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A Goal – by David Mayo

To Whom Do These Rights Belong? – by David Mayo

Source: The journal of AAC vol 2 No 2, March 1985

On Squirrels And Nuts… – The journal of AAC, March 1984

“What is true for you is what you have observed yourself
And when you lose that you have lost everything.
What is personal integrity?
Personal integrity is knowing what you know –
What you know is what you know –
And to have the courage to know and say what you have observed.
And that is integrity.
And there is no other integrity.”


Source: The journal of AAC vol 1 No 2, March 1984

Recollections By David Mayo

AS YOU PROBABLY ARE aware, I used to hold the post of Senior C/S Flag. That was until the end of 1978. Let me start this narrative article from that point.

In September of 1978. I was sitting in my office one day C/Sing some folders and a messenger came into the office with a telex which was one of these very secret “your eyes only” telexes. So I grabbed some clothes, raced off to the airport at Tampa and caught a plane to Los Angeles. I arrived in Los Angeles at night. As I’m sure you all know, the Sea Org places a great significance on what they call security. There was to be one security-cleared person meeting me at the airport and nobody else was supposed to know he was coming to meet me. It was very confidential and I had to go with him. I was still quite mystified as to why I was being called to California. We took off down the highway and headed off toward Palm Springs.

A security breach!

After we got started down the freeway he said, “Look, no offense or anything, but you have to wear these dark glasses”. I said, “Why? It’s night time”. He has a pair of sunglasses they’d sprayed aluminum paint on the inside of so that you couldn’t see through them and he wanted me to put these on so I wouldn’t see where we were going as it was so secret that even I shouldn’t know. It was about one o’clock in the morning by this time and I’d been flying for many hours and could do with some sleep. I put the glasses on and dozed off. We eventually came to the exit we were going to take near Palm Springs and the driver almost overshot it. He hit the brakes suddenly and I was jostled and the glasses flew off just as the sign came up on the freeway that said “Indio Exit”. I picked up the glasses and put them back on. The guy who was driving said “Oh God! I hope you didn’t see that sign”. I said, “Well, you’d get into trouble if I did,wouldn’t you?” “Yeah”. He said. I responded, “Then I didn’t see anything about Indio”. And he said, “Oh, great”.

Hubbard ill

Finally we arrived at the headquarters of CMO Int, La Quinta at about four o’clock in the morning. I was taken into the house where LRH was living and was told that LRH had become quite ill and they were concerned whether he was going to live or not and that was why I had been brought there. I had some of his folders given to me, I studied them and got ready to give him a session. It had been some time since I had seen LRH. When I went into his bedroom I must admit I got quite a shock, because the last time I’d seen him he’d been full of energy and active and it was a surprise to see him lying on his back in the bed and in the physical condition he was in.

I had some folders and the main thing that I could see from the folders was that he’d been having quite a lot of auditing on NED and that there were various strange indications. His TA had been getting higher and higher and the needle had been getting tighter. Various somatics had been turning on and the more somatics that turned on, the more they’d try and run these somatics out with NED and then more somatics would turn on, and so on.

Hubbard’s condition and handling it

He wasn’t able to speak. He was lying there almost in a coma although he had his eyes open. When I went into the room and said hello to him his eyes flickered and he gave a little smile. I put the cans in his hands. From the folder I’d ascertained certain things that were probably the cause of the bypassed charge and I’d written up a little C/S. The first thing I did was ask these questions to locate the bypassed charge. His TA was up around five or five and a quarter and the needle was almost stuck. I had to have the sensitivity cranked up to get any reads and when I checked through my list of possible sources of bypassed charge and got something that read, I indicated it and the TA came down about a quarter of a division, and we got a very, very small F/N, at which point I ended the first assist.

Then about an hour or two later I did another short assist session, and this time at the end of that session he was talking. Two hours later I did the third session. During that session he got up out of bed and sat in the chair and it lasted for about a quarter of an hour and we got normal F/N at the session end. He was starting to smile and even cracked a little joke. From then on in September ’78 I audited him daily. Usually about two sessions a day, sometimes three sessions a day, for quite some time thereafter.

