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Dan Koon – “It just can’t happen”

Independent Scientologist Dan Koon aka Joe Howard – ex Int Base Sea Org Member (1977 – 2004),
LRH Technical Reseasch & Compilations Unit Director.

I was on the set shooting EM 1, “Man the Unfathomable” in September 1978 when LRH took ill and disappeared. I was playing the shaman in the original version of the film and we were on location shooting a scene where I come out from my cave, dejected that my drumming and chants and bitter drink did not revive my patient, who died. We finished the shot and LRH went into his motorhome that he used between set ups. He never came back out and after a lengthy delay, David Roussouw (RIP) directed the last shot of the day.

Soon after, David Mayo showed up from Flag. I don’t know the details of what transpired except that LRH recovered and several weeks later we saw him out around the property again on his afternoon walks. Coincident with that we saw some transcripts of talks that were the first details of a new tech development that became NOTs. The transcripts were soon recalled and we did not see them again.

Here is what I suspect: a) NOTs rolled out much as Marty has detailed above (that is how we compiled things in RTRC) and b) LRH would have died had he been handled by another auditor.

That Mayo later asserted to be the author of the materials doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility given his circumstances at the time. Imagine Marty trying to do what he is doing with no internet, or any of us for that matter.

I also agree entirely with Mike’s comment that no auditor, including Mayo, would begin inventing things mid-session, particularly on LRH in the physical condition he was in at the time.

The real mystery to me is how LRH could have held David Mayo in such high regard in April 1982 that he wrote several long, long dispatches to him about the future of Tech including whether David should set up a corporation separate from church management so tech research would not become commingled with management’s day to day production push, yet by summer of 1982, LRH was calling Mayo the lowest dog on the face of the earth. Makes no sense at all. One month, LRH is putting all the tech into Mayo’s hands. Three months later, he has him running around a tree in the boiling Hemet summer heat. Makes no sense.

DM [David Miscavige], no doubt, was all over the lines, forwarding his own agenda. 1982 was the most chaotic year of my 27 in the S.O. and DM had ample opportunity to work his black magic.

(Speaking of Tech, I was reminded recently that LRH advised some pcs be put directly onto NOTs bypassing OT III as a pilot to see how it ran.)

It sure would be interesting if David Mayo (and the others who were taken out with him: Merrill Mayo, Julie Gillespie Mayo, Penny Eldredge and Scheri Al-Jibouri, who is still at the Int Base) were to tell his story. No one can be a good auditor and C/S and then turn into a lousy one. It just can’t happen. One can become involved in organizational difficulties and solve them poorly but one can’t audit LRH for years, be appointed the first Snr C/S Int, audit LRH back to health and provide him 8 more years of life and then turn into Evil personified. Can’t happen.

Maybe someday we will get the full story.

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