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We did share some good times and adventures on a personal level…

Sinar Parman

I met David Mayo when he arrived in La Quinta when LRH was ill. David Mayo audited and did help LRH in his recovery and the subsequent discovery and codification of Ned for OTs. He did also get NOTs and Solo NOTs implemented at the FSO and AOs. We were good friends until Broeker and Miscavige busted him, which to this day I don’t fully understand. He audited me and was my CS, with his wife Merrilll being my auditor and Qual terminal until I got to OT III, and remains a good friend. We did share some good times and adventures on a personal level in those days ’78-82.

Sinar Parman

I was embarrassed that I had allowed my opinion of someone be so easily swayed…

The following is re-posted with author permition. (TB)

“Yes, you are free to post it as is. Please attribute it to Everfree.

I got into CofS a while after the DM takeover. Sadly, I have to admit that I bought into the anti-Mayo group-think to the point where I rounded up all the Mayo side-checked Tech Dictionaries at the org and tossed them, not that I had any personal knowledge of what actually happened. I read “Story Of A Squirrel”, the anti-Mayo screed, many many times.

One thing that did always bug me about SOAS is that in it, Hubbard purportedly calls Mayo a “bird dog” or enemy agent. That was a heck of a charge to bring against someone who had been involved for something like 30 years and was one of the first SO members. He’d worked long and hard for Hubbard, I couldn’t imagine such a person being an enemy agent. Which “enemy”? Yet not a single shred of evidence was provided to back up such an outrageous claim.

One day well into the 90s (many years after the fact) an IAS reg came to town. They mentioned Mayo and said that he was an enemy agent. That reminded me about my long standing question about it. I asked the IAS reg what proof they had about it. They said they’d talk to me after.

Later I got a chance to ask about it. What was the proof? Story Of A Squirrel! Basically, Hubbard said so. Or was reported to have said so. Sigh.

That was a reminder to me to stay vigilant and not accept ideas based only on hearsay or authority. I was embarrassed that I had allowed my opinion of someone be so easily swayed. It made me wonder if there were other people who had perhaps been injustly accused.

Mary Freeman – A little history

Frankie and I went to work with David Mayo in 1983 when he first opened the Advanced Ability Center. He immediately trained us on AAV (OT 5 – NOTS) and we were all delivering it very successfully for a several months.

Then some months later, two independents arrived unexpectedly at the AAC from Europe, with the NOTS materials which they themselves had independently taken out of the church.

When they proudly offered them to David he said, No thanks, that he didn’t need them because he wrote them!

After that, the church sued David for ‘stealing’ those materials. But he did not. Why would he if he already had all the NOTS tech, having himself written them, and we were already delivering that level to our public?

The church didn’t care. They just wanted to attack David for setting up serious competition outside the church. So they pursued the lawsuit. It took many years of legal battles before a settlement ended the litigation. David apparently came out of that okay, although he can’t talk about it as part of the settlement.

Mary Freeman

Robin Scott – David Mayo is the prime target

Tape Briefing concerning the Facts surrounding his Arrest in Denmark


to examine a witness




Examination of Robin Scott by Mr. Watt

[excerpts from the deposition]

p 76

Question: “Did any of David Mayo, John Nelson, Harvey Haber, Dede Reisdorf, Jon Zegel, Vivian Zegel or anyone connected with the CNC, Santa Barbara, ever participate in the actual removal of any materials from the Advanced Organization in Denmark in December 1983?”

Answer: “Absolutely not, they knew nothing about it and had nothing to do with it.”

p 110

Question: “Were any of these people involved in the conspiracy to remove the documents from an Advanced Organization in Denmark?”

Answer: “Well now, I have already explained that Morag Bellmaine, Ron Lawley, Steve Bisbey and to a lesser extent my wife, Adrienne Scott, were involved with me in the removal of the materials from the Church. I can categorically state that none of the other people knew anything about our plans or in any way had anything to do with this alleged conspiracy.”

Question: “On Page 29 of the document, you state that David Mayo is the prime target. What are your reasons for stating this and what other evidence do you have to substantiate this?

