Time Waits for No One….. part 3

……………The cycle of action, regarding the Cycle of Action series, is slated to end with todays regurgitation .
In keeping with the idea that the cycle of action is based on some ancient Hindu wisdom; a wisdom that states that in the beginning Brahma, a name for the source of everything, exhales or breathes out, and lo and behold, the entire existence now is.
It is understood that the Source of everything has no name, but may, for purposes of communication, be called or given a name.
So now we are talking about The Cycle of Action, the big one that starts or begins with eveything, In order for everything to continue, to endure, to have duration, Brahma puts on the hat of part two of the big cycle, and is now given the name Vishnu.

And lastly, to make sure that everything shall be finite, including the The Big Cycle of Action, Brahama now assumes the Valence of Shiva, the Destroyer!
And at the very end Brahma now breathes in and once again there is Nothing !
Ron Hubbard, in a moment of brilliant illumination, was heard to say…….
The guy ( you or me, anyone and everyone ) is always at the point of origin of Everything !
Hearing that, oh gentle reader, may not, at first glance, be real or true for you, and thats OK. It is not intended to be an article of faith or belief.
The good news is, that the heart of what Scientology is all about, makes it possible for you to discover if the words point to the Truth or not.
The gradients toward the big truth, make it possible for you to rehabilitate, or newly acquire the ability to knowing create cycles of action, and similar to the Hindu Deities, cause the cycle to continue and end it at your pleasure.
Also, to realise that there are cycles of action, within bigger cycles of action, etc etc…….etc to the nth power.
It is futher revealed that the actual cycle of action goes like this. Create and continue creating and then counter create, and counter create and eventually, no create, Nothing!
So, its all about creating and at the end Not Creating…..Nothing.

One of the things that I find attractive about Scientology , is that it is a relgion without a God or a faith and belief system.
It does suggest that there is an unnames Source of existence, that does not require, as a person might, being worshipped, or believed in, nor does it sit on a throne in a place called heaven, where it is very concerned with you personally, and there is no such thing as Sin, or Salvation, or any of the complex control mechanisms , that have crept into religion over time.

No Hell or Satan, either, or lakes of fire, outside of the endless possiblities for confusing and controlling beings, at the very southern ends of Reality.
As I end this Cycle of Action,
Thank you .

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4 Responses to Time Waits for No One….. part 3

  1. …..and i read. and wonder who have writen the article You or I or somebody else? Who read the article beside ” I” or how many I’s are there useing the same name as I? thank you. elizabeth hamre. [ the writer of articles on silvia kusadas blog, To Walk the Walk of Solo Auditor 1 and 2]

  2. I am new to the blogs which is written by Scientologist. I only discovered tham in last july. Left the CofS in 83 since I did not wanted to be controled. I gained what I wanted knowledge by taking courses and becoming solo auditor. did all to full OT 7 and Nots. I left the CofS. and stepped on the Path of Knowledge or on the Road of Light. I have become a solo auditor. There is or was not day in all the years which have passed since 76 when I have not soloed. The rest? All gone. What is the point in writing? No point what so ever. What have been attained by solo, what level what state ? There is no numbered levels, there is no state, no title, no achievements, no I, me, self, otheres, past or future, or right or wrong, good or evil. Only the Intengible, Infinite.

  3. Going backward and reading all the articles. This time the subject was on communication. Oh, I do understand and totally duplicate the Tech, terms. No problem with that. Or the rest of what I read. Since I got in to scientology in 73 fall, being aware of Communication and learning because communication existed was on the daily diet, since that is our way of so called “life, living”. Since I been soloing I have looked at that subject in thousands of hours in sessions. I have taken off thousands of layers, as my understanding , reality levels changed. Mystery was no longer that subject yet I have known there was more to it. I only talk of my reality here! Taking the shower after reading the article I further pondered on the subject of communication. Not here on this Planet, no. I have done with that. Than bingo! Way out in the unphantomable space where there are no boundaries while the body in the bathroom under the running of hot water I mucked up a communication line. Nothing more than a golden tread of light. I known that the muck up is or was mine. I placed it there!! But there was no one on the other end to acknowledge that line. If there was someone there they acknowledgement have not reached me. Therefore the communication remained only mine, a muck up in my universe. Therfore not a solid item. But if it would have been acknowledged and a visible, a tangible communication would have been returned than we would have created solidity, the agreement=consideration that the lines of comunication exists, established. I know my soloing on communication has ended by discovering the basic how have begain. To this communication acknowledgemant is not needed.

  4. Argos says:

    What is going on? Well, I got some points, great start, Shiva is not well
    pictured out, thought, Shiva was at first a quality, not a name, anyway, good for
    a source, a cycle, back to the source, and the guy is at the point of origin of everything,
    true for Hubbard and for me but supposed to be optional for you, as I like to play
    fool, I would rather say….you are at the point of origin of everything, and me too, may be…and then you can end a cycle and start an other, exiting proposal, yet immoral,
    if it is to abort the next world war, let’s see, ok, my boss just gave me the green light,
    the fuck with ww3 I just canceled it, and start a new cycle for everyone to enjoy!
    sorry? If you shall worship me for that?
    I don’t think so, I will never accept to be a God you good enough to worship!
    ps Hamre! there is no levels, no clear either, no me, no ”I” no wrong or right, only the
    Intengible infinite, may I ad there is no God but the truth, and no name to name it!
    ethics get no ethics that’s the aesthetic , damn it!

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