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Kevin Mackey – I’d like to apologise to David Mayo…

Following was taken from ESMB

19th April 2011

I’d like to apologise to David Mayo on behalf of myself and any, that like me, bought the party line that you were at fault for everything from corruptions in sec checks to the lack of workability of NOTS. That is, any that see the duplicity of the cult that was employed to aggrandize DM at your expense.

I saw three NOTS evolutions that the need for was blamed on you. The fact is it was a marketing exercise and every one who had attested to NOTS was put back on the new rundowns, where ever they were on the bridge. OTVIIs would have to do the new RDs on their six months checks, some who had not gone past OTV re did the NOTS three times. The AOs made a fortune re servicing their existing fields and it hid the sad truth; that there was no expansion and few more were doing OT levels.

If it had have been true then things would have been fixed after you went, sadly they got worse and continue their descent as this is written.

We were scammed and taught to hate you in the bargain, your name was mud and you were what the cult needed, a scapegoat. You being the villain was used to bind and blind all still in to the sleight of hand as it picked our pockets.

All of this you know and now as it all seems like a former life to me I reflect at my folly and gullibility and cringe for not seeing through the manipulation.

So, I’m sorry about that and have since been horrified at the treatment meted out to you, on the running track and since. I don’t intend to get any more maudlin than that, so I’d like to say welcome and that I’m glad you’re here.

Kevin Mackey
The Story of my Bridge to OT VII

20th April 2011

Apology not needed by me, but unconditionally accepted, of course!

AND if this makes sense, I would like to state that I do not need or want apologies from any of the good people here. (Well, excepting any sneaky buggers who may have other ‘fish to fry’.)


I came back to this post because I think my reply above was perhaps, “nauseatingly obnoxious”! It is not a matter of whether the apology was needed by me or not. True it wasn’t/isn’t needed by me BUT that could belittle the intent and the good will of the person posting it.

What I want to say and now do is: Feral, I thank you for your apology from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate you and all the others like you, who are honest. I thank you and commend you for recognizing the situation you were in and have now (successfully) sought to remedy it. Thank you,

David Mayo