Ron Hubbard who I love

Non-stop playing all 6 parts:

1/6 Phil Spickler – World of 1950 when Dianetics was released

2/6 Phil Spickler – Why L Ron Hubbard Remains my Hero

3/6 Phil Spickler – Courage & Death, Tone Scale, Humans versus OTs

4/6 Phil Spickler – State of Clear

5/6 Phil Spickler – Help Clear

6/6 Phil Spickler – First transistorized E-Meter, How to Maintain a State of Clear

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5 Responses to Ron Hubbard who I love

  1. sylvain dumas says:

    Great video!
    Lot of fun to watch!

    Thank you!

  2. Ms. Louisiana says:

    Mr. Spickler, having watched the series of your videos, thank you for your insights and history! I appreciate hearing from someone who’s been there, done that, IRL (In Real Life).

  3. Stephano says:

    Dear Phil,
    I wish to express my thanks for this interview that you posted. I am in harmony with your point of view. A huge recognition for others articles I have read on your blog that are really interesting, instructive and Theta. I wish you a world of good things and I’m looking forward your next article.
    Kind Regards

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  5. Martin Gibson says:

    I love this series, as well as the other video’s you have done.
    I especially have a strong interest in the Help Clear portion.
    I had a feeling the atmosphere could be this way.
    When I studied about help, and ran it on people, the results were wonderful.
    I felt like I had found something that was either dead in the church or was on its way there.

    It has rekindled my purpose to bringing this state of Help Clear (which is a new word for a concept I had hoped could exist prior to viewing this) to scientologists.
    I had built all my hopes and dreams around this area of technology and in the Church this purpose was slaughtered. Coldly and without thought.
    I have had a lot of 2-way-comm on help, and failed purposes with my “best friend”/”twin” and we went through the vulnerableness of “Will my help be acceptable?”, “will my fears, hopes, concerns, affection, friendship – be understood and recieved with care and undestanding?”. The answers were “yes” and I felt immense relief and an expansion of calm and caring and hope (a high volume hope though, an almost OT knowingness and reality that good will come).

    I felt a “shield” against entheta. I looked at beings I had wanted to reject because they seemed inhuman, and I would wonder “Were they a perhaps a child of 2 or 3 who only knew a parent by the back of their hand? Has this person loving and caring nature been burnt so far down that all that is left is a hollow, cold effort to survive” and I would care and it just changed me….

    This is my purpose. I failed in the church, but out here I can succeed.
    And I will bring back this tech to this glory, that I now know once existed as an OPERATING BASIS and share this simple happiness with others.

    Thankyou Phil. I felt I must have been in scientology prior to this life, as I just felt I knew more than some people about this data, and I knew I should look for more than the cursory glance offered in the church.
    And watching your video awakened a purpose, enveloped me in theta, which I had been looking for.
    It a pleasure and an honour to witness your courage, and willingness to be vulnerable, to communicate this reality…

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