Answer: “Well, I will try and be brief in my answer to this question, but I feel it is a very important question and it is very central to the whole dispute that we are all involved in. This particular Affidavit is perhaps the best evidence of the case that the Church is trying to make, not only against myself but against all the other people named here. This Affidavit was presented to my lawyer while I was in prison facing a possible four year sentence. I was in a foreign country, with my wife and children at home, without me. I was under, as you can imagine, a considerable amount of stress, confronted with an organization with millions of dollars of reserves stacked against me, and a stated policy of using legal procedure to harass, bankrupt and financially ruin anybody who dared to speak up against the management of the Church. I can substantiate all of these remarks. Now, what I want you to understand is the degree of duress that was placed on me at that time, and the deal was that if I was willing to sign this document, they would drop charges. The document itself is almost laughable in the ludicrousy of its allegations, that some of these people – some of them I have never even met – had been involved in my actions, is just ridiculous.

“What the Church was trying to achieve with this document was two things. One was to try and incriminate David Mayo specifically. If you look at that Paragraph 20, you will see that he is a prime target, that they wanted him specifically named as somebody who I had given a pack of materials to. What they were basically trying to do with this Affidavit was put me under enormous amount of emotional pressure to sign, in effect, a pack of lies in order to get myself off the hook and to give the Church spurious evidence with which to try and harass and cause problems for the other people who had also had the integrity and moral courage to speak up against the activities of the Church.

“Now, the reason why David Mayo is a specific target is that he is, of course, the most competent and highly-trained person probably in Scientology worldwide. He had the reputation, for many many years, as being Ron Hubbard’s most trusted technical adviser, and he was the most highly qualified man. He had been in that position for many years until he was removed in very unpleasant circumstances. He then set up as an independent centre, as I did, and he posed a very serious threat to the Church, both in terms of the credibility of what he was doing, and in purely financial terms, because by setting up these independent centres, we, and David Mayo particularly, broke this fraudulent monopoly which the Church had exercised and with which it has extorted thousands of dollars from vulnerable people. So, the Church has been very very adamant and very very hard working in trying, basically, to nail David Mayo particularly, because he was their adversary who had the greatest credibility. I hope that answers your question.

SHERIFF BELL: “Could I just have the question again, to see whether it has been answered.

MR. WATT: The question was, on Page 29 of this document, you state that David Mayo is the prime target. What are your reasons for stating it and what other evidence do you have to substantiate this.

SHERIFF BELL: “Thank you.”

EXAMINATION CONTINUED BY MR. WATT: “What terms did the representatives of the Church of Scientology offer you if you agreed to sign this document?”

ROBIN SCOTT: “Well, it is very interesting to note that this was not the only time that the Church basically offered me or my associates some sort of deal in an attempt – in fact, I have been offered a deal within the last week, and it is probably the tenth or twelfth time I have been offered a similar sort of deal. Now, what they want from me is to sign an Affidavit similar to this one. Similar offers were made to my wife by a Private Investigator acting an behalf of the Church, that if we returned the materials, all charges against me would be dropped. Similarly, this was put to Ron Lawley, that if he returned the materials, I would be released from the prison in Denmark. Neither of those offers were honoured. This Affidavit, to answer the specific question, this Affidavit was presented to me under considerable duress, in prison, in the hope that I would sign this, thus incriminating all sorts of innocent people in crimes which they had nothing to do with, and that would save my bacon, they would then effect my release and drop the charges against me. Subsequently, the Church has on at least three or four, or maybe five occasions that I can recall, made a similar offer to me. They have threatened me with expensive litigation and legal proceedings in exchange for releasing me from this duress and they have asked me to sign these spurious Affidavits incriminating innocent people.”

Question: “Do I understand from that then that the terms offered you, if you signed that, were your release from custody in Denmark?

Answer: “Yes.”

Question: Those were the terms?”

Answer: “Yes.”

Question: “What consequences were stated if you did not sign the document?”

Answer: “Well, the consequences were not specifically stated, but were implicit in their offer, that I would go, possibly, to jail for an unspecified amount of time, which obviously would cause me considerable distress and hardship, and to my family as well. Also, there was the implicit threat of continued expensive litigation against me, a private individual, by a very wealthy international organization. I knew fine well that the Church had several explicit policies which dictate that anybody who is opposed to the Church in the way I have been, should be hounded until bankrupted and ruined. So I knew fine well, by taking on the Church, that if I didn’t accept this view with them, they would do everything to cripple me financially.

