Part the first.

Dear Anyone. What follows is a look at human sexuality and perhaps how it got that way.

Looking at our sexuality, from an evolutionary standpoint, the human female is able produce an egg every month in the year, starting with puberty and continuing through Menopause. The human male after reaching puberty, is almost always ready and willing to deliver the sperm which in concert with the egg, produces conception, pregnancy and the production, in nine months, of another member of the human race, of our species, called Homo Sapiens.

The sex act that may lead to another human being has been endowed with very strong urges, accompanied by powerful feelings of pleasure if all goes well ( the ideal scene ).

Humans are able to engage in the sex act just for the pleasure it obtains, while reventing

conception to occur. This is unlike most all other species. It is often the case that the female does not produce an egg each month but perhaps only as often as once a year during the mating season and no male may approach to have sexual union unless she has the egg ready for insemination.

Her readiness to conceive is what triggers the urge in the male to engage in the sex act, perhaps fighting off other males for the right breed. This is an aspect of what Darwin referred to as natural selection leading to the survival of the fittest.

In the next part of this essay I’ll take up the influence on the life of the forming child in utero, the prenatal environment, and how this differs from other species who stop having sexual congress once the female is pregnant.

See you soon,

Part Two

Hello anyone and here we go :

Humans often engage in some form of sexual activity after the female becomes pregnant.

They delight in the fact that no birth control is necessary, when having sex, since she is already pregnant.

I have heard that some couples continue sexual activity as far as and into the 9th month.

The idea is both folks are willing and it may keep dad from looking else where to satisfy his sexual urge.

It had been thought going into the 20th century, a century when modern medicine pretty much allowed its public to believe such ideas as: the prenatal environment is such that short of attempted abortion not much would have a lasting effect on the forming life during its 9 month growth period, in the females uterus.

Well now. Back in 1950 L.Ron Hubbard wrote in his main book on Dianetics, that the prenatal environment and the forming organism were very much subject to mental and physical trauma.. and the trauma became part of the subconscious mind and that after birth, and thru life, might be responsible for all sorts of metal and physical problems…..Pheeeew….. what a wild and terrible idea, an idea that was loudly pooh poohed by the medical, psychiatric and psychological organizations.

OK that was 1950…….However in 2017 it is largely known that much of what was thought to be of no consequence to the growing life form, in a women’s body, is actually quite capable of causing enduring harm—harm– that may come to haunt the baby on and into adult hood.

Just as in 1950 such ideas in 2017 remain very unpopular, especially with parents and parents to be. Ideas that cause feelings of pain and guilt— to have unwittingly caused some of the major mental and physical problems that later appeared in their children It truly is too bad, but some, perhaps only a few, will confront such a possibility which could lead to some help or at least an understanding of what affected a child, It also may clear up some things that troubled us—-that came about thru our parents ignorance of how to treat a forming child during pregnancy.

In part three of this extended essay I hope to further clarify the idea of what may affect a forming organism in a negative way.


Part Three.

Hello to anyone reading this essay.

Let it be known that items of inheritance that may adversely effect a forming baby in the womb or there after, in continuing life, are not the subject of this essay.

In part three the subject is what may happen to the unborn, over the 9 months spent developing in its mothers womb. The happening I going to take up constitute various forms of trauma that may cause difficulties before or after birth.

To set the stage: It is a given in this essay that from conception to birth the baby is capable of being affected by the emotional and mental condition of its parents to be, mother and father.

The parents may have found that getting pregnant was undesirable and spent some time trying to decide to abort or go thru to having a the child. The mother to be, may go thru periods during her pregnancy of depression, anxiety, worry about the delivery, or of not wanting to be a mother. and resort to drinking and drugs to alleviate negative feelings. relations between the couple may be less than happy.

All of the above will be felt by the forming child in the way a growing plant may grow poorly when humans around it don’t care about its survival.

We make no claim that the result of the sperm- ovum sequence is conscious in the sense of a fully developed and conscious person, but rather the way that even a single cell organism can be harmed, conditioned, and distorted by outside influences.

Here are a number of things that may adversely effect the growth and development of a child to be: Cigarette smoking and second hand smoke. Drinking alcoholic beverages. Drugs ranging from recreational to physician prescribed medications. Keep in mind that the blood supply of mother and baby to be, are the same. If its in the mothers blood the baby gets it also Venereal diseases. sexual intercourse resulting in orgasm (s) all have an inter-uterine effect on the forming organism. Illnesses the mother may have including allergy’s and any form of anesthetic or surgery required during pregnancy. Accidents and injuries also.

There’s more that could be named such as as a failed abortion ( s) etc.

Once conception occurs the DNA blueprint takes over and the survival urge is at a very high peak thru out the next 9 months.

More can and will be said about this matter in part four (4) A theory of the engram


The Beginning, Perhaps. Part Four

Dear all and anyone,

I’ve sent out three parts of an essay that intended , in a simplified manner, to create interest in Charles Darwin’s, Theory of evolution, first found in a book entitled, in part, the Origin of the Species.

The final part of the essay speaks to the idea of , where or how did something
appear that possessed life, a life that was and still is capable of Evolution.Turns out, as far as I could tell, that there are theories of how Life came to exist on planet earth !
Also the possibility, that things capable of life ( spores) were and are drifting through the cosmos and some landed on earth and managed to survive, giving us animal and vegetable life forms over the eons.

One theory ( I call the Frankenstein theory ) likes the idea that a stroke of lightening hit just the right mix of  elements in a primeval soup resulting in life— in the form of cells that had the ability to multiply and evolve.

That’s all folks, as this cartoon look at some biological and theoretical history comes to an end.

Any who wish to write me concerning the subject please do.

As ever


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    Please continue writing your thoughts (which I consider a sort of wisdom).

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