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John Zegel – tape # 1, 1982

John Zegel

John Zegel provides an exceptionally in-depth look at the inner workings of Scientology’s corporations from 1973-1987.

The recordings were originally distributed on audio cassette; they swept through “the underground” and created quite a stir.

Zegel released three tapes critical of [Church of] Scientology before the organization had him silenced. After settling a lawsuit with [Church of] Scientology, Zegel recorded a fourth tape in which he withdrew many of the statements he had made.

All 4 tapes – audio and transcripts:

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((Find here the complete and unabridged, word for word transcript of John Zegel's tape number 1.))

Tape # 1

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

(excerpt from tape # 1 transcript)
…It was clear that the current situation regarding Ron, and the legal problems that he was facing, was far from an optimum situation. And Ron put together a group of people that was to be called the All Clear Committee. And the ACC had a specific purpose and that purpose was to get rid of all the legal hassles that were facing Ron, so that he could again come back out in the public.

And the person who was selected to be the chairman of the All Clear Committee was a young man named David Miscavige. Now David Miscavige’s principle claim to fame was that he had worked as part of the film unit. He had been in the CMO for some years, and he had gained a reputation as a person who could get things done when other people couldn’t.

He also gained a reputation of being the kind of person that could get things done by screaming at the top of his lungs, but getting things done was the important factor, and he gained for himself quite a reputation in that regard.

When it came time to select the chairman of the All Clear Committee, David was recommended. He was also a close friend of Pat Broeker, and he seemed to be just the right guy for doing that particular job.

Along with him, three women, or three other members specifically, were appointed to be part of the committee, and that committee was constituted separately from the Commodores Messenger Org. It had its own special communication line directly to Ron and that was going to prove to be instrumental in the future.

As time passed, the ACC began to come apart. That is to say, David Miscavige survived, but the other people who were members of the committee either left it for one reason or another, were perhaps Comm ev’d, one person was, or left the Sea Org. I don’t have the specifics on what happened to each individual person, but suffice it to say, the other three people from the committee eventually disappeared and David Miscavige was left on his own, holding this rather important post, and again, SEPARATE from the CMO.

And because he had this separate and rather special communication line, it put him in a position of being, in essence, senior to the CMO. Now, earlier than this time, when Ron and the CMO were all in the same location, the CMO worked directly with Ron, and consequently, had an enormous amount of power because of that personal and specific communication line. When Ron’s location was moved to his more secure quarters, and the quarters were…only Pat and and Annie Broeker were his principle aides, the CMO, in essence, became simply another management org in the upper level strata of Church management.

And this ACC, and eventually, just David Miscavige then, would be in a senior position because of this special communication line.

Now the evolution continued, and what happened was that David Miscavige became the principle communication link between the Church as a whole ((and Ron)). The whole management structure of the Church below was like a giant inverted funnel headed directly to him ((David Miscavige)), and he actually became the relay point for all communication from the Church directly to Ron.

Now that communication was on a couple of vias. It would all come up through the Church lines to David Miscavige, who would then specifically transport it and turn it over to Pat Broeker at a predesignated meeting place. Pat Broeker or his wife Annie Broeker would then transport that material back to LRH ((LRH's headquarters)) where it would be read ((by the Broekers)) and those particles that needed to go directly to Ron would be passed onto him.

That communication link and this secrecy of Ron’s physical location is going to turn out to be the basis of the power of these three people, Pat Broeker, Annie Broeker and David Miscavige.

Additionally, a few minutes ago, we were talking about trustees being appointed to manage Ron’s affairs during his absence, and these three people were going to become the trustees.

It is worthwhile now to spend a little time and talk about David Mayo, and what happened to remove him from a point of no inconsiderable responsibility. Read more