The bottom line…..or……. the Ultimate under cut !

Listen up, if you will, the good news is here with the coming, of the Ultimate under cut, the news that provides the long awaited relief, from any and all un successful quests and unanswered questions.
Sounds great…. and it is…… so sit back and relax….. and you shall hear, the end of any worries you’ve ever had about ” not making it ! ”
The bottom line is, of course, very simple. It was first revealed recently, but has been around. perhaps, for-ever, as something you’ve always known.
Ok, Ok, Ok, don’t rush me. I’ m hoping to build a sense of delightful anticipation, the sort of feeling you may have experienced, when you and a new love will soon get together, in your love nest, or other anticipated, giant pleasure moments, that were about to be realised.
This revelation, showed up around 1952-53, in the writing and, practices of Scientology, during its most fundamental period. Since then its all been about providing those, who choose to ignore understanding, a gradient method for finally, over time, becoming willing to embrace such a vast under-standing.

You can bet your favorite lie, that what follows is about every day immortality, to be found in the universe of ideas. The thing about ideas is they have no mass, no wave length, etc etc etc and for all intents and purposes are timeless, and yet preceed all, yes, all , that exists

You well may ask, does that mean that what we really are is an idea ?

Since what I plan to tell you about does deal with ideas (considerations ) I’ve called it the, bottom line, or the ultimate undercut. Let us, gentle readers, proceed to that moment.

The subject is all about scarcity and abundance. About what makes something seem to be valuable or not.

The beings around this sector have set things up in such a way that more often than not—— you can only have one of something.
One universe, one planet, one lifetime, one body, one mate, one religiion, one politic, one family, one nation, one Tech of freedom, one guru, one language, one mind, one, one, one, one, one, on and on and on.
This is what underlies the misery of those involved in being human. It underlines how we come to , making a thing valuable and important.
It is the self imposed consideration, of self suppression, that results in a life time of finding out what you can’t have ! All things you can only have one of–and how valuable they have become–and how aberrated about them you may have become , in the effort not to allow youself and others to have abundance in all things.

The evil comes from enforcing scarcities on self and others, under the guise of moralities to be found in many of humankinds creeds.
The truth of this understanding is to be found in what results for yoursellf and others when you allow yourself, once again, to fully remedy havingness of all the scarcities you’ve gone on believing were somehow givens, to live with.
To also regain the ability to have or not have, at will, to be able to let remain, and to be able to dispense with every thing and anything– as you decide its value or non value.
To able , in other words, to regain total freedom.—-Yes, Total freedom and the one that really counts above all other freedoms……ready—–here goes—
The freedom to be able to change your mind ! Terribly simple a what ?

Just imagine being able to say some thing is good or bad at any moment, no more fixed ideas ! No more Fixed Ideas !, No more Fixed ideas.

So then –if what you are is simply an idea— imagine what that means if the state we are looking at —- is the total freedom to change your mind, meaning no more fixed ideas, unless you consciously fix them.

After reading and understanding this, please feel free to commence another dwindling spiral—— its fun and games. and can always be reversed in the twinkling of an eye.

Good luck,

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2 Responses to The bottom line…..or……. the Ultimate under cut !

  1. When we adopt this terrible simplicity you present, we relieve ourselves of the tyranny of stable datums and embrace the utility of useful datums with a finite duration and scope.

    A dear friend of mine cognited that “Every stable datum is a step away from your full power of choice and a step backward from your ability to look.”

    Perhaps we are converging on the idea that we should regain the freedom to change our minds, meaning no more fixed ideas, unless we consciously fix them. It would be a fitting goal for those of us who have spent our lives searching for the underlying truths in Scientology.

  2. Argos says:

    You both seem to ignore a FUNDAMENTAL postulate which is that

    anything considerable imply its exact opposite…

    If it could be as simple as to be free to change one’s mind, to reach total freedom, this universe would have no purpose whatsoever, many get stopped to
    assume, or in other words to set their mind on: the truth to be one’s truth, if it is the case that every one has or is his/her own truth, then, it is a MIND truth only,
    the same confusion seems to pervade all ex Sientologists as to put ethics higher than
    aesthetics, the truth is aesthetics is the highest consideration, and this is what the static stand for, in simple words, truth is absolute and then cannot be cut in parts,
    thetan are completely confused on that, and end up in having a single body as condition of existence, to learn about that most basic truth, indeed, one has to change
    one’s mind, the atheist has to Surrender to a higher power, the one OT 8 has to find
    he cannot HAVE abilities, but instead learn obedience to be over taken by a higher power, in order to canalize these abilities, the one who manage to hypnotize himself
    to be the master of his own mind has to learn, that there is no mind, all souls not know actively how they came in existence, Scientology DOES NOT deal with that, it is only
    a 8 th dynamic stuff, without a clear understanding of what surrender means, one can
    dream that total freedom is in being able to decide on the spot what is right or wrong, and change his mind as many time he wants about it…
    How childish! Surrender has nothing to do with a Christian God, or any such
    religious believe, in fact Surrender has nothing to do with any believes, but has to do with REMEMBER, a Soul remembering how it came in being, cease to be, yes, a soul can as is its own existence in nothingness , yet remain totally aware, but not has Soul
    and not AS anything, or nothing else, the plus square here is that the freedom to individualize again is still there for ever…
    That what Surrender is, Scientology
    does not deal with that, the facts are that in order to be able to surrender, the soul has
    to be restored to its native ability, and that is what Scientology stand for this is what Scientology was meant to be!

    Hope you enjoyed the reading! Argos

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