The fate of chairs and toilet paper

Too much truth leads to an no-game condition. Knowing the final score of a game in advance…..spoils the idea of play.

Too little truth leads to that called a games condition– defined as an aberrated activity. One aspect is have for self….and can’t have for others. Making and finding opponents while not taking responsibility for the condition.

We find a much older L.Ron Hubbard, with a very long list of enemies , in and out of his Scientology Church , strong evidence of games condition as well as a reflection on his later life sanity. ( Paranoia ).

So much for truth and its scale of degree, from too much to not enough.

Now then: What about the fate of a chair and toilet paper ?

Hang on and I’ll tell you. The fate of a chair is to be sat upon. The fate of toilet paper does not require mention since most readers know its use.

The purpose of the above is to make clear that what something is…determines what it will experience.

Not every thing that exists has the freedom to change what it is being…..the big exception is us ( human beings )

The importance of the above bit of truth ( relative, not absolute ) is that it explains why you are experiencing in

Life, that which you experience… is indeed fortunate that most reading this are not being chairs or toilet paper.

The un-popular side of this information is……..finding out that it is what you are being that calls in the bad as well as the good you find yourself experiencing. It is very hard on your favorite motivators ( the things you claim others are doing to you that are harmful) since it turns out that you are only getting what your state of being calls in !

The above is terribly simple : If you exercise your choice as to what your being will determine what you are going to experience.

The beauty of most children is that they can and do change beingness at will—- but as they grow up they take on what society expects of them, namely a fixed beingness.and a loss of the spirit of play and the ability to invent games.

It is well to remember you once had the freedom to play at being different things or even people 🙂

It some times very hard for an adult to regain the flexibility to change what they are being …even if lots of suffering is connected to that certain being.

There is hope and help for those stuck being that which causes them so much pain.

It is also possible for those reading this essay to realize they are free to choose what to be and as often as they wish.

In conclusion : the fate of chairs and toilet paper is because of what they are being …..get it ? got it ? Good !

I’d greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who finds above info useful or even just more rubbish as ever and never


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One Response to The fate of chairs and toilet paper

  1. Gomez says:

    I found it quite profound sir.

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