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Mark A. Baker – “Mayo’s only interest was in helping others through the delivery of tech”

The following are two quotes re-published here with Mark’s permission from his comments on the other website. The links to the original comments can be found under the quotes. (TB)

“…Mayo was not interested in being ‘source’. Mayo was never himself interested in holding ‘power’ or collecting acolytes as Ron & others of Ron’s acolytes have been and remain.

Mayo’s only interest was in helping others through the delivery of tech. He did not seek to create a powerbase. He merely opened his doors offering assistance to others and found himself flooded with those who were disaffected with the church and the Sea Org. For this act of independence he was attacked by the church with a full fury at Ron’s explicit orders. At that time the church was especially eager to quell independent practice of scientology within the u.s.. The fight over the AAC’s was to be the ‘main bout’.

Given the nature of intellectual property laws in this country Mayo had to establish a legal basis for his possessing and using those parts of the tech which were not readily & widely available publicly AT THAT TIME. Now, anyone with internet access can readily obtain any ‘confidential materials’ he may wish. That was not so then.

Mayo’s participation in and co-development of the NOTS materials were a significant LEGAL ARGUMENT that could be made to counter the church’s attempts to deny him (and by extension others) the right to use such materials without Co$ approval. Ultimately the court found that, whereas Mayo had written the NOTS materials, he had done so while in the employ of the Co$ and as such an organ of the church held the legal copyrights.

This unfortunate outcome had a chilling effect on the independent practice of scientology in the u.s.. Europe was a different matter. Although, the church was able to harass the independent field in the u.s. into quiescence, european laws have allowed much more leeway for independents to practice relatively free from church harassment. Hence, whatever one’s personal view of the Ron’s Orgs, this accounts greatly for the relative degree of their growth & impact in Europe over time, especially in contrast to what has transpired in the u.s..

So the genuine source of suppression for independent scientology in the u.s. for nearly the last thirty years was in fact the Sea Org minions of L. Ron Hubbard, acting directly on his orders to impede & prevent the growth & practice of scientology independently of the Church & Sea Org.

As to David Mayo coming out of retirement to defend himself. it should be born in mind that David is now fairly advanced in years. I, for one, would be delighted to see him return to public engagement. However David, never having been one who sought power or notoriety for himself, has very little real motivation to trouble himself further by reappearing on boards such as this to counter slanderous remarks. Especially as some few among the individuals who challenge him to do so in the present are among those who bear the shame and the burden of responsibility for many of the evils he endured so many years ago.”


“When a nearly 50 year old man who spent his life promoting the success of the tech of scientology is forcibly kidnapped, tortured, his health physically ruined, then escapes, manages to set himself up in an ongoing activity where he is then criminally harassed by ignorant goons acting on behalf of the man who betrayed him to begin with, subsequently finds himself attacked by a multi-million dollar enterprise which involves him in an intentionally extended litigation proceeding in order to break him and crush his fledgling operation (all by orders of the man who betrayed him), manages to survive nearly 10 years of this extensive legal harassment and FINALLY in his 6th decade is offered a chance to let the incessant harassment end AND obtain a cash settlement to PARTIALLY COMPENSATE him for ALL THAT HE HAD ENDURED at the hands of L. RON HUBBARD & the Church of Scientology …

then HE has earned the right to take the money and walk away.”