Analytical mind making excuses for reactive behavior (Hidden influences)

And it came to pass:

Would there ever be a simple and easy to understand method to explain the behaviors of human beings ?

The behaviors I refer are the ones we suffer from and those of other people.

Most folk have a myriad , of seemingly logical explanations, for the strangeness, of the worst of their behaviors.

Behaviors that worsen peoples life and the life of others. Obsessive and compulsive behaviors, oft found in so called normal people. behaviors that are down right contra survival on any number of Dynamics.

Well in 1950 L. Ron Hubbard came up with something called the Reactive MInd. A mind capable of dominating the conscious, analytical mind, and produce behaviors ranging from a bit strange to way off the wall.

Between these extremes we find behaviors/eccentricities in our selves and others.

For most persons, the reactive mind acts as HIDDEN INFLUENCE ! simply put : most people do not realize what causes them to behave in a way they know is off kilter, but do not know why, and find them selves trying to explain it with reason.

There is a large book filled with excuses, explanations and reasoning’s that have been used in an effort to explain our most embarrassing, out outrageous, and some down right foolish behaviors, to our selves and others .

Others once were : parents, teachers juvenile authorities, etc etc. As we aged others became Judges, traffic police, husbands and wives,

bosses, the IRS, insurance companies, banks, and many many others, usually with little success, ’cause they aren’t our mothers. LOL

OK. That is a theory regarding human behavior !

On the subject of hidden, but influential influences, it has long been known that a human may have more than one hidden influence and that the person lives life mistaking these hidden influences for them selves. !

They have come to identify so strongly with hidden influences, that it may not be easy to help a person to learn to spot a hidden influence, and get separate enough from it , to handle it and the difficulties it produces. under the heading of difficult behavior.

Once a person starts on the path of finding what is causing major and minor difficulties on their dynamics and…. laughing at great length, when they correctly attribute source: they can engage in the adventure of finding out, WHO and What you REALLY AREN’T………which is the ultimate achievement of Buddhism.

As you get bigger, and you will. hidden influences cease to be a bother and do not require any further action…although if needed you may always do it for you and others

Finally I can prove to almost anyone who’d like to give it a go. that there are ( most likely ) hidden influences that have been and are in present time causing, hard to explain, difficulties.

I know you have heard of folks doing endless NOTs even as much as years’

From earliest Dianetic days 1950s ——it was known not to try and erase all engrams !

When the pc has big wins and gets big that is enough…… very important not to continue.

What I propose is only to do enough to free the guy from the mis-conceptions that are most troubling and wrecking present time—– usually done in just a few hours.

Hearken to this message . I’m sure you will enjoy finding out whats been, at times , making a fool of you, and me too. LOL

Back in the very early 1950’s it could be shown using hypnosis and giving a chap a post hypnotic suggestion, that when ever he heard the word chicken- he would feel compelled to start making chicken sounds.

So after snapping the person awake in present time, we’d say the word chicken and he start making chicken sounds. When asked why he was doing that you’d see how the analytical mind works …… to explain reactive behavior… the chap came up with ridiculous excuses and reasons for having to sound like a chicken This illustrated to the audience just how the command value of an engram could effect behavior when keyed in

We’d also get the guy to remember the post hypnotic suggestion resulting in the relief he felt once he knew what was commanding his behavior.

best regards,


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