Every Voice Counts

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This website is an identity reconstruction of forcefully removed and then left for good from Scientology lines well known Auditor and Case Supervisor David Mayo. Here is something I’d like to make clear:  I began creating this website without David Mayo’s knowledge or consent. This website does not have any pages linking to David Mayo, there is no contact through e-mail form or anything like that.

This website is made not FOR David, it is ABOUT David for people, who were told a lie about him. I believe that there is no understanding of Scientology without understanding of it’s leaders and their true history. I put this website together for myself and others, it is my reply to Marty R. and other people bad-mouthing David and/or trying to ruin his honorable reputation.

This is my own (TB) decision to exercise my right of free speech. I came to it after receiving a numerous communications that would try to crash my reality on how I do perceive David and convince me otherwise. Ever since I learned a story of David Mayo – personal auditor of LRH, Sin C/S at Flag and a first Sin C/S International, the tech terminal trusted to keep and develop farther the tech, – ever since I learned who David Mayo really was and what has happened and keep happening to him, I can not tolerate continuation of “unfair game”, I can not see dirty tricks still been played, false propaganda been spread around and do nothing about it. This is my way of saying that I disagree and intent to help the truth be available.

I invite anybody who wants to help creating this website to participate by ether commenting or posting articles of or about David Mayo, so we have David Mayo present amongst us in a digital form, as a reflection of our knowledge. Therefore, let’s find out: What Do We Know?

The fact that David was made to keep silent does not mean that so should we. We CAN and should speak for him if he can’t speak for himself, shouldn’t we? Wouldn’t it be only fare exchange and pay back for all he did for us? If you were a PC/Pre-OT of David Mayo, if you where an Auditor who David Mayo C/Sed, please step forward – it’s about a time for you to speak up! I’m not asking where were you then when David was made to run around the tree around the clock. But it is NEVER TOO LATE to do the right thing. Stand up with a testimonial if you were a witness. I will publish your article under your name or nickname – as you wish. If you aren’t hiding, the photo will help. The least you can do to help is to forward the link to website to those who might contribute.

Every voice counts!

Needed and wanted:

1) Articles by the tech-trained people working with David Mayo about him and their personal experiences of such contacts.
2) Articles about AAC, pictures, scanned copies of AAC journal.
3) Audio or video records of David Mayo lectures, his articles.
4) A copy of the 20-pages dispatch (memo) to David Mayo from LRH (on or about April 14, 1982) in which he turned the hat of tech-keeper and farther developer of the tech to David. (If not a copy of actual dispatch, then it’s reconstruction to the best of your ability from the memory of reading it.)
5) Photographs and videos of David.
6) Testimonials from those who were helped by David.

Sunday Talks:
Tape #2:
ST-3 Duty, Integrity, Loyalty
ST-4 First and Second Dynamics
Tape #8:
ST-15 Idealism and Misuse of Force
Tape #10:
ST-19 Value of Philosophy
Tape #11:
ST-21 (Side One) Goals & Happiness
ST-22 (Side Two) Disillusionment

LRH Series (5 Cassettes) Experiences w/LRH

Please, use this contact form to send webmaster the materials listed above for publication.

I hope you can help.

Tatiana Baklanova.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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  • Comments (3)
    • Darren may
    • June 18th, 2012

    Hi thank you for putting this site togather,great site great work .
    Darren may 

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      • admin
      • June 18th, 2012

      Hello Darren,

      You are very welcome! 🙂 I make this website for myself as well as for others.
      I appreciate your kind words, but if you really wanted to make me happy – keep reading, commenting and forwarding the links to other people.
      Thanks for co-creating it!


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    • Darren may
    • February 2nd, 2013

    No problem, thank you very much for doing this site , he was a good chap, but gratefully forgotten because of his tech degrees and the outness he see at the church, its a great shame he does not talk to us anymore too!. thank you again and yes I will flow out your com.
    much love
    darren may 

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