Another favorite recollection

Speaking of the nifty– Ron’s invention of the Tone Scale
found in very early Dianetics, is at, or very near, the top
of the nifty scale.
Just imagine, if you will, what a wonderous sight greeted
my engram dulled eyes, when the O to 4.O tone scale and its
explantion appeared to me in 1952.
When I came to understand that viewing Life or any part of it,
great or small, thru a tone, whether it was Deathfullness or Enthusiasm,
made all the difference in the world—-well my life was at once changed
and improved enormously.
I could see ,as never before, what a giant freedom awaited me
if I could have something to say about what tone I might choose
from which to regard or experience Life — or how if something reactively
caused a tone contrary to my best interests, I could do something
to change conditions.
In 1950 the human tone scale ran from 0.O (death ) to 4.0
( cheerfulness/enthusiasm ) with some tones in between. Above Death,
we have Apathy, then Grief, follwed by Fear, then !.1 Covert Hostility,
then Anger and at 2.0 Antagonism. Boredom, Conservatism, Interest,
and finally 4.0 Enthusiasm.
I found you could show the Tone Scale to just about any other
human being and in no time at all demonstate just how at each tone
we may be looking at the same thing but seeing it so very very differently.
  Example : Get a person to tell you something they’d be afaid to
to try or do. So thats Fear 1.0 — and it keeps the guy from having a try
at jumping off a one meter board into a swimming pool.
So we do is a little rising tone scale– after the the guys tells us what
they’re afraid might happen jumping off the board.
Lets have our guy see what they’d think– if feeling angry at jumping
in. The guy says ” I’d really smash the water and splash a lot of people.”
(big grin).
We’d get’em to look at other higher tones, and at !nterest guy says
” I’d like to practise a smooth entry into the water.”– and at 4.0
“I can’t wait to make it a dive, not just a jump in, and what great fun it is.”
The person, if you do a good job of getting them to see how tones
influence ideas and actions, will understand more about their life then ever
I could rave on and On about the tone scale but I won’t ’cause
I know you see many of the nifty possiblities that come from making
this information your servant.
Ron Hubbard has given us lot more very useful info on Tone Scale
in his early books
Here’s a 4.0 wish for your greater understanding

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