Because my post was Senior C/S Flag and I had been absent for some time from Flag, people were starting to ask questions as to where I was. The CMO decided to invent a “shore story”. A “shore story” is Sea Org slang for a story that is false. It’s intended to give people something to think about so that they won’t consider the real reason. Read more

Re: Scientologists Fear Open Discussion

Just prior to the Scn spamming, the dirty tricks and criminality that has been done by Miscavige / RTC / Church of Scientology after David Miscavige / RTC took over the Guardian’s Office in 1981 were starting to get exposed.

This is a very important area as it affects their tax exempt status and reports that they have made to government agencies such as IRS and Interpol. Miscavige / RTC / CofS have taken the position, and Miscavige has declared, that all the criminality was stopped when Miscavige took over the Guardian’s Office and that he kicked out the people that were involved. But in fact that wasn’t done. Instead, many of the Guardian’s Office personnel who were involved in the criminality were retained and the old Guardian’s Office patterns continued under RTC control.

Examples of Guardian’s Office personnel retained: Gary Klingler and Kurt Weiland, both formerly members of the Guardian’s Office, were retained by RTC and did dirty tricks and missions to disrupt the AAC and to target the Mayos, personally. Kendrick Moxon, one of the unindicted conspirators, was retained as a lawyer by RTC and Church of Scientology(tm) in many lawsuits after Miscavige took over RTC and the Guardian’s Office. Brian Rubineck, formerly of the Guardian’s Office, was used to infiltrate and spy on the IRM and us from 1986 to late 1980’s — well after Miscavige / RTC took over the Guardian’s Office. (This had been admitted by RTC / Church of Scientology in that they have used Rubineck’s testimony.)

Also admitted by RTC / Church of Scientology: Robert Mithoff, brother of Ray Mithoff, and Sammie (Cynthia) Mithoff (wife of Robert Mithoff), were retained by Church of Scientology / RTC and its lawyers (in particular John Peterson) to infiltrate and spy on the AAC and David and Julia Mayo between the years 1983-1987. The Mithoffs were paid several thousand dollars per month to do this. Robert Mithoff’s code name was “TH”, for “Trojan Horse”.

During the course of this “infiltration”, the Mithoffs misrepresented that they had left the Church of Scientology and were no longer connected with it in any way when they were hired by the Church of the New Civilization / AAC. During the course of their employment and work at the AAC, the Mithoffs stole much proprietary information from the AAC, including: the AAV materials, financial information, names and telephone numbers of parishioners, confidential case notes, personal letters, mailing lists and provided this information to RTC / Church of Scientology and their lawyers. The mailing list was used by RTC / Church of Scientology to send out bulk mailings of hate mail, which was defamatory of AAC staff.

After David Miscavige / RTC took over the old Guardian’s Office, the Guardian’s Office policy concerning retaining professional intelligence agents was continued. Ron Kimball, ex-DEA, was hired around 1984 to do covert ops on former ASI and Church of Scientology staff member, Homer Schomer, whom RTC believed (falsely) to be in association with the CNC and Cooley asserted that in court.

In 1994 a private detective calling himself “John Bertrant” of Boca Raton, Florida called up Mayos’ friends, supporters and clients and spread rumors that Mayo had been jailed and other defamatory information. “John Bertrant” told one client of the Mayos that Bertrant had done contract work for the CIA.

We have other information concerning dirty tricks since Guardian’s Office take over by Miscavige / RTC in 1981.

David & Julie Mayo


Un-Fair Game is a new term, coined here to describe an UnFair use of law enforcement agencies in the furtherance of “Fair Game.”

The Fair Game Law, Scientology’s(tm) policy towards its ‘enemies’: “May be deprived of property or injured by any means … May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.” L Ron Hubbard, HCOPL 18 October 1967.

