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Major gain in solo auditing session – free of fixed attitudes or mannerisms

I just had a major gain in a solo auditing session as part of my solo course, part B. I became completely able to be without need to identify myself as anything other than simply me, free of fixed attitudes or mannerisms, able to be nothing- literally, no-thing. Identity is a MEST symbol, a way of being recognized as “something” in the material world, or MEST universe. It is a limitation to one fixed viewpoint within the MEST universe, and it springs from the obsessive need to be recognized as being something, and the fear of being nothing (see “The Story of a Thetan”)- no-thing, as in the definition of a static, I have achieved recognition of being a static. Identity limits and categorizes a being. Free of a fixed viewpoint for identification purposes, I am free to assume all views or no views. Continue reading

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My fantastic wins

I would like to share with you my fantastic wins on my recently completed Power Processing. Over the course of this action there was not a single day in which I didn’t have at least one floating TA. My space is totally changed, freed up and direct, and I can extend my anchor points, and thus my space, to encompass any area at will, effortlessly. Every person I have spoken with since immediately notices the difference in me.

It is difficult to describe without using the words “power”, or powerful, but I can tell you this-there isn’t much I can’t accomplish, if anything. Situations that, before this auditing, reeked of counter-intention and stops, now give way to my effortless intention without resistance. I’m so much freer from dramatization, and pessimism no longer exists. I can, and I will, be creating big effects. Just watch me. Continue reading

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