Religion, its traditional definition

As I sit here, thumbing thru my ancient copy of Webster’s , New World Dictionary,
gazing at its microscopic print, with the help of magnifying eye-glassses, I note
that once upon a time there was a defintion of religion that was quite meaningful.

Now days, at least in the USA it is possible to call just about anything a religion
and get away with it —and enjoy, under the first amendment to the US’s constitution )
frecdom challenges by the government. The main weapon of the government is
the ability to grant or deny tax exempt status.

My dictionary definitions of religion as taken from the Greek and later Latin languages:
Legio from the Latin means reverence for the Gods.
Came to mean ..” A belief in a divine or super human power or powers, to be obeyed
and worshipped as the creator (s) and ruler (s) of the Universe.

Many of what are called the ” major religions ” follow in that track and are based
in belief, and worship ( a reverence or devoiotion for a god /deity )..

When Hubbard invented a religion and founded a church, please note that
it had no God, and no services of reverence or devotion to a Deity.
and little or no resemblamce to any other religion.

Hubbards Church came into being to solve two problems.
First to make it legal for Scientology Ministers to practice Dianetics and Scientlogy
wirhout running afoul of laws that prohibit non-professional therapists
and counsellors from practicing , with out being licensed by a state to do.

Second was to gain Tax exempt status, making it easier to get customers
as well as get away with using the church for personal financial enurement.( enrichment )
( meaning miss-use of monies collected by donation )

That is the story , from its beginnings in 1954 to the present 2013– resulting
in something called the Church of the Last Chance .

In 1965 Ron declared that Scientology is person kinds first chance in trillions of
years for total freedom —and our Last Chance —- if we don’t take advantage
of his religion—which happens to be (you’ve guessed what’s coming) the one and only
way to guarantee something called your eternity.

The idea that there may be something called a soul or spirit does not connotate
or suggest a religion— nor does the notion of re-incarnation .

Hubbard thu out his earlier books and lectures took to task religions , in,general,
as simply a way to entrap people into believing ideas that kept them in very low
tones as they struggled to please a god or gods so as to ensure they would not
end up in some sort of hell. Religions that preached the idea of sin with a long
list of sins that might endanger the hope of a happy future after death.

If you are interested in what Scientology really is, please read the following.
The axioms of Scientology
The Factors
The logics and the pre -logics
Nowhere in the basics of the subject will you find anything having to do with religion.


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3 Responses to Religion, its traditional definition

  1. I stumbled onto this through YouTube and it was a real treat seeing Phil Spickler again after over 40 years.

    I love your stuff, but I have to disagree with you on this one. I don’t think it’s such a big point in the larger scheme of things, but I feel that Scientology was very much a religion in the sense of raising spiritual awareness. With all of the out-of-body experiences and OT “miracles,” I wouldn’t call it a basket-weaving club. Religion also has to do with spiritual rebirth. And in this lifetime, I’ve had some of my biggest breakthroughs toward that end through Scientology auditing. I went on to complete OT levels without Scientology, but hey, it helped open the door and I took it from there.

    Did Hubbard have hidden motives? Who cares? It did a lot of good. After the early 80s, it seemed to go into meltdown as if taken over by enemy agents. I went on my own path from 86, on. But right now, I’m doing research for a couple of books. One is about my own experiences in Scientology (59-86). Also, I’m currently writing a book (ghost writing) about one young boy who rejected the family into which he was born, because he didn’t want Scientology auditing. (Isn’t there some rule about auditors not auditing someone who doesn’t want to be there before the beginning of session?) He was deeply scarred by the hysteria of his mother disconnecting from him as a teen.

    I realized that the biggest problem with Scientology and some Scientologists is Ego, what Jesus Christ referred to as the desire to be “first” or “right.” I realized only recently how my Power Processing in 1971 allowed me to subdue my ego and gave me my first full-blown out-of-body experience with full perception. That was one of the most deeply religious experiences I’ve ever had.

  2. Argos says:

    Hi Rod, nice to read you, indeed, Scientology if or if not a religion is not that what
    really matters, but for sure Scientology brought a real Spiritual stimulation to the
    world, electric shock therapy of some kind LOL
    Nice to know you write a book about your 59/86 ex. with Scientology, I admit to be exited about it! My experience with it is from April 53 to, well, either 86 or now, depending on the perspective, and I find the early fifties to be the most delicious part of the cake! REALLY!
    My first complete full out blown body experience was
    due to a renewed self confidence of my abilities shortly after I found dianetics converted in Scientology, I used my own training to achieve that, and it was well
    inspired from Scientology trainings, the movement was not yet considered as a church or a cult… did Hubbard had hidden motives? I know him enough to say no, but, he was and still is a piece of a puzzled, which looks like the ignition to the new age of wisdom, or Sat Yuga, Mankind future is what is addressed in Scientology,
    the 4th dynamic, the 8th is dealt from an other part of the puzzle, when all will be
    in place together, it shall be more than a pleasant surprise, addressing the stability of all these WINs and out of body experiences!
    I sure love to share how confident I am about that! Argos

  3. Kevin Brice says:

    Phil, I’m very surprised by your indefinite impressions of the afterlife. Hopefully my last post will have given you some insight on that. I guess its really the difference between an outlook based on the infinite and an outlook based on limitations. To me everything is consciousness. There is no beginning and no end, but a lot of change, especially from where we are. Like my younger brother, since you have the same birthday as him as well as a young child I know, I’ve considered the possibility of that being a synchronistic indication that you all could have been there also, at that event in Texas in 1836. Sometimes young children remember their previous lifetime. The evidence that their remembrances are accurate can be very compelling at times. Take a look at the research of Ian Stevenson, Carol Bowman, Walter Semkiw and others if you’re interested. By the way, I haven’t been able to use my gmail for months. Apparently someone has hijacked my homepage and I don’t know how to fix it. I’m unwilling to pay any money to fix it at this point. So, if you know anyone trying to contact me through gmail, please let them know. Thank you.

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