On August 4, 1994, Scientology(tm) utilized INTERPOL, the US DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), and the DNCD (Dominicana Nacional Control de Drogas) to try to enforce Scientology’s(tm) religious beliefs on me, to persecute me and to get me jailed by false allegations to INTERPOL. INTERPOL had received and acted on a report that I was “practicing Scientology(tm) without a license”; that I had “destroyed Scientology(tm) property”; that I was “representing” myself as a “Scientologist”. Ventura Bayonet, head of the Dominican Republic DNCD said that he decided to act as a result of a phone call from INTERPOL alleging that I had damaged “millions of dollars of Scientology(tm) property”.

I was not representing myself as a Scientologist nor was I practicing Scientology(tm), with or without a license. I had not “damaged” Scientology(tm) property. By 1992, all of the civil lawsuits brought against me by Scientology(tm) had been dismissed and in January 1993, the Central District of California had sanctioned RTC/Scientology(tm) plaintiffs 2.9 million dollars for abusive litigation against me.

I had left Scientology(tm) in 1983, and had made it clear that I was no longer associated with the Church of Scientology(tm) and that I had disagreements with many of their practices. (Note: Even when I was in the Church of Scientology(tm) I wasn’t required to be “licensed” to practice Scientology(tm). Furthermore, in the lawsuits the judge had determined that any agreements that I had signed while in Scientology(tm) were not valid contracts.)

In court order of Jan. 20, 1993, Honorable James G. Koltz stated regarding plaintiffs, Church of Scientology(tm) and RTC: “Plaintiffs have abused the federal court system by using it, inter alia, to destroy their opponents, rather than to resolve an actual dispute over trademark law or any other legal matter. This constitutes ‘extraordinary, malicious, wanton and oppressive conduct…” For the rest of this decision,  and related litigation and opinions.


I was persecuted by INTERPOL, at the direction of David Miscavige’s RTC/Church of Scientology(tm). On August 4, 1994, our residence was surrounded by approximately 15 armed police, military and DNCD agents. I was not charged nor was I resented with any order but I was handcuffed. My home was searched for fire arms, drugs and money. No drugs or firearms were found. Nonetheless, I was taken to two police stations and eventually taken to Santo Domingo where I was put in prison with no charges, explanation or reason. I wasn’t allowed to make a phone call to anyone — not even to a lawyer, to my wife or to the American Embassy. That night, I was put in a small cell (about 12′ x 12′) stuffed with 10 – 12 other men overnight in abhorrent conditions — I had not been permitted food or water since the afternoon, there was no place to stretch out, the cell was filled with stench due to a blocked toilet and there were flies and mosquitoes. The next day I learned that it was INTERPOL that was investigating me at the request of Scientology(tm). I was released the next night, without being charged, but the incident was shockingly unexpected and intimidating. The harassment didn’t end there. Read more

My position on a.r.s (alt.religion.scientology)

From: David Mayo
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: My position on a.r.s
Date: 12 May 1996 20:55:54 -0400

I did not come to a.r.s to convince anyone of my beliefs nor did I come to a.r.s to proselytize nor to win friends and influence people.

I came to give information.

I have information that I think will be of interest and/or assistance in regard to Scientology(tm) both by those who want to know more about it than is available in promo and by those who may have an interest in it sociologically. I spent about 25 years in Scientology(tm) beginning at around the age of 17 years.

I am not here as an “anti”, a “meatball”, a “dreamball”, a “basher”, a “fluffball” or even as a squirrel, though having been accused of being a squirrel seems, perhaps out of perversity, I have acquired an affinity for that identity.

I am not a Scientologist now and have not been for many years — at the moment there is no precise point when I ceased to be one — if pressed for that point of departure, it seems as fuzzy as my logic.

When I was a scientologist, I worked very hard for it and to study and learn as much as I could of it, especially in regard to its “tech”. Before I was “busted” I was held in regard by many scientologists, including public, staff and executives (with some distinct exceptions) and most of the time, by L. Ron Hubbard.

