world, with any methods allowed against his enemies, real or imagined. Of course, when these methods were discovered, it became a public relations nightmare. Ah well! In any case, Ron’s basic work on the subject of the mind deserves credit and thanks, and I again thank David for his wonderful insight and clarifications.

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    • Paul
    • March 28th, 2016

    I agree with this article. People take EP’s too literally. Theres no absolutes, after doing each grade gat2 style, i attested to the EP because i felt I had got a bit of that EP but i definetly didnt feel like I totally acheived those EPs. People have to use common sense about it. The problem is LRH talks in a very definet way yet i dont think he means stuff in a definit way. Its just his way of talking, understand this and reading his books makes alot more sense and is easier to understand. David Mayo-I dont get whats going on in this whole confusing subject of Scientology but I really think the Freezone needs to be around, please people keep it going strong, just dont anyone attack the church, in recent times theyve improved alot and i think will eventually become what we all want

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