Question: “What was your understanding of the purpose of this offer by the Church of Scientology?”

Answer: “Well, my understanding was that what they really wanted was evidence that they could use in court, and the other people that you have mentioned, that you have asked me about, but specifically David Mayo. I have attempted – saw earlier a document where I attempted, on my own initiative, to reach an amicable settlement with the Church, and it became very clear to me that their purpose in making such offers was not in fact at all to effect a settlement. They don’t want to settle. They merely want to string me along with the promise of getting off the hook and persuade me by these false promises to incriminate innocent people in crimes which they did not commit. So, what they really want is the dirt on other people. They don’t genuinely and honestly want to settle, that is merely a false apparency.”

Question: “Did you sign the document?”

Answer: “Of course not, it was laughable.”

Question: “The next question is, why not?”

Answer: “Well, in the first place, it is completely untrue. I would have been perjuring myself if I had signed it. In the second place, I had no inclination to be intimidated by the Church and to capitulate. I was quite willing to go to prison if I had to. I was not about to compromise my own integrity in a misguided attempt to save my own bacon.”

Question: “Would you look please now at two documents each of which bear the identification Exhibit 120. Is one identified as A and one B?

Answer: “They both seem to be numbered 120.”

Question: “I think one document, which appears to be a declaration by Adrienne Scott, is identified as No. 120A?”

Answer: “That is correct.”

Question: “And the other appears to be a declaration by Gaye Allen and is identified as 120B?”

Answer: “That is correct.”

Question: “Can you identify the document?”

Answer: “Yes. Let us take Exhibit A first. This is a statement which was written in her own hand by my wife on the 22nd March 1984. It was witnessed by two people at Candacraig at that time. During the time that I was in prison, my wife was subject to a considerable degree of intimidation and harassment from the Church – – bearing in mind she was the mother of three small children, that her husband had just been imprisoned in a foreign country and she was obviously under considerable strain and stress. It simply lists out some of the dirty tricks that the Church used to try to put pressure on her in order to get their way. But the other is a document from a girl called Julie Allen, and I think this is a good example of the sort of dirty tricks that I have just been talking about. She has signed the Declaration, a statutory Declaration, in front of a solicitor in, I believe, East Grinstead in Sussex, on the 11th April 1984. It simply states that a man called Ian Hepplewhite had told her that the Church of Scientology had really nailed Robin Scott. He said that he had personally found out the name of Robin Scott’s building society and had given that to a staff member in the Church. He said that the building society had been rung and told that Robin Scott was in jail in Holland and he would be in prison for at least two years and more like four years and would not be able to pay the mortgage. He said that the mortgage company was taking back the property. Apart from the fact that Ian Hepplewhite actually phoned the wrong building society, this report is extremely accurate. But, it does give the court, I think, a good taste of the sort of tricks that the Church of Scientology used in trying to intimidate and harass individuals who speak out against it. My wife, of course, will be able to provide you with first-hand details of several other incidents that occurred during that time, and subsequently.”

Question: “The next one is, to the best of your knowledge, what were the circumstances leading up to the writing of these documents?”

Answer: “Well, I think I have largely answered that and I suggest, really it would be better for my wife to elaborate on this particular aspect of the case, because I feel it is a very important aspect of the case and it should not be neglected by the court.”

Question: “What reasons did the Church give you to offer you leniency in exchange for implicating David Mayo?”