As for the reprehensible aspects of Scientology(tm), as I became aware of them I tried to change them or figured that one day I might rise high enough in it to change them or get someone else to. Even so, I was sheltered from much of the illegal or clandestine activities until near the end and learned of far more after I left.

I now consider that the conduct of Scientology(tm) and the especially the patterns of conduct of Scientology(tm) make it a dangerous cult.

But I do not think effort directed at the beliefs of Scientology(tm) or at the Church of Scientology(tm) is as correctly targeted or as efficiently targeted as effort directed toward education about Scientology(tm) and effort directed against that conduct which adversely impinges on the freedoms and rights of others. A meme which may be self-correcting.

Having experienced litigation, I would also like to share that experience where it will help, interest or entertain.

Now for the disclaimers, I am not a lawyer and can not and do not wish to give legal advice. I have been under a tremendous (to me anyway) amount of litigation from 1984 through the present. I will at times abstain from comment if I think the subject is one that relates to any lawsuit that I am or may be involved in or on the advice of counsel. This tends to leave my communication far more hampered than I would prefer.

I do not believe in the idea of “religious trade secrets” as I have said before but until that issue has been decided in court with a sufficient degree of finality, I will seek to avoid leaving myself open to more litigation even when I think that litigation would ultimately prove to be without merit.

I do not believe that the trade marks or service marks of Scientology(tm) would stand thorough judicial inspection and I think that there is an obvious incompatibility with the concept of religion and commercialism.

Scientology(tm)’s copyrights or at least some of them have been questioned and should be questioned. I will seek to abide by their registrations in the meantime and I will not partake in copyright infringement.

I do not think that “civil disobedience” is the answer and for that reason I have not participated in nor will I participate in such activities. I also hold a position that will not be universally popular in this group, that acts of copyright infringement have played into Scientology(tm)’s hands more than any imagined benefit from those infringements.

I would prefer to answer questions that I can answer with information rather than my opinion or belief and if asked that way I may be more forthcoming than otherwise.

I cannot and do not read all of a.r.s and I do not and cannot answer all posts or email that I receive. I pgp sign all my posts for obvious reasons.

David Mayo

10th Anniversary of the Church of the New Civilization


SCI – 30
3 March 1994
Revised and Expanded.

Copyright (C) 1992 David Mayo
Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.

January 30,1993
To: Members
Re: 10th Anniversary of the Church of the New Civilization

News Flash – Legal News

In 1985, the Church of Scientology filed a lawsuit against the CNC, David Mayo and several independents. The burden of this lawsuit has been nothing short of incredible. In April 1986, David wrote in the AAC Journal: “It is important that we win the lawsuit for the freedom to apply basic philosophical principles and procedures.” The CNC, David Mayo and supporters have persisted in this struggle for 8 years. In April 1992 the Court dismissed the C of S lawsuit against the CNC, David Mayo and the names independents.

On January 13 1993, the court ordered the following concerning the C os S: “Plaintiffs’ counsel are admonished that any subsequent violation of the Rules of Professional conduct shall result in such offending counsel being referred to the Standing Committee on Discipline and subject to contempt proceedings for violation of this Order and the penalties contained in Local Rule 2.6.7”

On January 20, 1993 the court granted our motion for the Plaintiffs (C of S, RTC) to pay our attorney fees. In a memorandum of decision the Honorable Janes G. Kolts, (Special Master), stated: “Plaintiffs have abused the federal court system by using it, inter alia (among other things), to destroy their opponents, rather than to resolve an actual dispute over trademark law or any other legal matter. This constitutes ‘extraordinary, malicious, wanton and oppressive conduct.’ As such, this case qualifies as an ‘exceptional case’ and fees should be awarded pursuant to the Lanham Act”… “It is abundantly clear that plaintiffs sought to harass the individual defendants and destroy the church defendants through massive over-litigation and other highly questionable litigation tactics. The Special Master has never seen a more glaring example of bad faith legislation than this. Therefore, it is appropriate to award attorneys’ fees pursuant to the copyright statute”… “As already stated, the Special Master finds that plaintiffs engaged in egregious bad faith litigation conduct…”

What happened then:

In January 1993 the CofS/RTC filed yet another federal lawsuIt against CNC (AAC), David Mayo etc. This case sought to re argue much of the earlier two cases against AAC, David Mayo et al., that had been filed by the CofS in 1985 and dismissed in 1992.

