In in the early 1970s, I moved to St. Hill to start auditor training.
I lived for 2 years at St. Hill Green doing all auditor courses and internships.
After the previous Power auditor returned to Australia, I was the only Power auditor
around and in those days, prior to Dianetic Clear, everyone came up the Bridge through Power.
I hold a world record on having audited some 2000 Power pcs !!!!!
After graduating my Class VIII Internship, I was encouraged by LRH Personal
Librarian Anne Greig and LRH Personal Secretary Irene Thrupp to visit the Apollo.

I went as Public for auditing ~~ for 2 weeks.
I never went home except to visit !

At Flag a “Field Class VIII” had to prove themselves as a Flag interned Class VIII
So I started from the bottom up doing every Internship all over again.
After passing my Class IX internship, I went straight on to Class X, XII and XII and
graduated the courses and internships. LRH himself signed the certificates on the Apollo.
My TR tapes got a Pass from LRH.
My folders went to LRH almost daily although David Mayo was my direct CS.
In the internship room at 8:30am sharp after Roll call with Jeff Walker, Intern Sup
we all studied the latest LRH CSes done the night before.
Literally as these CSes rolled out, and ink barely dry, we studied the last session and how
LRH Csed the case.
Those were the days !
I can state that my Apollo days were THE happiest, the most adventurous, the most challenging and
exhilarating days of my life.
In September 1975 we landed in Daytona and stayed in a hotel til the Clearwater Fort Harrison was
found as a base.
From 1975 to 1979

I audited the Ls morning, noon and night
I was sent all over the world on the famous Flag World Tours. to give speeches on the Ls and tell my rare LRH anecdotes.
I flew at the rate of one city a month and was sent to do major re- views of tough bogged cases or “failed cases” as a flub-catch.
I did over 30 Sea Org Missions and attained and was graded AFFLUENCE for a huge majority of these missions.
In 1978 I Married Heber in the FSOP chapel. We were separated for a year, but in 1979, I traded posts with Ray Mithoff and became Senior CS CCLA
which subsequently became CC INT.
In 1980 I went for NOTS training as both auditor and CS and trained up to Class XII CS, csing the LS.
At the peak, we had some 19 Ls auditors
(and 30 years later only 9 Ls auditors exist !)


After 6 months of hell at INT BASE, courtesy of Miscavige,
I was sent to audit NOTS at AOLA and routed out of the Sea Org in 1990.
I have audited, CSed and SOLO’d thousands of hours of NOTS.


I paid in hard cash for every single course, every single Auditor internship, every single CS internship with a fully Paid FREELOADER BILL for the above courses.
Yes, that’s right after 60 hour weeks at $15 pay year in and year out,
I paid for the above courses
in cash $$$$$$$$