Answer: “Well, there has been a consistent thread in the approaches I have received from the Church. The Affidavit I received while I was in prison was only the first such approach from the Church. I was subsequently approached in 1985 on several occasions by a man called Andy Hutton and a Kurt Weiland whom I have already mentioned. They were acting on behalf of the Church. They approached me. Later, Kurt Weiland and Jessie Prince whom I have already mentioned, contacted me on two occasions during 1985. I have subsequently been approached this year, through my solicitors, by Mr. Moffat, who is present today, I believe with yet another supposed offer of settlement. So, I think that makes at least five or six occasions on which I have been approached by the Church with an offer of leniency in exchange for implicating David Mayo. I think it is important for me to try and describe the actual contents of the Church’s approaches, because what is stressed in all of my meetings with representatives from the Church is that the Church is an immensely wealthy organization which is capable of sustaining prolonged litigation against an individual. I mean, I currently have no less than, I think there are six lawsuits against me, which the Church has brought against me in different countries. I am defending six lawsuits around the world. The argument that the Church uses is to insinuate that if I don’t agree to their terms then they will continue with this expensive litigation, and the implication is that, of course, as a private individual, I am quite unable to sustain that level of litigation, and they will ruin me. When I bear in mind that the stated policy of the Church is to bankrupt anybody who speaks against it, then, to answer your specific questions, the real reasons the Church gives to offer me leniency is simply so that they can frighten me into implicating David Mayo in something that he never did. The reasons that they suggest for my accepting their offer is that it makes good sense financially for me to get myself off the hook at David Mayo’s expense. That is, in essence, shall we say, the undercurrent of all their approaches.”

Question: “Did you ever meet, or talk with Mr. Ingram or anyone else from his agency, and if so, when, and what was said?”

Answer: “I have never talked to Mr. Ingram. I believe that he approached my wife on several occasions while I was in Denmark, and you would have to find out from her what was said at that time…

Page 122

EXAMINATION CONTINUED BY MR. WATT: Did you have personal knowledge of anyone else who has been approached with any offers by the Church if they would implicate David Mayo in the taking or receipt of documents from the Church of Scientology in Denmark —

BY THE COURT: “Personal knowledge? – Yes, Mr. Ron Lawley, I know, has been approached with a similar offer and also, I believe, Steve Bisbey.”

Question: “Do you know from them personally?” –

Answer: “Yes, from them personally, they have talked to me and told me that they have had similar offers – Steve Bisbey and Morag Bellmaine.”

[end of excerpts]

Kevin Mackey – I’d like to apologise to David Mayo…

Following was taken from ESMB

19th April 2011

I’d like to apologise to David Mayo on behalf of myself and any, that like me, bought the party line that you were at fault for everything from corruptions in sec checks to the lack of workability of NOTS. That is, any that see the duplicity of the cult that was employed to aggrandize DM at your expense.

I saw three NOTS evolutions that the need for was blamed on you. The fact is it was a marketing exercise and every one who had attested to NOTS was put back on the new rundowns, where ever they were on the bridge. OTVIIs would have to do the new RDs on their six months checks, some who had not gone past OTV re did the NOTS three times. The AOs made a fortune re servicing their existing fields and it hid the sad truth; that there was no expansion and few more were doing OT levels.

If it had have been true then things would have been fixed after you went, sadly they got worse and continue their descent as this is written.

We were scammed and taught to hate you in the bargain, your name was mud and you were what the cult needed, a scapegoat. You being the villain was used to bind and blind all still in to the sleight of hand as it picked our pockets.

All of this you know and now as it all seems like a former life to me I reflect at my folly and gullibility and cringe for not seeing through the manipulation.

So, I’m sorry about that and have since been horrified at the treatment meted out to you, on the running track and since. I don’t intend to get any more maudlin than that, so I’d like to say welcome and that I’m glad you’re here.

Kevin Mackey
The Story of my Bridge to OT VII

20th April 2011

Apology not needed by me, but unconditionally accepted, of course!

AND if this makes sense, I would like to state that I do not need or want apologies from any of the good people here. (Well, excepting any sneaky buggers who may have other ‘fish to fry’.)


I came back to this post because I think my reply above was perhaps, “nauseatingly obnoxious”! It is not a matter of whether the apology was needed by me or not. True it wasn’t/isn’t needed by me BUT that could belittle the intent and the good will of the person posting it.

