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Here in Elma WA, which is about 30 miles West of the Capitol Olympia, we can help you do the entire bridge.  We deliver the original OT bridge, which was dropped out by the COS.  We deliver the upper sections, OT reviews, and the training for OT II, III, and NOTs.

What we don’t ourselves deliver, such as the L’s, we have friends who can deliver those.  If one really wants Ethics handlings that work, we send them to another friend, Mary, who can help them with their personal Ethics, even over the telephone.

What I most enjoy doing is helping returnees, those people who were in Scientology last lifetime find where they are on the bridge and let them continue their journey.  Often these folks are rejects of the current COS. They have tried to get their cases handled but somehow couldn’t make it or were invalidated.

One of my winning postulates is blowing stops for others.  We can work it out so you can travel the Road to Truth.  Often clients are amazed at how quickly we can sort out their cases and get them revitalized and winning.


If you are familiar with the fees at the Church, you will be surprised at how reasonable our prices are.  Email me for prices or scheduling at

Students may receive free student auditing from other students.  We are here to give the best service possible.

Patricia Krenik

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