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Mary Freeman – A little history

Frankie and I went to work with David Mayo in 1983 when he first opened the Advanced Ability Center. He immediately trained us on AAV (OT 5 – NOTS) and we were all delivering it very successfully for a several months.

Then some months later, two independents arrived unexpectedly at the AAC from Europe, with the NOTS materials which they themselves had independently taken out of the church.

When they proudly offered them to David he said, No thanks, that he didn’t need them because he wrote them!

After that, the church sued David for ‘stealing’ those materials. But he did not. Why would he if he already had all the NOTS tech, having himself written them, and we were already delivering that level to our public?

The church didn’t care. They just wanted to attack David for setting up serious competition outside the church. So they pursued the lawsuit. It took many years of legal battles before a settlement ended the litigation. David apparently came out of that okay, although he can’t talk about it as part of the settlement.

Mary Freeman

Mary Freeman, Class VIII – Now and 30 Years Ago

“I was there when David Mayo was being attacked by the church for using the technology outside their control. I was there when Robin Scott came to offer him the materials they took from AODK. I was there when David refused their offer of those materials because he had in fact written them. He told them thanks, but he did not need them. We saw this with our own eyes at the time it happened. David Mayo’s name was at the bottom of all the issues when NOTS came out. He was the one who put it all together with LRH in order to run them on LRH.

Whatever the lawyers told the people who hired them, in the church at that time, whatever the party line was about Mayo at that time, the fact is he was the one who put the NOTS materials together with LRH and he did not need any outside help in getting the tech applied standardly after he escaped from Gilman.

We were all trained to run this tech BEFORE Robin showed up with the materials. The whole thing has been turned around and against David unjustly, to make him look like the bad guy.

Love, Mary

Frankie and Mary were on the ship with LRH where they were both trained by him on the first Class 8 Course. Frankie was the first “personally certified by LRH” Permanent Class 8 Auditor and C/S. Aside from doing various missions directly under LRH, he also sent Frankie to all the orgs to “certify or cram” the Class 8 C/S’s around the planet, which he did. Around 1969 – 1970 Frankie was the Senior C/S of AOLA. During that time he made well over 100 Clears. Around 1975, he became the Qual Sec of the Flag Service Org. LRH trusted Frankie to such a degree that he was assigned as Diana Hubbard’s personal auditor for a year.

In 1982-83 Frankie and Mary left the church. Their parting words were, “when you start applying your own codes and creeds, we’ll talk”. They never looked back.

Mary and Frankie are currently working in Coeur D’Alene, ID in association with the Warrens.

Planet Freeman