What I want to say and now do is: Feral, I thank you for your apology from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate you and all the others like you, who are honest. I thank you and commend you for recognizing the situation you were in and have now (successfully) sought to remedy it. Thank you,

David Mayo

Mark A. Baker – “Mayo’s only interest was in helping others through the delivery of tech”

The following are two quotes re-published here with Mark’s permission from his comments on the other website. The links to the original comments can be found under the quotes. (TB)

“…Mayo was not interested in being ‘source’. Mayo was never himself interested in holding ‘power’ or collecting acolytes as Ron & others of Ron’s acolytes have been and remain.

Mayo’s only interest was in helping others through the delivery of tech. He did not seek to create a powerbase. He merely opened his doors offering assistance to others and found himself flooded with those who were disaffected with the church and the Sea Org. For this act of independence he was attacked by the church with a full fury at Ron’s explicit orders. At that time the church was especially eager to quell independent practice of scientology within the u.s.. The fight over the AAC’s was to be the ‘main bout’.

Given the nature of intellectual property laws in this country Mayo had to establish a legal basis for his possessing and using those parts of the tech which were not readily & widely available publicly AT THAT TIME. Now, anyone with internet access can readily obtain any ‘confidential materials’ he may wish. That was not so then.

Mayo’s participation in and co-development of the NOTS materials were a significant LEGAL ARGUMENT that could be made to counter the church’s attempts to deny him (and by extension others) the right to use such materials without Co$ approval. Ultimately the court found that, whereas Mayo had written the NOTS materials, he had done so while in the employ of the Co$ and as such an organ of the church held the legal copyrights.

This unfortunate outcome had a chilling effect on the independent practice of scientology in the u.s.. Europe was a different matter. Although, the church was able to harass the independent field in the u.s. into quiescence, european laws have allowed much more leeway for independents to practice relatively free from church harassment. Hence, whatever one’s personal view of the Ron’s Orgs, this accounts greatly for the relative degree of their growth & impact in Europe over time, especially in contrast to what has transpired in the u.s..

So the genuine source of suppression for independent scientology in the u.s. for nearly the last thirty years was in fact the Sea Org minions of L. Ron Hubbard, acting directly on his orders to impede & prevent the growth & practice of scientology independently of the Church & Sea Org.

As to David Mayo coming out of retirement to defend himself. it should be born in mind that David is now fairly advanced in years. I, for one, would be delighted to see him return to public engagement. However David, never having been one who sought power or notoriety for himself, has very little real motivation to trouble himself further by reappearing on boards such as this to counter slanderous remarks. Especially as some few among the individuals who challenge him to do so in the present are among those who bear the shame and the burden of responsibility for many of the evils he endured so many years ago.”


“When a nearly 50 year old man who spent his life promoting the success of the tech of scientology is forcibly kidnapped, tortured, his health physically ruined, then escapes, manages to set himself up in an ongoing activity where he is then criminally harassed by ignorant goons acting on behalf of the man who betrayed him to begin with, subsequently finds himself attacked by a multi-million dollar enterprise which involves him in an intentionally extended litigation proceeding in order to break him and crush his fledgling operation (all by orders of the man who betrayed him), manages to survive nearly 10 years of this extensive legal harassment and FINALLY in his 6th decade is offered a chance to let the incessant harassment end AND obtain a cash settlement to PARTIALLY COMPENSATE him for ALL THAT HE HAD ENDURED at the hands of L. RON HUBBARD & the Church of Scientology …

then HE has earned the right to take the money and walk away.”


Juanita Pyle – “HE CARED”

Thankyou for the story Karen. (

I too had deep respect and admiration for David Mayo.

The thing with David was that he had ‘sight’. He would look at you during your interview or when assessing and he could ‘spot’ what was going on in your space whether you knew what it was or not. You almost felt embarrassed the way he could see your imagery and how any mental masses moved in your space in response to certain subjects. To have someone who can see what you are creating mentally or what your spiritual energy is stuck ‘being’ as they talk to you is unique. Most see things through their own filters and private significances. Few are adept at just looking and seeing what’s there.

