Debbie Cook ~~ 37 years in the Sea Org

Yes, she received approx $60,000 to SHUT UP. This is now the current way the SEA Org hides the dirt. They are paying off 5 figures for SILENCE. They sign a contractual agreement with a lot of lawyers and legalese to take the dough$$$$$ and be quiet about Internal Sea Org matters.

Here is some of what Debbie signed away for bucks$$$$ that she would not reveal ~~

Debbie Cook was the “Captain” of Flag Service Org, scooping in $3 million a week for David Miscagive for some 25 years. This money supports the expenses of INT BASE and part of it goes to OSA for the Private Investigators and High Priced Lawyers and Former Clearwater PD and LAPD and other ex-police officers that are on the Payroll.

($3million a week is a lot of CASH FLOW which ever way you look at it.)

+++++ Not so innocent Debbie Cook did a savage REG cycle on Wealthy Italian Maria Pia Gardini.

++++++This is the Reg cycle ~~ one of the worst I have ever read

THEN, after $1million is scammed out of Maria Pia Gardini
~~ In 1994 Debbie Cook bought a new, $40,000 car. She told me it was her FSM commission as she was the FSM on my cycle.


By early 2007, Miscavige was convinced that he was surrounded by CRIMINALS, all the Sea Org members at INT BASE were from Miscavige viewpoint OUT to GET HIM, they were DRAMATIZING DEADLY EVIL PURPOSES AGAINST HIM SO HE WOULD DO 1-2 hour marathons on the phone with Debbie Cook with orders to Debbie to solve the “man up of Int.”

“Man UP of INT” means   recruit and cough up Sea Org Members for INT BASE that can replace the current crop of “CRIMINALS” surrounding Miscavige.

+++++Throughout Debbie’s Int experience, she heard endless criticism from DM about his “berthing” and how all of the prisoners at INT BASE was conspiring to sabotage the construction of a separate PALACE for him. . The price tag: One Million Dollars.

+++++++What seemed to rattle Debbie worst was, interspersed between all this, on her trips to INT BASE, she was being forced to engage in DM’s sick tortures.  She seemed visibly upset when, for example, she had to lead dozens of former Int Execs (Holees) to the lake and conduct dunking exercises. That’s right Debbie was the LEAD that walked INT BASE EXECS to the FECES pond at INT BASE to throw themselves in as

++++At this time, the entirety of International Management was in the Hole. The hole is what Law enforcement refer to as “The Dungeon” There was NO INT Management staff to work with or through. The entire RTC building (the 70 million dollar palace) was throughout this time – and through June 21 2009, thoroughly empty but for DM’s personal office. 70 million dollars of the public’s money paid for this. You see, DM’s cult gets no policing, no audits from the IRS and DM is pretty much doing what he wants with some controlled advice from his Tax Attorney MONIQUE YINGLING. (see forthcoming posting)

++++++On DM’s orders, Debbie was carted off to the Hole. That is International Management HQ offices of CMO INT and Exec Strata Int, specifically in the WDC conference room of the two double wide trailers that constituted Int HQ offices.  By the time Debbie got there, all the windows and all the doors were barred shut. It was a literal prison.

+++++ In the middle of summer 2007, when local temperature regularly rises well above 110 degrees, DM ordered the electricity in the Hole to be cut off for many days at a time.  DM also ordered that the penniless Hole prisoners pay for their own food. What they paid for was, as one survivor described it,  ”slop” or like “gruel” Oliver Twist style.  For breakfast it was only oatmeal, and all other meals were slop. Everybody had to wait in line and pay before eating. There were more than one hundred people there.

++++++Debbie was made to stand in a large garbage can and face one hundred people screaming at her demanding a confession as to her “homosexual tendencies”.  While this was going on water was poured over her head.  Signs were put around Debbie’s neck, one marked in magic marker “LESBO” while this torture proceeded.  Debbie was repeatedly slapped across the face by other women in the room during the interrogation.

The above facts have been corroborated by multiple sources as factual.
This is the exact TRUTH of the MANAGEMENT (Highest Level) of Scientology.

I am ashamed I formerly belonged to this.

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  1. Jill says:

    Another shocking truth revealed. I just can’t believe that no one is going into investigate this and get these people out of ‘the hole’. Doesn’t the police dept, or the law enforcement authorities have a responsibility to check this out?
    I meet Heber once and was very impressed with him. Is he still there? Is he still alive?

    Thanks for posting this.

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