Our lawyers, Gary M. Bright and Jerry Fagelbaum, filed a motion asking the court to dismiss the newest case. That motion was heard on November 29, 1993, before the federal district court Judge A. Wallace Tashima. Judge Tashima was recently assigned to the cases when the prior Judge, James M. Ideman, recused himself as no longer able to maintain his objectivity in light of the CofS’s ongoing personal attacks on the judge and the ongoing harassment of his former law clerk. Following oral argument, Judge Tashima dismissed the CofS’s case with prejudice (which means they are not allowed to refile it.)

Where we stand now:

The original counterclaims by CNC (AAC) and David Mayo which see damages and injunctive relief for harassment and emotional distress arising from the CofS’s retrIbutive campaign against David and the AAC in Santa Barbara are tentatively scheduled by Judge Tashima for a two-week trial this summer (1994).

The Church of the New Civilization was founded in 1983 in Santa Barbara, California. It had as its purpose: “To increase personal abilities and thereby increase the level of ability of society which would in turn bring about a New Civilization, free of suffering – a civilization where Man could advance to his full potential and live in harmony.”

In keeping with that purpose, the Church of the New Civilization opened the Advanced Ability Center in Santa Barbara. The AAC utilized self-discovery procedures to educate and to advance abilities.

The Advanced Ability Center in Santa Barbara is no longer in operation, however, we believe that it still exists in the hearts of its members. Once again, we invite you to join in the dream of a better civilization where basic and advanced abilities are fostered.

In keeping with that vision, and as the next step, the CNC is publishing the Ability Advancement Center Journal. If you would like to participate in forwarding the CNC’s vision and would like to become a member, please let me know. If you know of someone else who would like to receive the publication please let me know. As it has been a number of years and many changes (including changes of address) since the last CNC mailing, I need your help contacting those members who would like to receive the Journal once again.

The Ability Advancement Center Journal is dedicated toward the dissemination of knowledge and insight gained in the field of self-discovery. Its purpose is to educate and stimulate interest in ability advancement.

The Journal will be reporting on ability advancement results and will keep you posted on research projects. In recent research, David has made some extraordinary discoveries in two areas, fortuity and telepathy.

David and I are approaching 1993 with very high hopes and expectations. We hope that you will share our visions and dreams through the AAC Journal.

All the very best from both of us,

Julie Mayo

The Journal of the Ability Advancement Center is published quarterly by the Church of the New Civilization. Members that have donated $45 or more per year to the Church of the New Civilization will receive the Journal. Note: The CNC has been granted tax exempt status under IRS Code 501(c)3. Your donations are tax deductible in the United States.

David and Julie Mayo,
20533 Biscayne Blvd.,
No. 4-429, Aventura,
FL 33180


Copyright (C) 1994 David Mayo
Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.

I, David Mayo, declare as follows:

1. I submit this Declaration in opposition to Plaintiffs’ Motions for Partial Summary Judgment based upon personal knowledge of the facts contained herein and, if called upon as a witness, I could and would competently testify thereto From 1959 to 1983, I was affiliated with the Church of Scientology and, although officially designated as a “staff member,” throughout the period of my affiliation I was paid typically only $10 to $22 per week for full time work for the Church. In February, 1983, I left the Church after being subjected to a six-month period of forced captivity and torture involving physical abuse and emotional distress imposed because of voicing concern about unethical and criminal activities being committed by officials of the Church

2. I have never been offered, nor have I ever requested, immunity from criminal prosecution in exchange for providing information, cooperation, or testimony with regard to criminal prosecution or legal action by the IRS or any other public agency against the Church of Scientology, the Religious Technology Center or any of their affiliates

3. I have never been charged with or convicted of any criminal offense I have never been informed that I was the subject of a criminal investigation

4. And and all testimony given by me in any legal action by federal authorities against the Church of Scientology, the Religious Technology Center, or any of thier affiliates was pursuant to subpoena by a public investigative agency Read more


Dear Mark,

The following are brief accounts of what I consider to be the more germane points of:

a) the events leading to my removal from the post of Snr C/S Int and the subsequent CommEv, declare etc., and

b) the visit from Geoff Shervell in August ’83.