There were three PCs that would’ve been considered illegal by old standards at the time I arrived at the opening of the AAC in Santa Barbara;
One young man was dying of leukemia and Maude Castillo was supervising and C/Sing him. One Advanced Level fellow brought his wife for help as she had earlier had professional psychiatric treatment. There was a young airline hostess who had become unable to continue at her work because she’d developed claustrophobia. She thought the problem might’ve come up due to sleeping pills. She could not be comfortable in the lounge of the AAC or around any gatherings of people. She couldn’t drive in traffic. David successfully C/Sed Donna Haber on auditing this young woman. The girl eventually pulled out of it. It took her a little time, but she told me she is soooo much better! And then there wasme….with my own special problems.

I remember when David had flown down to the Miami Org and personally instructed Maria MacCord, the Class IV C/S in charge of the HGC.. This young lady was the most angelic and dedicated tech person I’d met up until then. She was ’interested’ genuinely in every detail in a person’s folder. She had a real passion to learn ‘everything‘. With help from David Mayo she was allowed time off from staff to fly to Flag ,then to the Special Unit. Maria wanted so badly to be like David, a great C/S. He helped work things out for her. She had tears of joy when last I saw her before departing for the airport in Clearwater. She was going out to where new things were being piloted.

The first time I ever spoke with David was when I decided to use the phone number someone had secretly passed to me while at the Manor Hotel. This was early 1983. I had become very ill there after a 13th Int Rundown repair. I had bounced between four different Orgs suffering from phenomena I cannot describe, all the time INT reading. I was desperate, feeling schizophrenic. I called the number given to me when I got back to Florida. To my surprise, calling on a weekend when I was sure the place must already be closed, David answered personally. There was no ‘place’ called The Advanced Ability Center yet. David was operating from the home of a field auditor in Montecito who was letting out his bedrooms to audit in. I told David that I’d just read his goldenrod on the wall of the MAA office in Clearwater, FLB. I said I’d heard so many many many good things about him and I could not comprehend why others were overlooking all the people he had actually helped. Julie Mayo much later confided that he was always extremely touched by any comments defending him.

I was in sorry shape when I was out at the Advanced Ability Center in 1983. I had completed my lower levels and was experiencing what I today might call a ’freewheel’, with no stable viewpoint. I came to the AAC broke after scrounging up what I could for an intensive and a one way plane ticket. I wished I could get all my advanced payments from AOLA but it wasn’t working out. David Mayo sometimes was on lookout making sure that I was in a situation where I could eat…

When I had used up the funds which I had mailed ahead of my arrival Julie Mayo took me on as a PC with David continuing to write C/Ses specifically for my situation..

Just before my departure Christmas was nearing and there were festivities at the new dwelling obtained by staff. ‘Someone’ asked if anyone was willing to drive me out to the party along with them so I would could enjoy the things they planned.. David and Julie did not have to take the time to concern themselves with me or anyone else who was having personal difficulties. I was touched, although sadly I did not go to their party because I had no gifts to exchange. (Silly me) Later, it was delicately inquired of me whether I still had a home to go back to since I’d abandoned my life and had been there for almost 3 months. When I did arrive back home I received cards and letters from Julie Mayo. She was keeping David posted on how I was doing. She read some of my letters to David. It was his custom to follow up on the people coming out there to see him… HE CARED.

Last year in mid April, David became a temporary poster on the Ex Scientologist Message Board. Soon after this I found myself in a very bad situation where the control over my life was taken from my hands It was because of him that I was to have others contacting me from all over the states to give me emotional support and experienced advice.

The degree that human empathy can factor into one’s recovery from traumatic circumstances can never be appreciated TOO MUCH.

Juanita Pyle

Raymond J. Krenik, Jr. – It is my fervent wish that David Mayo will soon once again be free to communicate with us all…

It is my fervent wish that David Mayo will soon once again be free to communicate with us all.

I left the Co$ for good on 26 October, 1984. In December of 1984 I took a Train (Amtrak) trip down to Santa Barbara to get services (mainly Auditing) at David’s AAC (Advanced Ability Center). I was happy to have David do the C/Sing. David Dunlap was my main Auditor (and superb) though Julie Mayo gave me a couple of 10 minutes sessions and then back to David Dunlap. After 7 commands I had to most incredible phenomena occur ever. I finally got the kind of Auditing I just KNEW existed.

The guys and gals that were at the AAC as staff were outstanding. They ebbed and flowed and it was fantastic.

