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Behind the beautiful flowering bush sets the edge of our Academy Course Room.  Oh, that the bush would bloom all year long—but most of the year it is just a bulk of green leaves with hopeful conical shaped buds, so don’t be disappointed if you come here and miss the riot of flower color.

The Academy stays blue and white on the outside all year long, rain or shine.  Inside the course room are bookshelves of original LRH materials; everything is there to turn you into an excellent auditor, including my husband, Ray, who supervises most of the time.

It is a relaxed and fun atmosphere; Ethics are mild because as a group we are almost always in normal or affluence.  The environment is a safe place from which you can communicate.

We work happily at Free Zone Elma from 1 PM to 9 PM, with breaks and an hour for dinner, six days a week.  While Ray handles the course room I do the Case Supervision for auditors in training.  I also audit, cram, and do Tech Services, and also schedule the arrival of our clients.  Ray does the after session exams.  So you can see that we are multi-hatted, that is we perform various functions at different times, but so far we have managed not to become confused, or to confuse others.

The reception area has been recently redone, with laminated floors, cozy couches and an Indian style rugs.  People can wait there in-between sessions if they wish.  In the same unit (there are four units on this property) I have an office which doubles as an auditing room.  Outside of this unit is what we call the Annex, a shed remodeled into a very pleasant auditing room.

The third unit is used for a place for students and preclears to stay if they wish. This can help greatly as we charge $20 a night in the winter and $15 a night in the spring/summer.   One can, if one doesn’t mind a walk, do fine here without a car—there is a washer/dryer on the premises and the grocery store is eight blocks away.  For those who would rather have their privacy at any expense there is the Microtel.

Patricia Krenik


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  1. Nice website.


  2. Hi Pat,

    Very nice blog presenting the Revitalizing Ministry,

    Will add it to the link on IFA



  3. Thanks, Mike.

    Things are picking up. I have three students coming next year for the Academy.

    The conference seemed to revitalize..Amy’s book is getting people to leave the COS,

    Love, Pat

  4. Hi Pat

    Still looking forward to getting up there to see you all.

    Just joined this site. Feel I’m getting out of Non E here.

    John Loftus

  5. Hi, John. Good to have you here, picture too.

    Love, Pat

  6. Hi Pat like the picture of the flower and bushes nice place seems freindly.

  7. We try to provide a safe place from which a person can communicate.

  8. Hi everyone I’m here ( at Elma ) getting a NOTs review and helping out with some supping.
    I supped the SHSBC Theory at ASHO Fdn 79-80, the Class 8 crse at AOLA in 1986 and the KTL in 1991.

    Finally I decided to come out of retirement after being out of $cientology for 20 years.

    John Loftus

  9. Hello, everyone. With the idea in mind of increasing circulation of this website I will attempt to link here.

    Navigation by WebRing.

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