My talk to the 2010 Freezone Convention-Conquering Individuation (and video on same page)

How and why the way to enlightenment is in the direction of connecting with other viewpoints.

Below is the text of my talk at the 2010 Freezone convention. While I’m honored and gratified that several attendees made a point of telling me how much they valued my words, most also commented that it was dense with data and delivered too quickly to be completely absorbed, and asked for access to a transcript copy. As there were many interesting and enlightening speakers, I made my presentation as compact as possible so as to not to take too much time away from them. Here you can take it all in at your own pace. Thanks for your interest and your kind words!

Love, Dex

Conquering Individuation

“Case”=”Aberration”=”Downward Spiral”=That which moves a being or group toward individuation

I have always felt that the key ability in this world is the ability to see things from the other person’s point of view. In my power processing, I realized an increased ability to create, or co-create, or occupy, the same space as another, and with that, the awareness that this is a core necessity for a successful auditing session, and to succeed in live itself.

In Science of Survival, it can be seen that virtually every level of survival, as measured by every survival trait, is no less and no greater than the ARC level of the being, one’s position on the tone scale, ARC of course, being a compartmented way of expressing one’s understanding of life.

For the purposes of the point being made here, let’s focus on the “A” of ARC, Affinity. From the Tech Dictionary, “Affinity is a phenomena of space in that it expresses the willingness to occupy the same space as”……”The reverse of it would be antipathy, dislike or rejection which would be the unwillingness to occupy the same space as…”…”the ability to occupy the space of, or be like or similar to, or to express a willingness to be something”.
The opposite of affinity would then be individuation, defined in the tech dictionary as “a separation from knowingness”
Again referring to the Tech Dictionary to define our terms, “Knowingness: a capability for truth”

So then, if you want to move in the direction of truth and knowingness, then you would strive to increase your willingness, ability and action of occupying the same space as others, which, at its highest level of accomplishing, is perfect affinity, and thus perfect ARC. Perfect understanding, knowingness.

Every time one employs a “fixed idea”, an automaticity of attitude in place of being there, occupying that space of another, one is distancing oneself, which is the opposite of occupying the same space, and thus choosing to suppress one’s own knowingness, suppress truth. This is individuation.

When you assign a being a label that serves as an answer to the problem of confronting and knowing that which challenges what you have adopted as stable datums, you are making a decision to hold onto fixed ideas, and you are dramatizing individuation, and lessening (and suppression) of knowingness. Call another “crazy”, “A squirrel”, “a suppressive person”. What are you saying? “I don’t have to look, consider, experience the viewpoint of that individual”, because you have reduced them to being a symbol-and at the cost of your own level on the Know to Mystery Scale descending all the way down to “symbols”.

There is a pronounced group aspect to this aberration of individuation, and throwing out a descriptive symbol so as not to confront occupying the same space. Families can do that toward another who has a conflict with a member of the family. In the CoS, it became commonplace to degrade non=Scientologists as “wogs” (as if all non-Scientologists were inferior to all Scientologists) Some of us do this when another’s practice of auditing technology appears to challenge or disagree with our own stable datums. They must be “squirrels”. Regardless of the players, and the playing field, this game is the same, and it is the game of individuation, and it is the game of decreasing knowingness, and we know it in Scientology as the dwindling spiral.

I think that conquering individuation is pertinent to our overall success as active Scientologists. Instead of immersing oneself in the effort- counter-efforts of publicly or privately imposing a technical viewpoint on another, simply and effortlessly be the other. I think we will then find that things resolve well enough that we can work together, in support of and comradeship with each other, and enhance our overall ability and success in making things happen.

I have observed that a key principle of Scientology processing in getting the preclear to regain an ability that they have found unconfrontable is, with repetitive auditing commands, getting them to confront the ability in increasing bits and pieces, gradiently, toward the realization of the full ability. This applies here as well. The ultimate challenge in life may well be to occupy the same space as those you are finding yourself, to whatever degree, in opposition with. Thus the approach here would be to ramp up this ability by practicing occupying the same space as another at every opportunity, to the degree you find that you can, and with every success your certainty and ability will climb, with an onrush of theta for the space of your shared universes. Be willing to occupy each others viewpoint, and in accomplishing this, you cannot help but find out how much we really have in common, for that IS occupying the same viewpoint. I find that by simply and easily deciding to occupy another’s viewpoint, the ARC rises correspondingly, I begin to know what they are going to say just before they voice it, and when a conflict has been held in place, the effects align, as they should, with what one experiences on the Suppressed Person Rundown, for the mechanics involved are the same. You own the whole game, rather than one opposing viewpoint, and the other person emanates affinity toward you.

A key purpose of Scientology is “the bringing about of a better game”. I think that, if we recognize the goal of total knowingness, the goal of complete willingness, ability and action of occupying the same space, of no-track no-charge, the highest level on the State of Case scale, then we can agree to recognize that our game as Scientologists is the game of conquering individuation.

The end of case would include the end of GPM’s, or Goals Problems Masses, the deep well of counter-thoughts, emotions and efforts held in place by their own 2 opposing positions pressing against each other. These are but the result of having descended down from co-existence-occupying the same space-and co-creation, through other-creation to counter-creation- creating against each other. In terms of reversing our dwindling spiral, the route is back up and through to occupying the same viewpoint.

From Lecture 26 April 1954, General Handling of a PC:

“A preclear is as sick as he will not assume other viewpoints. And the preclear’s ARC triangle is as good as he is willing to assume other viewpoints and his freedom is as great as he does not add conditions to viewpoints.”

So there you have it, a choice for you to make in and for every situation in life, and in the direction you take in processing. You can process a being in the direction of individuation, toward removing those beingnesses impinging on his universe, in which case you process toward disability to experience other viewpoints, or you can process a being toward realization of infinite ability to occupy other viewpoints, which would be full OT.

And in your daily life, you can make the decision to impose an identification of some sort to others you encounter, and thus individuate your way down the spiral, moving further away from the state of OT, or you can decide to experience the viewpoints you encounter, and move in the direction of being OT. This is the consummate skill to aspire to in this universe, the decision to conquer individuation.

I wish each of us complete success in our path to OT.

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