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I was embarrassed that I had allowed my opinion of someone be so easily swayed…

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I got into CofS a while after the DM takeover. Sadly, I have to admit that I bought into the anti-Mayo group-think to the point where I rounded up all the Mayo side-checked Tech Dictionaries at the org and tossed them, not that I had any personal knowledge of what actually happened. I read “Story Of A Squirrel”, the anti-Mayo screed, many many times.

One thing that did always bug me about SOAS is that in it, Hubbard purportedly calls Mayo a “bird dog” or enemy agent. That was a heck of a charge to bring against someone who had been involved for something like 30 years and was one of the first SO members. He’d worked long and hard for Hubbard, I couldn’t imagine such a person being an enemy agent. Which “enemy”? Yet not a single shred of evidence was provided to back up such an outrageous claim.

One day well into the 90s (many years after the fact) an IAS reg came to town. They mentioned Mayo and said that he was an enemy agent. That reminded me about my long standing question about it. I asked the IAS reg what proof they had about it. They said they’d talk to me after.

Later I got a chance to ask about it. What was the proof? Story Of A Squirrel! Basically, Hubbard said so. Or was reported to have said so. Sigh.

That was a reminder to me to stay vigilant and not accept ideas based only on hearsay or authority. I was embarrassed that I had allowed my opinion of someone be so easily swayed. It made me wonder if there were other people who had perhaps been injustly accused.