I’m here to help you successfully achieve your own spiritual, mental, and emotional goals for yourself, the way you want to be, the things you want to do, the condition or state of being you envision for yourself. You may have pursued this through Scientology, and/or other means, or it may simply be something you have been wishing for, maybe something you once felt you had, or once felt you could have. I’m happy and proud to say that this is my passion in life, and I have a fulfilling history of doing it well, as you will see from the many testimonials here for you to enjoy reading!

I believe in always seeking more advanced and successful means to facilitate the accomplishing of the individual’s own spiritual aspirations. As to the claims made for so many self-help therapies, spiritual techniques and practices, it remains observably true that what works magnificently for one person can be ineffectual for another. Any seeker is best served by pursuing whatever means works well for them, and we all should grant and support for others the same right to their own pursuit of happiness. There is a wealth of techniques readily available that can be amazingly beneficial, and the work always continues, there can always be more to learn, more to develop, more to master.

Often, a person is simply seeking relief from some undesirable condition or circumstance, but even then, there is an underlying positive aspiration, to which the surface condition is in direct opposition. Sometimes the best approach is to directly address the underlying positive goal, sometimes the negative must be dealt with first, but if and when whatever is present here and now is understood, a correct technique for resolution is easily determined, and immediately implemented. This is the essence of my approach.

Three of the techniques that I find to be most successful, among the many that I provide, according to what is right for what one is experiencing at the present moment, are Power Processing, Identity Processing and Creative Processing. These are described in the success stories, videos and blog articles that I share here, within this website.  You might want to start with my video series, “What is Processing?”; I think you’ll find a number of items here that will interest you.

Enjoy the grand tour here in Gateway to Answers, and if you have any questions, or, if you’d simply like to get in session, click on the envelope icon on any of the pages. You’ll be sent to a contact form where you can write me.
e-mail DexterIf you like, in your message, you can include a way for me to talk with you. I can call you if you are anywhere in the U.S. or we can Skype anywhere you have a good enough internet connection to view my videos. My clients are literally scattered around the globe, welcome aboard!


If you’d like to talk via Skype, in the message, leave me your Skype I.D. or send a Skype contact request to me at Dexter.gelfand, and the best days and times to reach you – and what time zone you’re in, and we’ll be on our way to a new, fun and rewarding adventure!

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