Total Freedom

The subject is about scarcity and abundance.
About what makes something seem to be valuable or not.

It is well to remember that having is by consideration.
Owning is not the highest form of having.
Creating is at the top of the scale

The beings around this sector have set things up in such a way that more often than not—— you can only have one of something.

One universe, one planet, one lifetime, one body, one mate, one religion,
one politic, one family, one nation, one Tech of freedom, one guru, one language,
one mind, one, one, one, one, one, on and on and on.

This is what underlies the misery of those involved in being human.
It underlies how we came to making a thing valuable and important.
The consideration is….Scarcity

All the things you can only have one of–and how valuable they have become–and how aberrated about them you may have become—

The evil comes from enforcing scarcities on self and others, under the guise of moralities to be found in many of humankind’s creeds.

The truth of this understanding is to be found in what results for yourself and others when you allow yourself, once again , to remedy the havingness of the scarcities you’ve gone on believing were somehow givens to live with.

To also regain the ability to have or not have, at will To be able to let remain, and to be able to dispense with—– every thing and anything– as you decide its value or non value.

, In other words, to regain total freedom.—-Yes, Total freedom and the one that really counts above all other freedoms……ready—–here goes— 
The freedom to be able to change your mind ! Terribly simple a what ?

Just imagine being able to say some thing is good or bad, or any other opposites, at any moment !
No more fixed ideas ! No more Fixed Ideas !, No more Fixed ideas.

After reading and understanding this, please feel free to regain the freedom to change your mind, about anything, easily and effortlessly., and grant that freedom to others if you dare !

Good luck,

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