When I was readying to get to the Train for my return trip — I was astounded as they returned all unused funds. Well, let me tell you — that was the capper. I used some of the returned funds to live it up on the return trip. I ate fantastic meals in the dining car,etc.

It would be nice to have the insanity handled so David could be free to do what he can do without suppression.

DAVID MAYO (along with David Dunlap, Julie Mayo and the other staff including the course Sup. Virginia Dougherty (unfortunately no longer with us) made a profound difference in my life and I also observed made a profound difference in the lives of some of my Pcs and those I FSMed for.

Ray Krenik (Member Free Zone USA/World Wide)
ED FZ Elma (Washington State USA)

Mary McConnell – “He was driven by his desire to help”

“It just occurred to me that the following court document should be on your site about David Mayo.
I believe people need to know the history and have the facts pointed out because it helps the church’s propaganda from spreading. While I am no longer a scientologist for many years now, I believe that David Mayo deserves credit for helping write NOTS, for taking chances outside the church that, at the time, few would ever attempt. He was driven by his desire to help and was relentlessly attacked for his contributions. There are only so many sacrifices one can make and only so much stress one can handle before they realize the enemy is not ever going to quit attacking them and so I fully understand appreciate Mayo’s decision to walk away and get on with life. Some people don’t get this. Some think it’s wrong but none of them had to walk a mile in David & Julie Mayo’s shoes.”

Special Master Kolts 1991 US Master memorandum RTC v Scott



RTC, .et al. ) NO. CV 85-711 JMI (BX)
) CV 85-7197 JMI (BX)

Plaintiffs, )
vs. )


Defendants. )


RTC, et al. )
Plaintiffs, )
vs. )

Defendants. )






Given the issue sanction of the previous order, it is an established fact the Mayo substantially participated in the drafting of NOTs. Plaintiffs’ characterization of Mayo as a “mere scrivener” cannot be a basis for this or any other motion in this litigation. Thus, in order to prevail on this motion, plaintiffs must establish as a matter of law that Mayo is not the author of NOTs notwithstanding his substantial participation. Ordinarily, the creator of a written work is its author. However, the Copyright Act of 1976 treats “works made for hire” differently. If the written work is a work made for hire, “the employer or other person for whom the work was prepared is considered the author”.
17 U.S.C. section 201(a). This means that if Mayo’s contribution to NOTs is work made for hire, someone other than Mayo is the author and a grant of summary judgment is in order.

The next step of the analysis is…[..]

[..] ORDER

Having considered the moving and opposing papers and exhibits in support thereof, as well as the arguments of counsel,

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED THAT the following issues be summarily adjudicated as follows: (1) Mayo’s substanial contribution to NOTs is a work made for hire under section 101(1) of The Copyright Act of 1976; and (2) as to Mayo’s substantial contribution to NOTs, CSC is the author under the work made for hire doctrine. To the extent that this renders defendants’ counter-claims meaningless, such claims are dismissed on summary judgment.


DATED: JUNE 4, l991 [signed]


The full text can be found here:

I was not happy with Marty making Special Master Kolts out to be an alcoholic in justifying that this decision was mishandled.

It’s very easy to spread false rumors and attack a man when he’s dead and cannot defend himself.

While he was alive Special Master Kolts was put though much because of his decision but ended up being victorious after CoS sued him in court:


v. JAMES G. KOLTS, Defendant.

Here are related reference links:

LA Times:…ology-case.htm…urt-reporters/…ott_%281996%29

Mary McConnell*

(*Mary McConnell is my pseudonym. I use it to protect myself from fair game and to prevent a loved one still in the church from having to disconnect.)

Ralph Hilton – “I must admit I was somewhat amazed…”

Ralph HiltonRalph Hilton’s testimonial:

“I do remember a time when I was on the RPF back at Flag in 1978. My PC was having problems and David must have spent ages going through her folders. He wrote me a one page long cramming order which must have taken him at least a half hour to compose covering the most important references which I, as a hardly trained neophyte had missed.

I must admit I was somewhat amazed that the top tech terminal in Scientology would take that much time to help a humble RPFer. He also wrote a very exact C/S that perfectly handled the situation.”