Summary of events leading to my removal

This story probably starts at the end of ’81 when several apparently unrelated events occurred.

It starts with the re-opening of a comm line from LRH to and from CMO INT and others in late 1981 after a period of almost two years of little to no comm from (or to) LRH (from Feb ’80 to Sept ’81). Unfortunately, although the comm line was re-opened in late ’81, it was a very limited comm line in that all communications travelled through Annie Broeker, Pat Broeker to David Miscavige and back up in reverse order. Pat and Annie were living with LRH and David Miscavige was living primarily at CMO INT. Other than Pat and Annie, no one, including Miscavige, knew of LRH’s location. Miscavige would receive a phone call from Pat Broeker and then would go to a restaurant or parking lot and meet Pat Broeker to pass the mail. Thus, there was no way for any comm to get to LRH without it going through those persons.

I was one of four people who originally received and sent comm via that line in Sept/Oct ’81, these comms from LRH and to LRH were technical.

In late ’81 (about November), LRH sent down orders to CMO INT to collect up and send him data on the state of the orgs and Scn internationally. The data he asked for was very comprehensive and took about two weeks for the FB (Flag Bureaux) to collect and send to CMO INT for relay to LRH! Then an evolution began at CMO INT of rewriting/retyping all these reports to omit and add data so as to make things appear to be much better than was the actual truth. I was horrified that this was being done and the extent to which it was being done and particularly at the intention to deceive LRH into thinking that things in Scn were much better than they were. I first discovered this when one of the reports that I had written to LRH came back to me to sign after having been re-written. I then found out that all three of the reports I had written had been or were being re-written so as to grossly falsify them. I had carbons of the originals of these reports and began to argue with those concerned about the re-writing of these reports on the grounds that I insisted that LRH should be truly informed of the actual conditions existing in Scn internationally.

At the same time as this, I received the order from LRH to sec check Pat Broeker on certain subjects and did so (meeting Pat Broeker secretly at motels). I brought the matter of the falsification of the Scn reports to LRH to Pat Broeker’s and David Miscavige’s attention, asking them to intercede as they had seniority in the CMO. At first, both seemed reticent to do anything about it, then assured me they would handle it after Pat had consulted with Annie Broeker. Pat later spoke to me about the “undesirability of putting upsetting news on LRH’s lines, but when I didn’t agree with the falsification of these reports, he again assured me they would be handled. Pat’s sec check and some other auditing was completed and I wrote a summary report to LRH. This report was later retyped in Pat’s favour. The attempted falsification of the international reports on Scn to LRH were used as the reason (or one of the major reasons) for the removal of Gale Irwin by David Miscavige and Pat and Annie Broeker – from the post of CO CMO INT. Although I was assured at the time by Miscavige and Broeker that the correct reports would be forwarded to LRH, I later learned that that wasn’t done. And, even later realized that Miscavige and Broeker had only used the…. of the falsification of the reports as an explanation and convenience to get rid of Gale Irwin as CO CMO INT. (Some months earlier, Miscavige and Broeker had busted Dede Voegeding as CO CMO INT for “security reasons” which later turned out to be because she was considered a threat to their authority.) Although these reports to LRH were falsified, it was usualy quite some time before I discovered the fact – partly due to the time before a reply came back and partly due to the practice at that time of simply passing on the LRH reply and keeping what went up in files (so unless one got access to and went into these files one wouldn’t see what went up, just what came down). Read more